Spat Between Edgar County Watch Dogs and Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence Continue

From Illinois Leaks, published with permission:

Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence’s “anomaly” under penalty of perjury –


CARY, IL. (ECWd) – Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence signed a sworn “Affidavit Of Rachael Lawrence“, on oath and under penalty of perjury, affixed her signature Subscribed and Sworn to before Notary Public Mary Ann Selvey on the 28th day of December, 2018, that her statements in the affidavit were true and correct.

Lawrence’s taxpayer-funded attorney filed the affidavit in the Circuit Court of McHenry County as part of their response to our Motion to Quash a second subpoena for Dropbox data.

Traditionally, we never reveal sources under any circumstances, however, we must defend ourselves thru the Court from a false affidavit filed by this source.

Her affidavit, and our response with proof of the lie, are public court records for the world to read.

Rachael Lawrence

Lawrence’ statement:

I have been in contact with the Edgar County Watchdogs since about April of 2018.”

We believe that statement to be a lie, on oath, under penalty of perjury, and while affixing her signature before the Notary Public.

Rachael Lawrence has in fact been in contact with the Edgar County Watchdogs since at least November 28, 2017 (view it here) – about five months prior than when her statement, sworn to under oath and penalty of perjury, said she had been in contact with us.

We provided proof in our Reply.

Here is where we point out that if something is not actually true, but is merely upon information and belief, then that must be stated as such on the face of the Affidavit. It was not in this case.

This is what some might call an “anomaly” and post all over social media what they would do when spotting an “anomaly such as this.”

WWRD? (“What Would Rachael Do?”)

When talking about another person’s “anomaly” Lawrence stated:

Now, what would any rational person do when they notice this “anomaly”?

“Well, I can tell you what I did. I first sent an e-mail, along with documentation, to the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.“ 

Then she writes that she went to file a complaint about the anomaly with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department and with the Cary Police Department.

She indicated that she would also go to the AG’s Office and to the ARDC with her complaint.

Did she stop there?


She wrote an “Open letter to Attorney General Kwame Raoul” that was published in the Northwest Herald. Included in this “letter” was this:

In one instance, an elected official and the taxpayer-funded attorney representing him filed a sworn notarized affidavit in a court case that appears to directly contradict sworn testimony of that same official in a court hearing for another case.

You reap what you sow…we urge any resident voter of Algonquin Township to take the matter of this “anomaly” and treat it how she treated the “anomaly” she found.

We urge you to file a complaint with the McHenry County State’s Attorney, the Sheriff’s Department, and the Cary Police Department.

We also urge you to write your own “Open Letter to Attorney General Kwame Raoul” explaining how the previous letter was written by the same person who appears to have lied under oath on her own affidavit.


Spat Between Edgar County Watch Dogs and Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence Continue — 40 Comments

  1. For someone who claims to JUST be doing her “Damn Job”, she certainly is spending money via a taxpayer-funded attorney.

    Maybe she doesnt need to work so hard, or work smarter

  2. Was she out supporting the ‘wondering donkeys’ like she supported the rat baby sitters?

  3. Where’s the lie?

    Were you “in contact” since about April of 2018?

    Do you consider receiving an email–but not actually talking to each other–to be “in contact”?

    April is when we began communicating with one another: emails, Facebook messenger, then later by telephone. I stand by my statement and have the records to back it up.

    This is both funny and sad. Funny because of how you try to convince people that there is some bombshell where there isn’t; sad because it reminds me of how naive I was back in November of 2017.

    Also sad because pretty much everyone knows by now the shady web between Gasser, Hanlon, Ambrosiak, and Kirk and John from the self proclaimed “Watchdogs.” We also know how this blog itself has been compromised by Andrew Gasser, both by access granted to him to post articles as well as by posting comments under fake names–hence the parroting of his buddies’ every blog post favorable to his narrative and attacking his enemies.

  4. She’s a huge phony. And a narcissist. Probably a Democratic plant, too.

    And her resume is really something on linked in. Preposterous person.

  5. When she sent her DNA to, it came back that she was related to Bob Miller!

  6. If any of the parties in this hairpulling dispute, interested in escalating the rancor, with my penchant for midwestern polite, yet passive-aggressive insults.

    Call me for your free estimate.

  7. kirk and his theft in the daylight methods are getting old.

    Half “what if” statements meant to divide our communities.

    This shady outfit needs to be fully investigated.

    I can feel very comfortable comparing this little “watch me” group to infowars.

    Promised big news and conspiracy.

    Funny but very sad.

    gasser has you guys by the ba,,,ls.

    cal is right with you.

  8. Team Gasser, which the Dog’s are a part of, are costing us a ton of wasted property tax $$$$$$ playing games.
    Andrew is one of the best Parrot’s in the county, maybe even state.

  9. Rachel? As long as you are here, I would like to know if there is any truth to the stories going around that you have a history with law enforcement. Care to comment on that?

  10. lol mchenry county blog fans want MORE drama between 40 y o woman and 2 senior citizens. based

    I bet republican victory is right around the corner.

  11. That’s some tin-foil hat “Trustee” Lawrence was wearing when making that post…

  12. Wasting money and bragging about how much good they do.

    This is costing us exorbitant amounts of money and they tell us how much better we are for it.

    We don’t need you.

    You have not accomplished anything but create a fiasco.

    Now tell us how we don’t understand what you do and how you do it.

    Awaiting your typical condescending circle jerk reply

  13. jmkraft-Great work attack the poster and not the post.

    Shows that you are not committed to better government, just creating controversy.

  14. An American and Pokorny are like some kind of wacky mashup, of Elmer Fudd and that friend who won’t shut up about the Cubs.

  15. Stephen ECW are a national treasure ousting corrupt politicians all over the U.S..

    Maybe they’re tiring of persecution from citizens in Alg Twnshp who can’t see the big picture.

    You guys could have had prosecution and money paid back if you had just showed support for the one’s who uncovered it.

    The board, the States Atty saw that no one was very serious about that, so you got the govt and results you (collective you) deserve.

    Don’t kill the messenger – that’s counter productive, but then again, “Alg. Twnshp”…that’s what they do.

  16. “You guys could have had prosecution and money paid back if you had just showed support for the one’s who uncovered it.” Seriously, you’re actually buying into the bullshit. They have recouped nothing. That will be up to the courts and judicial system which at this point doesn’t seem interested in it. All they do is fuel the legal wrangling that has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, which we can not recoup enough to cover there bullshit, not the mention the $55000. they have “charged” us for there service. You don’t see the big picture.

  17. Maybe we should raise Pokorny to Township King Tyrant, he knows all, sees all, does all!

    Gasser was, and remains the best thing that ever happened to Algonquin Township.

    Lawrence is a complete disgrace, disappointment and disaster.

  18. Ms. Lawrence, y’all aren’t trying to keep the dynasty alive, divert/deflect, and/or flip scenarios of offender(s) to victim(s) – are you?

    Shame on you.

    You are wasting taxpayer money.

    Business as usual.

    If Mr. Gasser didn’t make so many mistakes, it would be more clear and obvious.

    Mr. Gasser, stop making mistakes, but don’t give up!

  19. Rachel Lawrence and her female side-kick,Victor, are two giant mistakes!

    She has been dishonest about her objectives and true interests.

    And Lutzow is an embarrassment of epic proportions.

  20. LOUIE “Maybe we should raise Pokorny to Township King Tyrant, he knows all, sees all, does all!”

    I’m not the tyrant here.

    That would be you Mr. Gasser.

    All I do is call it as I see it.

    Wasted money that is not coming back to the amount that is wasted.

    Neither I nor Rachael Lawrence are pro Miller.

    Yes they should be prosecuted, but as of yet aren’t and most likely won’t.

    What have the ECW dogs accomplished other than to promote more infighting and wasted legal fees.

    Gio ahead and insult me but you haven’t as yet been able to answer the simple question of what they have done in terms of better government.

    This is still a shambles and only gets worse.

    MS Trumpion I’m not a king and have never said I was, just a concerned citizen about wasted tax money.

    Maybe you just aren’t intelligent enough to understand.

    Keep paying those taxes so the big pink idiot can keep wasting our money.

  21. yeah maybe stick to the fart jokes, dj.

    You’re an absolute idiot if you’re a Republican and not worried about further Republican losses.

    Let me know how things go in 2020. I’m sure victory is right around the corner with fart joke masterminds like yourself…

    and @lolatyou maybe this quigley supporter doesn’t spend 24/7 checking people out.

    Do you even have things against the arguments made by these people or nah? Hitler believed in a national highway system and was against animal abuse.


  22. Frank? The rumor about her being a Guest. Aren’t you following the comments anywhere?

  23. An American – Don’t sweat it. he is a frustrated insult comic or late night talk show host that has no audience.

    He comes here to get his validation and hides behind is cowardly moniker.

    Don’t be bothered by cowards.

  24. OK “LOL at U”, time for you to eat crow. Nice try at deflection. Now, here are the facts.

    First, that blogger told the Edgar County Watchdogs what they could go do with themselves, and it was great to see someone do that. Read the comments to the article and Kirk Allen’s pissing match with that blogger. That blogger boxed Kirk Allen’s ears! Given the Edgar County Watchdogs cost the taxpayers a pretty penny with their meddling in Elgin District U46, someone should have done the same to them in Algonquin Township.

    Now, I’m hoping despite the meddling of Edgar County Watchdogs, Algonquin Township is not going to be as broke from legal fees of elected officials as Grafton Township was when the voters corrected their 2009 mistake in the 2013 elections. Hoping the Algonquin Township voters don’t have to wait until 2021 to do the same.

    But since you brought up the blogger’s conviction of misdemeanor domestic battery, maybe you should have read the article, and what the alleged victim, his wife, said under oath about her husband and the alleged incident:

    “Ward’s wife testified that it was not a push, but merely Ward trying to move her, much like two people passing in a narrow hallway. And Ward was angry, because it was the third time in three years a son of theirs had crashed a vehicle, she said.

    “‘I think this is a complete farce, because there is nothing he has done to me ever,’ she testified. She said she was not insulted. She said she had joined Ward and [Geneva Police Sgt. George] Carbray because ‘I know that Geneva police, they tend to treat him very poorly and unfairly.'”

    Doesn’t sound like a victim of domestic violence to me, that she would testify under oath in defense of her husband. And as that same article also said, that blogger “…writes often, and critically, about the Geneva Police Department, including accusing it of being corrupt.” Sounds like the blogger’s wife has a point.

    As far as the firing of the blogger from the Kane County clerk’s office for election violations, you are dead wrong (read the linked newspaper article in that defunct blog’s post). He was suspended without pay for using his personal tablet computer on a break, but using the county’s server to transmit a political email. The elected clerk and his chief deputy (who would go on to win the state central committeeman’s race in the 14th district a month after the blogger’s suspension), were on top of the violation immediately, and quickly suspended the blogger.

    After his return from suspension, his decision to resign, with a severance agreement and payout, was the mutual decision of the elected county clerk and the blogger. It may not look or smell right, but it was legal. And if the Edgar County Watchdogs try to resurrect that case, they will get their ears boxed again, just like they did in 2015 by the blogger.

    Any questions?

  25. But being an embittered drunk, old white cowardly troll, should be no barrier to me being lovable.

  26. Cindy

    I’m obviously missing something what does it mean to be a guest? As invited over for dinner? If so so what? Where can you direct me to look

  27. Former Quigley Supporter, obviously the Judge did not believe the battered wife, which is typical in domestic abuse situations – the wife denies anything happened, but the police at the incident clearly saw something was not right.

    The former Director of the Kankakee Park District “decided to resign” and received a hefty payout, which was a “mutual agreement” between him and the park board.

    He is now sitting in jail.

    That “blogger” is an alt-left idiot.

    Try listening to him sometime, you won’t last long.

    But, hurrah for you, you found ONE publication critical of them…from 4 years ago…

  28. Frank, look under the comments at the Watch Dogs’ site. Someone is posting it. I believe I also saw it posted here (by that same person). I made a comment to that poster and now it’s lost in all the other junk. Not going to look through everything to try to find it now! Do you not understand what it means when a word is capitalized? There was nothing confusing in what I posted.

  29. I wish we could replace Nutty Rachel w/ prescient Cindy.

    And I wish we could replace Lutzow with someone who could at least read, and recognize his own errors.

  30. Frank? The place to look is Time Card Tuesday #9. Screen name is No Thank You.

  31. “LOL at U”, you haven’t learned your lesson yet, have you. While you acknowledge Edgar County Watchdogs were aptly criticized in the Courier-News article, you still don’t get how they cost the taxpayers of Elgin U46 a pretty penny because of their interference. That’s what blogger Jeff Ward’s main points were, and Kirk Allen’s comments in that blog post were pretty clear the Watchdogs were in the wrong.

    The Blogger Jeff Ward’s conviction is still going through the appeals process. Yes, many battered/abused wives do the “stand by your man” routine out of abuse, not out of love. Ms. Ward’s statements, including this statement at the close of the article, sure goes beyond the battered/abused wife syndrome:

    “Ward’s wife released a statement Wednesday saying she was ‘appalled at the lack of justice accorded to him [her husband] in this [Kane] county. He has never been treated fairly by the Geneva police, and in this case, they blatantly lied about what he said to me … I have no more faith in the ‘justice’ system at all. It has failed my family completely.'”

    And if you want to read Jeff Ward’s own take on what happened with his arrest, you can do it here:

    Jeff Ward’s been out of the Kane County clerk’s office for nearly 5 years now. While last June’s arrest and the surprising conviction is unrelated, the voters in Kane County re-elected the county clerk who made that deal soundly last year, both in the primary (his former chief deputy clerk, who was fired because the county clerk eliminated the job, primaried him), and the general election.

    Blogger Jeff Ward an “alt-left idiot”? Time for you to eat more crow. That same blogger, who is a fiscal hawk and a social liberal, treats both Democrats and Republicans alike and fairly. Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen, Treasurer Dave Rickert, Recorder Sandy Wegman have received Ward’s praises, though he will criticize them as appropriate. Same for the Democrats.

    And also, in his political consulting, Ward is the consultant who led Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin’s successful campaign for the open Aurora mayoral election in 2017, over Mike Madigan stooge then-State Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia. While Madigan’s campaign people did not run Chapa LaVia’s campaign, the fact she didn’t even make the RUNOFF sounds a lot like the Bill Daleys and Susana Mendozas who didn’t make it to the runoff in Chicago earlier this year. Ward’s client even beat the runoff opponent who had the backing of Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen (resident of Aurora). Ward knows what he is doing in local elections.

    And more local to McHenry County, Ward thoroughly exposed the anti-Longmeadow Bridge people (affectionately calling them “Longmeadow Loons” on his blog and radio show) for the NIMBYs that they are while thoroughly praising Algonquin Village President John Schmitt standing up to them in 2016, especially after their bogus non-binding referendum victory.

    But yes, Jeff Ward has honked off a lot of people, especially the city of Geneva from the mayor on down. He’s really honked off the Geneva Education Association, too. You make a lot of enemies when you expose the truth. It remains to be seen how Ward’s conviction and appeal will play out, but as he’s already documented on his blog, the Kane County State’s Attorney is accountable to the voters, and he is up for election next year. Ward was hugely upset with that office for some time, especially with the handling of the LaQuan McDonald case, and the cost to Kane County taxpayers because the SAO volunteered to prosecute, instead of letting the attorney general’s office do that.

    Now Jeff Ward has personal reasons to go after the KCSAO politically next year, provided there is a candidate. And Ward will go with either a Republican or a Democrat. Makes no difference to him, he wants fiscally conservative, honest and fair government, period. His sheriff’s candidate won last November. Though the Democrat understandably dismissed Ward after his arrest, it was Ward’s plan that was used to win over the Republican incumbent who blew his office’s budget within a month after taking office, which Ward called-him out for openly.

    Now let’s all get back to helping Algonquin Township taxpayers being freed from this mess they are in.

  32. Former Quigley Supporter:

    Apparently you were not entirely truthful in your version of his time at Kane County. You stated: “He was suspended without pay for using his personal tablet computer on a break, but using the county’s server to transmit a political email.”

    According to MySuburbanLife, he also used his Kane County email account:

    “Ward was suspended without pay for five days in March for doing campaign work on Cunningham’s primary election. Ward sent an email on behalf of Cunningham’s campaign to the Illinois State Board of Elections on the county’s server, using his county email account and during the normal work day, records show.

    A review of Ward’s and Cunningham’s county email accounts, released through the Freedom of Information Act, showed Ward and Cunningham routinely used the county’s computers and email addresses for Cunningham’s reelection campaign.”

    Notice he never mentioned how much money they allegedly cost U46, only that his opinion was they cost the school district money.

  33. Nice try you two “Laughing” people, but I see through your little games.

    Quoting a faux newspaper run by Dan Proft’s people about the identity theft political committee created in Jeff Ward’s name by his enemies, a committee that has never had a penny in it, is pretty petty. Now go find a mainstream newspaper with similar information and maybe I will believe you.

    Using the county’s server means using the county’s email address, so I left nothing out. But at least second laughing boy proved me right where first laughing boy said Ward was fired because of the email incident.

    As far as the elected clerk, Jack Cunningham goes, if people were outraged about his conduct of using his office for political purposes (and I do not condone that), why did he easily dispatch his primary opponent last year, as well as win the general election to a 5th term? Even Ward turned on his former boss multiple times, including 2016, when the clerk’s office did a terrible job running the primary that year. Again, Ward treats people evenly and fairly, including Jack Cunningham.

    And even as Ward wrote after the primary victory of Cunningham over Stanton Bond, it’s the power of incumbency is why Cunningham beat his primary opponents, both in 2018, and in 2014 after the guy who challenged Cunningham spent over $100,000 and got soundly beaten.

    As for the gun complaint, see how that turned out.

    As far as the meddlers’ costing U46 money, go back and read the same Dave Gathman article embedded in the blog post first cited by me (I’m tempted to quote a line from the Clint Eastwood movie The Gauntlet about Braille, but I’ll pass on that).

    You boys better grow up quickly, because I have too much fun taking you (two) to school.

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