Pritzker Income Tax Promoters Ask Citizens to Contact Legislators

This popped up in my email inbox this morning from JB Pritzker’s tax hike front group “Think Big Illinois:”

Since today is Tax Day, we thought it would be a good time to remind you how unfair Illinois’ tax system is. 

Illinois’ regressive flat tax has put a heavy burden on the middle class and let the wealthiest Illinoisans avoid paying their fair share.

If you agree, click here to call your legislators and let them know today. 

A fair tax will help address Illinois’ $3.2 billion budget crisis and put our state on the path toward fiscal sustainability, all while lifting the burden off working-class families.

Make your voice heard now by calling your State Senator and Representative.

Tell them you support a fair tax that makes the wealthy pay their share, while ensuring 97% of Illinoisans see no tax increase.

Illinois should be a state where everyone can get ahead, and a fair tax is a critical step toward making that happen. 

Thank you,

Team Think Big


Pritzker Income Tax Promoters Ask Citizens to Contact Legislators — 4 Comments

  1. First draft of ‘Make your voice heard’ was ‘da me no tax, you tax rich’.

    They opted for quality responses over quantity.

  2. Jumbo Boy always thinks big, you can tell by looking at that gluttonous mass of protoplasm.
    Did that “trigger” you, Little Joey Blowhard ?

    What about you, Little Tommy Snowflake ?
    Too bad, deal with it.
    #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

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