Redactions in the Mueller Report

The LA Times puts redactions in Robert Mueller’s report in perspective:

Redactions in Robert Mueller’s report on President Donald Trump and Russia.


Redactions in the Mueller Report — 6 Comments

  1. All of this is simple – the average Democrat hates Trump more than anything else they can even imagine.

    Nothing will ever change that.

    It makes no sense but that is it.

  2. I’m assuming you’re a Republican, CP.

    Does that report make you proud of Trump’s actions?

    Which in particular?

    I haven’t made it all the way through it but so far, I haven’t found a single incident of Trump behaving in an honorable, or dare I say presidential manner.

    I’d be interested in hearing what you’ve found to be inspiring or presidential.

  3. Too bad many leftists and Democrat voters are brainwashed by watching left wing cable tv news and broadcast news network shows. These shows have broadcast an almost non-stop barrage of negativity and hate toward Trump. According to them, there is nothing that he has ever done that is positive. If they do mention positive results, there will usually be a caveat by them that there are many negatives associated with the positive.

    They are so virulent about him that they would all find faults and make up negatives in the event he had a role in eliminating all cancer disease. They would say for example, that many doctors, medical specialists, medical workers would lose their jobs because of Trump. They would also say that companies that make drugs to treat cancer would be direly affected because of Trump, and hospitals, clinics, others would lose revenue because of Trump.

  4. I guess not dentbla. Bred Winner certainly didn’t respond. Are you saying accepting help from Russia was positive? Repeatedly lying and demanding underlings do so too was good?.

    But I’m being unfair- what’s some of the good things from the Mueller report I’m ignoring? You pick.

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