Looking at Future for Local Demcoratic Party Women

Commenter “An American” predicts that McHenry County Democratic Party Chair Kristina Zahorik will replace Lauren Underwood as 14th District Member of Congress as Underwood replaces Dick Durbin as U.S, Senator:

Kristina Zahorik

Don’t forget this is a person who was a Hillary supporter, came in 8th out of 9th in the delegate race in McHenry County, stood idly by as progressives were expelled from her party for wrongthink, and only won her 2018 SCC race because of Mike Madigan money being used to attack the progressives who were running.

She doesn’t speak for the county and it’s questionable whether she even speaks for her own party.

Her outrage over Ted Nugent has nothing to do with family values.

It’s based on politics.

She would say nothing if it were a vulgar left-wing musician.

She’s just riling up the anti-Trump people and trying to build up her bona fides with them.

She’s now positioning herself as a bridge between the old guard machine Democrats and the dorky new radical resisters.

She is not only the chair of the mchenry county dems, but also of the il dem party county chairman association, and she is the state central committeewoman of the 14th district.

She is in those spots for a reason.

The timing will work out well — Dems are set to gain a lot of power in mchenry county and other counties throughout the 14th district.

That and her attending #resist rallies will gain her more trust among the further left Democrats.

Don’t be surprised to see her end up in Lauren Underwood’s seat and Lauren to end up in Dick Durbin’s seat.

Lauren is on a media circuit since the resignation of DHS secretary Nielsen.

The media loves her.

She is getting shoutouts from AOC begging her Twitter army to donate.

Lauren will have DCCC and Pritzker money in addition to the dorky resist crowd’s money.

They will do everything they can to hang on to the 14th in 2020.

Come 2022, redistricting will make things much easier for them.

Dick Durbin is only running because Trump is president and because the Dems are in a minority in the Senate.

Don’t count on him to serve a full term. A

t that point, I think Underwood becomes a senator and Zahorik ends up a congresswoman.

People are picked WELL in advance.

This happens from presidential elections to city council.

Have you ever wondered where people like Underwood and AOC came from?

AOC was a bartender.

Underwood was a fake nurse living with mommy.

These people became political stars overnight though???


Looking at Future for Local Demcoratic Party Women — 27 Comments

  1. They smile in your face while they stab you in your back.

    The party of hate, TDS and violence, they are incapable of shame or embarrassment.

    Every day pushing the country ever closer to the next civil war with their
    own special brand of psychotic idolisms and treachery.

    No lie too big nor to small to tell in their insatiable lust to gain power and control
    over every person.

    They are the DEMOCRATS.

    Did this “trigger” you, Little Joey Blowhard ?
    And what about you, Little Tommy Snowflake ?
    Too bad, deal with it.

    #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

  2. Why does this deserve a reprint?

    Sounds pretty much just like an opinion. “I don’t like women, minorities, democrats….”

    Something to that effect, real no substance here.

  3. Lauren in Dick’s seat? Guess it could happen with the massive and mostly Democrat vote totals from Crook County.

    The Democrat Party, is exemplified by vicious, vengeful and angry Democrats on the national scene such as Sen Blumenthal (who lied about having service in Viet Nam), Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, etc.

    The Democrats and their Party will likely not get over their hate and bitterness over the 2016 presidential election until they have a Democrat winning the White House. They had a miserable candidate in 2016 and it has been sour grapes and them acting like spoiled brats and crying babies since then.

  4. Of course if fake nurse Underwonder gets her ass kicked in 2020, maybe Lady Zahoragaga can take Liar Durbin’s seat.

    Yeah, right!

    Underwonder is just like the idiot Foxx, in way over her head.

  5. “An American” usually writes informed comments both here and on other blogs, like Illinois Review, and I respect that. I don’t always agree with them fully, but I respect their opinion.

    A reminder, Illinois Democrats elect both a State Central Committeeman AND a State Central Committeewoman. Ms. Zahorik was elected with fellow McHenry County Democrat Peter Janko to represent the 14th district on the Democratic State Central Committee last year. Given Mr. Janko is well up in years, Ms. Zahorik has the time to go places.

    I too, have thought Congresswoman Underwood will be immediately placed on a short-list for potential successors to Senator Dick Durbin, assuming he wins re-election to a 5th term next year, when he retires at age 80 in 2026. Congresswoman Underwood, assuming she continues to serve in the House, will be 40 by then, with 4 terms in the House. And ever since the brief tenure of Senator Roland Burris, an African-American has not represented Illinois in the Senate since.

    That said, there will be others who will want to succeed Durbin besides Underwood, and they will all have to earn that seat at the ballot box. Short of death, Durbin is NOT going to resign early, even if a Democrat wins the White House and offers him a cabinet position. He was passed over for Democratic leader by NY’s Chuck Schumer, so the majority whip, or maybe president pro tempore, is the highest Durbin will go.

    As for Zahorik backfilling Underwood, first the maps for 2022 have yet to be drawn, and with Illinois losing one and possibly 2 congressional seats in the 2020 census, the 14th may or may not include McHenry County. That’s a huge unknown. Given Underwood’s residence is the Will County portion of Naperville, I can see all of McHenry County being in either the 6th or the 10th district, which will make Zahorik’s congressional career going through another district, and not Underwood’s. It will also mean if Zahorik wants to stay on the state central committee, she will need to win in another district, too.

    While Zahorik is McHenry County Democratic chairman, in order to convince Democrats she is viable for bigger-and-better things, she needs to do much more, beginning with winning re-election next year to the county party’s top post. Also, under her leadership, she needs to recruit successful Democrats who can win at all levels of county government next year, beginning with Jack Frank’s re-election and electing a county board Democratic majority. She can look to her counterpart in Lake County to see how it’s done.

    Lake County Democratic Chairman Terry Link needed 20 years to make Lake County into the Democratic powerhouse it is today. After 2018, the Democrats took control of the county board with a 12-9 margin, which meant a Democratic county board chairman and forest preserve district president. The clerk’s office was claimed by the Democrats too, as well as the sheriff’s office. Democrats already have the recorder’s office.

    Those are the kinds of numbers Zahorik will need to achieve to be considered for advancement. And if she can help flip several state house seats to Democrat next year, that will make her claim be even stronger. I believe the 52nd, 63rd, 64th, and 66th are all winnable for the Democrats next year, along with the 65th (not in McHenry County).

    At the county board level, I believe the party that says they will reduce the size of the county board to 18 members, from single-member districts, will win. And the Democrats can point to Algonquin Township as an example of Republicans being in charge for too long. Flipping some of the 5 townships that elect their officials by political party will go a long way to helping Zahorik’s ambitions too.

    Zahorik may very well have a future in Congress for the Democrats some day. But the Democrats aren’t just going to give it to her. Zahorik needs to earn it.

  6. An American says this about Kristin:

    “She would say nothing if it were a vulgar left-wing musician.”

    Someone should ask Kristin, for the record, how she feels about the Obamas having invited some rappers to the White House. Rappers whose lyrics include harm to women and police. Was she upset or outraged about that back then? Today?

  7. Underweird must first win in 2020 for this far-fetched scenario to unfold.

    Dirtbag Durbin, aka Dustbin Durbin, aka Dick “Israel First” Durbin, is a confirmed AIPAC whore from waaaaaaaay back. That’s how the little unregistered foreign agent for Israel and current infanticide advocate, got his sickening start: with out-of-state Zionist moolah and lot’s of it, then and over the years.

    Ex-US atty Pat Fitzgerald, appointed special counsel in charge of the Scooter Libby/AIPAC/Mossad spy case, complained about Durbin’s constant interference of the investigation of many classified docs passed on illegally to the Israelis, asked him why he didn’t register as an Israeli foreign agent!

    “Dick Durbin was an obscure Springfield, IL lawyer when he was approached by AIPAC President Robert Asher in 1982.

    From The New Yorker:

    “(Asher) identified an obscure Democratic lawyer in Springfield, Richard Durbin, as someone who could defeat Findley. “We met at my apartment in Chicago, and I recruited him to run for Congress,” he recalled. “I probed his views and I explained things that I had learned mostly from aipac. I wanted to make sure we were supporting someone who was not only against Paul Findley but also a friend of Israel.”

    Asher went on, “He beat Findley with a lot of help from Jews, in-state and out-of-state. Now, how did the Jewish money find him? I travelled around the country talking about how we had the opportunity to defeat someone unfriendly to Israel. And the gates opened.” Durbin, who went on to win a Senate seat, is now the Democratic whip. ….”


  8. Underwood US Senator? HA!!!!

    But if Chicago did become its own state, w/ ratty parts of Cook County like Blue Island, Harvey, Evanston, etc., it could be possible.

    Of course there would then be 2 Republican Senators from the rest of Illinois, so I kinda like the idea!

  9. Rachel Lawrence should be a prime democrat.

    Progressive, sides with unions and is all about a good time.

  10. Wow. I’m very glad someone pointed out which one was “the party of hate” or I might have got confused by all the insulting language, name calling (whore? Really?) And so on in these posts. Wow. So much for family values.

    And Cal why would you even print this- fourth level speculation about IF Durbin retires, IF Underwood is re-elected, IF she decides to run for Senate….good lord.

    Go back to funny t-shirts you saw at the dollar store

  11. Let’s bring back integrity, let’s bring back Joe Walsh, the Tea Party poster boy who forgot about his child support payments.

  12. Integrity? Let’s look at top Democrats such as the Governor and Lt Governor of Virginia. That Gov admitted doing black face and or wearing klan garb which was racist. The Lt Governor has been accused by two women of sexual assault. Top Democrat Maxine Waters on national tv told people to go out and hassle members of Trump Administration at restaurants, gas stations, etc. Moron Democrat US Rep Adam Schiff has and continues to say he has proof of collusion by Trump with Russia in spite of the Muller report. Former President Clinton did unwanted sexual advances on women, including rape, and paid a huge fine for violating one woman named Paula. This is but a small sample of lack of integrity by Democrat politicians.

  13. God, Republicans have no clue about Democratic politics.

    But it is cute to watch you all speculate on things you know nothing about.

  14. Yes, and you know all Alabama!

    And Joey ‘Snowflake’ Kvidera, if this blog is so juvenile and beneath your elevated intellect, maybe you should really stop your 24/7 rants against MCB and return to your adult coloring books.

  15. “Lauren is on a media circuit since the resignation of DHS secretary Nielsen.”

    More like she’s been on a town hall circuit.

    By this time next month Lauren will have completed 7 town halls (1 in each county she represents).

    But someone who purports to be knowledgeable about Illinois politics already knows this.

    I guess you didn’t think it was important to mention that she’s out there meeting with folks when it’s easier to just diss her as some media star.

    To quote AOC, “Respect the hustle.”

  16. Thanks for reading my comments, Virginian!

    I try to keep my finger on the pulse of McHenry County’s deplorables so I usually check in 2-3 times a week.

    Happily, it’s nowhere near a 24/7 commitment for me.

    I guess that “elevated intellect” applied to reading speed ? 😀

    Not sure how the Snowflake moniker came along- I always identified with Hardrock, Coco and Joe 🎄

  17. I have to laugh at anybody who quotes Occasional Crazy thinking they have made a point.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

  18. So Falcon Crest guy posts on McHenry County blog, too.

    Your screen name alone makes me laugh.

  19. **Yes, and you know all Alabama!**

    Nah… definitely don’t know all. But I do actually talk to Democrats. And I also know that Underwood isn’t anywhere close to the front of the line if there were to be an appointment. FWIW, if it is up to Durbin, it is going to be Bustos.

    But y’all can keep doing what y’all do.

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