Payback to Illinois Education Association Passes Senate

A bill mandating the creation of more teaching jobs has passed the Illinois Senate.

The Illinois News Network explains it below:

Illinois Senate moves to lower mandatory school age

  • By Benjamin Yount | Illinois News Network

Kids in Illinois would have to start kindergarten at 5-years-old under a plan moving ahead at the statehouse.  

Illinois lawmakers are a step closer to lowering the age to start school.

The Illinois Senate last week approved a plan to lower the age to 5-years-old. Many parents start their children at age 6.

South Elementary School is Crystal Lake Grade School District 47.

Existing state law says kids have to be in school between ages 7 and 17.  

Democrat Kim Lightford said lowering the school age will get kids a jump. 

“It’s time for them not to wait until their 6-years-old to start school,” Lightford said at the statehouse last week.

“If parents feel that their kids who turn 5 over the summer months, then they have the extra year to make sure their kids are ready.”

Critics, like Peoria Republican Chuck Weaver, said parents should decide when kids are ready for school, not the state. 

“Parents are very concerned about the state taking the decision away from them,” Weaver said.

“A lot of kids aren’t prepared to go to school at age 5.

“This makes that mandatory, it takes that [decision] away from parents.”


Payback to Illinois Education Association Passes Senate — 4 Comments

  1. Four year old’s will also be placed in a starship bridge simulator and given the Kobayashi Maru test.

  2. The children belong to the State.

    Their miseducation cannot be left to mere parental units.

  3. 5?

    Why not 3?

    More time to indoctrinate children with left wing nonsense.

    Teachers’ unions and the “government” know what is best for our children.

  4. Public Education = left wing nonsense

    Emotion / Feelings / “my gut” = right wing wisdom

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