Former Lt. Governor to Take on Democrat Sean Caster for Congress

She doesn’t make it explicit, but I’m betting that at the meetings announced in the following press release from former Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti is going to announce a candidacy for Congress in the 6th District:

Former Illinois Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti to Announce Future Political Plans Monday

Sanguinetti will discuss plans at three events beginning at 10 a.m. Monday

WHEATON, IL – Former Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti will make a major announcement Monday morning in Wheaton detailing her plans to continue serving the public.

Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti when she spoke to the Algonquin Township Republican Party.

Following the initial announcement, Sanguinetti will travel to Cary to meet with business owners and to Barrington for an evening meet and greet with supporters. The media is encouraged to cover the events.

Open media events include:

Don Manzullo
  • 10 a.m. — Wheaton — Sanguinetti makes announcement in front of hometown supporters at Seven Dwarfs Restaurant, 917 E. Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL.
  • 12:30 p.m. — Cary — Sanguinetti tours manufacturing facility and hosts roundtable to discuss jobs and the economy with former Congressman Don Manzullo and local business owners at Illinois Blower, 750 Industrial Drive, Cary, IL.
  • 6:00 p.m. — Barrington — Sanguinetti discusses campaign with supporters at McGonigal’s Pub, 105 S. Cook St., Barrington, IL.


Former Lt. Governor to Take on Democrat Sean Caster for Congress — 8 Comments

  1. If that is the same Kirk Allen of Edgar County Watchdogs? If any other candidate wants to run for the 6th, they better get their butts into the game as soon as possible in order to start to raise the millions of dollars it will take to win the 6th district next year, beginning with the primary. Unless the potential candidate Allen infers is that DuPage County Board member who was talked about in recent articles, they better get into the game pronto.

    Like the neighboring 14th district, the 6th district will be VERY VERY tough to flip in next year’s election. Congressman Sean Casten is battle-tested, like his colleague Lauren Underwood. He’s tough, like any Dublin-born Irishman would be expected to be. He unseated a 6-term incumbent last year whom Cal Skinner served with in the Illinois House, and vanquished 6 other Democrats in the primary. His education background includes a degree in molecular biology and biochemistry, and he has 2 Ivy League Masters degrees. He’s a successful small businessman who is an expert on the environment.

    It is good that former Congressman Don Manzullo is openly backing Sanguinetti this early. Mainly because Manzullo was the last Republican to unseat an incumbent Democratic congressman seeking re-election during a presidential election year back in 1992.

    Hopefully, that will open the doors for fundraising for Ms. Sanguinetti. There is a possibility her ethnicity (Equadorian/Cuban American) will begin to bridge inroads into traditionally minority communities. She’ll be 49 by the end of this year and through the elections, so we don’t have a case like the 14th where a septuagenarian with a lot of personal wealth is trying to begin a congressional career at age 74.

    Yes, she will be tainted by her four-year association with Governor Rauner as his lieutenant governor. And it has been a long time since a current/former lieutenant governor was elected to bigger-and-better things. It’ll be interesting if she will take his money, or have Rauner help her raise money.

    That said, it is good to have the first announced major candidate in the ring. Hopefully, others will get done with the “thinking about it” stage, and jump into the race. And they can begin by filing an FEC statement of candidacy form, which to date, Ms. Sanguinetti has not done, nor any other Republican in the 6th.

    And I’m sure it is no accident the Barrington stop in Monday’s tour is a stop at an Irish pub.

  2. I would support Evelyn if she espouses the values that have been prevalent in her hometown of Wheaton.

    The same values that Donald Trump has spoken of (not necessarily acted on, but clearly has articulated for the last few years).

    The race will be 51/49, let’s get the conservative people out to vote.

    Tell your friends!

  3. LOL. Even in this silly what if; maybe post from our seasoned reporter, kirk needs to play whooooo… i know way more than the regular folk.

    kirk is truly the alex jones of this little blog.

    Big player in his little world.

    Lots of people are saying (in trumps best voice) ” kirk is a big deal. “

  4. I side w/ Kirk, Manzullo is just another Hultgren or Roskam.

    — RINO Republicans who got too comfortable with their high positions and forgot the people.

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