Message of the Day – A Cap

Here’s the hat of husband of the woman shown yesterday wearing a “Trump Girl” tee shirt:

This cap says, “Drain the Swamp.”


Message of the Day – A Cap — 15 Comments

  1. Little Joey Blowhard and his friend Little Tommy Snowflake
    are sure to be “triggered” by this picture.
    #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

  2. Cal. Do you use the home row method for typing whereby you don’t need to
    look at the keys, or do you do the hunt and peck method?

  3. my word what a cuck. im done.

    i just read that DJT cried when he found out about the special council investigation. then i read that he faked an injury to skip out on Vietnam which i was shipped out to fight. he cried. like a dog.

    my brother in arms would have probably left him like rat shit overseas anyways.

    he got one of my votes – cant do it again after i read this shit. what a fraud. semper fi

  4. The “Drain the Swamp” thing must not mean what I thought it did during the campaign because DC has never been Swampier.

    The original “Swamp” referred to bankers regulating the banking industry and the like but now 2 years later we have oil executives regulating the environment, stock brokers regulating the stock market, people who own “payday loan” companies regulating consumer affairs AND a whole new crop of money grubbing bankers.

    That swamp is HUGE!

  5. Notice how both parts of this couple hide their faces as should anyone who supports that lying piece of crap in the White House.

  6. That was my chjoice.

    I don’t put faces in my pictures of tee sjirts unmless the person requests it.

  7. Jimmy Carter, both Bushes served in the US military. Bill Clinton, the woman violator, avoided the draft and did not serve in the military. Barack Obama never served in the U.S. military.

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