Sad Premonitions about AJ Realized

From the Chicago Tribune:

Frpont page of the evening internet edition of the Chicago Tribune.

Parents of missing 5-year-old AJ Freund charged with murder after boy’s body found in shallow grave

The parents of 5-year-old Andrew “AJ” Freund were charged with murder Wednesday, hours after authorities say they found what they believe is the body of the Crystal Lake boy wrapped in plastic in a shallow grave near Woodstock. JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund both face multiple charges in the…

From the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Locate Body Believed to be Missing 5 Year Old AJ Freund

It is with a heavy heart that the Crystal Lake Police Department reports they have located what they believe to be the body of Andrew “AJ” Freund early this morning.

During the overnight hours, Investigators with the Crystal Lake Police Department and the FBI interviewed both Joann Cunningham and Andrew “Drew” Freund Sr. after information was obtained through a forensic
analysis of cell phone data.

Once presented with evidence obtained by investigators, both Joann and Andrew Sr. provided information that ultimately led to the recovery of the deceased subject.

Investigators located what they believe to be AJ’s body buried in a shallow grave in a remote area in Woodstock, Il.

The McHenry County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene to assist with the recovery and identification of the body.

The cause of death is unknown at this time and will be determined by the McHenry County Coroner’s Office.

Based on current information and evidence, both JoAnn Cunningham and Andrew Freund are being charged with the death and disappearance of AJ.

Joann Cunningham

Joann Cunningham has been charged with:

  • (5) Counts of First Degree Murder
  • (4) Counts Aggravated Battery
  • (2) Counts of Aggravated Domestic Battery
  • (1) Count of Failure to Report a Missing or Child Death
Drew Freund

Andrew “Drew” Freund Sr. has been charged with:

  • (5) Counts of First Degree Murder
  • (2) Counts of Aggravated Battery
  • (1) Count of Aggravated Domestic Battery
  • (2) Counts of Concealment of Homicidal Death
  • (1) Count of Failure to Report Missing or Child Death

All defendants are presumed innocent until and unless found guilty in a court of law.

[State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, when asked about the five counts of First Degree Murder, replied, “3 felony murders. First degree charges two separate ways.”

Both Joann and Drew are currently in police custody and will eventually be transported to McHenry County Jail where they will await a bond hearing.

On behalf of the Crystal Lake Police Department, we would like to thank the FBI, the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office and the other local, state, and county law enforcement and fire department and emergency management entities.

Their assistance was instrumental in bringing closure to this investigation.

To AJ’s family, it is our hope that you may have some solace in knowing that AJ is no longer suffering and his killers have been brought to justice.

We would also like to thank the community for their support and assistance during this difficult time.

AJ Freund

To AJ, we know you are at peace playing in heaven’s playground and are happy you no longer have to suffer.

The outcome of this case is a result of the extraordinary efforts of all of the Investigators directly involved in the case. B

Because the charges resulting from this investigation are based largely on
evidence recovered, we will not be providing any further details in an effort to protect the integrity of the criminal prosecution.

= = = = =

From the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department:

Body Recovered in Ongoing Investigation

April 24, 2019

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office and McHenry County Coroner’s Office issued a joint statement Wednesday:

“The body of a pre-teen male was recovered early this afternoon from a makeshift grave located just off a farm access road west of Dean Street in unincorporated Dorr Township.

“The location of the body was developed as part of ongoing investigation by Crystal Lake Police Department and the FBI.

“An autopsy was tentatively scheduled for Thursday morning.

“Present at the scene were personnel from CLPD, the FBI Evidence Response Team and the MCSO.”

= = = = =

From DCFS:

Statement, DCFS Acting Director Marc Smith

“After a nearly week-long search for missing Andrew “A.J.” Freund, law enforcement officials today confirmed his death.

“This news is heartbreaking.

“Protecting vulnerable children who come to our attention is at the core of our mission at DCFS.

“All of us feel this loss.

“Our priority is the care and safety of Andrew’s younger sibling.

“We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation.

“The Department is committed to conducting a comprehensive review of the entirety of our work with Andrew’s family to understand our shortcomings and to be fully transparent with the public on any steps we are taking to address the issues.”

= = = = =

It is my belief that an unbiased jury will not be found in McHenry County.


Sad Premonitions about AJ Realized — 5 Comments

  1. Time after time I read about government agencies removing children from a ‘good’ home because the they are being home-schooled or a child was playing in a nearby park, or a child walked home from school etc. etc.

    In this case, based on police reports, the smell of feces and pet urine in the house was overwhelming.

    A.J. was born with cocaine in his system.

    Why did DCFS give this child back to his biological parents when they knew full well about the conditions in the home as shown in police reports?

    From a report: “Officers noted the home was “cluttered, dirty and in disrepair.” Officers noted broken windows, dog feces and urine spotted throughout.

    Last September police reported that a concerned citizen believed the home to be without power and in a dilapidated state.

    In December, an officer, responding for a complaint of stolen medication from the home, described the home as cluttered, dirty and in disrepair.

    The officer noted a door had a brown substance on it and in the room where the boys slept, a window was open and the smell of feces was overwhelming.”

  2. This story is suspiciously looking like something else entirely. The story is too perfect in all its horrifying ghastly details. Something is very off.

  3. Yes Cindy it does.

    I remember talking to a Park Ranger about night activities in Parks, Rest Areas, and Nature Preserves and the Police not giving all the information.

    Satanic Rituals have been kept under wrap for a long time.

  4. Oh please.

    Tell us your conspiracy theories.

    What do you think happened?

    What is off?

  5. This is another child murdered and it could have been prevented!

    Rest In Peace AJ!!

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