Elgin Casino Gives $25,000 to Defenders

From the Environment Defenders of McHenry County:

Grand Victoria Foundation Awards $25,000 Grant to The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County

April 23, 2019, Woodstock, IL.   The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County is very pleased to announce that the Grand Victoria Foundation has awarded the organization with a grant for general operating support in the amount of $25,000.  

The Defenders is grateful that this grant will allow for strengthened outreach to underrepresented communities within The Defenders’ family and the opportunity to be inclusive of the needs of all who reside in McHenry County in order to help further the essential work of environmental preservation and protection. 

This generous grant will help to grow The Environmental Defenders’ connection to our diverse county and will help to build an effort to include the Latino community, in part, which represents 11% of our population.

This will allow The Defenders to expand the visibility of the organization and share its vision for McHenry County toward one of inclusivity and equity.  

Receipt of the grant will also allow for improved support and communication internally between staff and committee chairs while successfully connecting individuals with areas of volunteer interest, from water resource protection to plastic reduction to transportation issues.  

In addition, the grant will allow for the continuation and expansion of a relatively new program of environmental advocacy training for members and the general public who are willing to become “environmental ambassadors” to engage proactively for actions that protect the environment at both the city or village and county levels.

While The Defenders has remained the principal environmental organization within McHenry County for nearly 50 years for those seeking out environmental activities and programs, this grant enables the organization to deepen its roots systemically by engaging more residents within all parts of the county and all walks of life who have not necessarily been aware of its educational opportunities and advocacy work.  

The ability to listen and learn of needs and questions concerning environmental issues is made possible only through onsite outreach and the desire of the organization to represent all who live and work in McHenry County.  

This grant directly supports that important work.

Founded in 1970, The Environmental Defenders of McHenry County is a non-profit, non-partisan organization with the following mission:

“In order to protect all living things, the Environmental Defenders is dedicated and committed to the preservation and improvement of the natural environment in McHenry County.”


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  1. Can’t wait to see where they’ll put the farting cows, to power my truck.

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