Dems Propose 44 Cent State Gas Tax, Up To 8 Cents County MFT, Plus 3 Cents for Municipalities Passing a “Responsible Bid Ordinance,” To Be Raised Annually by Any Increase in the “Transportation Fee Index,” License Plate Fees to Be Hiked, Too, Cars from $90 to $148, Electric Cars to Pay $1,000 Annual Tax

Here’s what is on the table in Springfield in House Bill 391:

Beginning on July 1, 2019 and until July 1, 2020, the rate of the tax imposed in this paragraph (a) shall be 44 cents per gallon. [It iss now 19 cents a gallon.]

By June 1, 2020 and by June 1 of each year thereafter, the Department shall determine an annual rate increase to take effect on July 1 of that calendar year and continue through June 30 of the next calendar year.

Not later than June 1 of each year, the Department shall publish on the Department’s website the rate that will take effect on July 1 of that calendar year. The rate shall be equal to the product of the rate in effect multiplied by the transportation fee index factor determined under Section 2e.

Each new rate may not exceed the rate in effect on June 30 of the previous year plus one cent.

= = = = =

In addition, a local county tax is authorized:

The initial tax rate may be imposed by the county board at a rate not lower than 4 cents per gallon of motor fuel sold at retail within the county for the purpose of use or consumption and not for the purpose of resale, and not exceeding 8 cents per gallon of motor fuel sold at retail within the county for the purpose of use or consumption and not for the purpose of resale.

= = = = =

In addition, cities and villages passing a “responsible bid ordinance” (defined on page 40), may add another 3 cent per gallon tax.

= = = = =

These tax and fee incereases are tied to House Bill
3233, whichI have not verified are identicle those in the amendment to HB 391.

Electric vehijcles wouldno longer be off the hook.

It would cost $1,000 a year, up for $35 annually now.

Look at page 73 and 75 and you will see car and other license plate fees are also being hiked. Cars, for example, will go from $98 per year to $148 annually. Trucks, buses and tractors will see fees hiked $100 per year. (See page 81.)

Read the following language on Pare 73, those driving vehicles will be forced to subsidie those riding buses and trains by $34 per car and truck:

“$34 of the proceeds per fee collected shall be deposited into the Transit Capital Projects Fund.”

= = = = =

The cost of drivers’ licensing is doubling. (See page 94.)

= = = = =

There is also a new civil rights law starting on page 101.

From Capitol Fax:

Don Dewitte

Sen. Don DeWitte (R- West Dundee), who serves as the Minority Spokesman for the Senate Transportation Committee, attended the press conference as a show of Republican bipartisan support and discussed the need for an infrastructure plan that would be sustainable for years to come.

“The proposal put forth today is a good starting point as we work toward a comprehensive infrastructure plan that addresses the critical needs facing our state’s transportation, education and public facilities,” said DeWitte.


Dems Propose 44 Cent State Gas Tax, Up To 8 Cents County MFT, Plus 3 Cents for Municipalities Passing a “Responsible Bid Ordinance,” To Be Raised Annually by Any Increase in the “Transportation Fee Index,” License Plate Fees to Be Hiked, Too, Cars from $90 to $148, Electric Cars to Pay $1,000 Annual Tax — 18 Comments

  1. Was DeWitte a mistake?

    Has he joined forces with McSweeney?

    What happened to his support of the Republican platform?

    When will we see legislation reducing spending instead of increasing state spending with increased taxes, expansion of gambling, government controlled sale of mind altering drugs?

  2. I definitely think electric car users need to start paying their own way for the roads, but $1k/year seems rather steep.

    They must be playing the class warfare angle to justify a tax that high-electric cars are mostly a toy for the affluent.

    I think it would be far more fair to charge what the average driver pays in registration fees and gas taxes.

    I wonder how they’ll tax plug in hybrids?

  3. Why do we always hear about the state wanting to raise taxes and never anything about cutting spending?

  4. So the party that cares so much about the environment is placing a heavy on electric cars…

  5. What is in the water in Springfield Illinois?

    What are they doing to control spending? Zero.

    The demise of Illinois continues unabated.


    $14.97 Bag of Road Rescue Pothole Repair

    $2.4 B General Fund (pensions and all the assorted garbage Illinois nitwits think the Money Fairy pays)

  7. New headline, and how convenient the timing, seems like BS:

    Pension holiday canceled after better-than-expected state revenues (and they want more & more)

    The Pritzker administration said Tuesday it won’t have to extend the pension payment schedule next year because the state is collecting more tax revenue than expected.

    In a letter to legislative leaders and top lawmakers on budget committees, Department of Revenue director David Harris and Pritzker budget director Alexis Sturm said the state collected $1.5 billion more in income taxes in April than expected.

    Moreover, they said they expect the state’s economy to continue to perform strongly into the next fiscal year that starts July 1, which has caused the administration to revise its estimates for how much revenue the state will collect next year.

    “With the additional revenues due to the forecast revision, the state will be able to meet the current funding commitment to the retirement systems without extending the ramp this year,” the letter said.

    The development removes a potentially major stumbling block to the legislature crafting a budget for next year. In his budget proposal, Gov. J.B. Pritzker called for extending the state’s payment schedule to the pension systems by seven years. Right now, the state is on a schedule to put enough money into the five state-funded pension systems so that they will be 90 percent funded by 2045.

  8. Ridiculous proposals from Democrats. Illinois Democrats are just as reckless as are their counterparts in the U.S. Congress. Refer to recent outrageous actions from Democrat Committee heads in the U.S. House such as Jerrold Nadler.

    As a commenter previously said, nothing from Illinois Democrats on how to cut spending.

    Other issues:

    The $1000 yearly fee for electric cars is very unfair to those people who live in cities or towns and use their cars much less than 10,000 miles per year.

    The motor fuel taxes collected should be stipulated by law that these can ONLY be used to build or repair roads and bridges.

    A flat license plate fee of $98 or the proposed $148 is unfair and illogical.

    Personal vehicles should be taxed based on their weight and size.

    As an example, a sub-compact car weighing 2300 pounds (Chevrolet Spark)should be taxed far less than a behemoth suv or pickup some of which of these weigh up to 6,000 or 7,000 pounds.

    Heavier vehicles wear out roads more so than lighter vehicles. The lightest of vehicles such as sub-compacts could be taxed at the present $98 and the heaviest at up to $300.

  9. Any tax increase on anything in this poorly governed state is beyond ridiculous.

    Bring some reforms in spending first.

  10. Dewitt the twit that said in a foul mouthed tweet about President Trump in regards to the Kentucky Derby.

    Though even Illinois is benefiting from the strong economy and riding the coat tails of thriving states!

    I would shut up Detwit and do your job on lower the taxes of middle class and poor taxpayers of this state! Obviously you were a mistake which the Republican Party continues to make mistakes!

    This state decided that the roads needed specific funding away from the general funds and now they want more

    It is ludicrous this state’s legislatures have their brain so far up their A** they can’t even think straight!

    Why is it that surrounding states are doing so much better than Illinois with an influx of residents?

    You can’t blame the weather anymore Illinois for losing population because of cold weather.

    Funny that Minnesota increased population and they worse winter’s than we do!

    The UHaul is backing up and will continue to drive people out of this state!

  11. After thinking about this for a while, I’m starting to believe that the proposed $1,000 tax for electric cars is really an opening gambit towards instituting a mileage tax.

    Pritzker suggested such a tax during the campaign, but he walked it back when he received a lot of blowback, and he eventually denied that he ever proposed it.

    Many electric cars already have the technology in place to remotely report miles driven and in which state they were driven.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see owners of electric cars given a choice between paying a ridiculous annual fee or signing up to have their mileage reported to the State and paying a tax on that.

    If that worked out, they would then move towards instituting the tax on all vehicles.

    Big Brother is here.

  12. Every jockey and trainer I know (and exercise rider, and steward,. and race-car driver I know, and I know quite a few) with real life experience in life-and-death scenarios involving stay-in-your-lane (or “race-path”) during a race
    knows that this rule must be enforced to protect the lives of jockeys and horses(and race-car drivers. Skillkorn, you disagree?).

    Physics describes angular momentum off a curve, and the inherent danger/difficulty of disrupting accelerating momentum.

    Most front-runners in horse racing could assure victory by simply veering off the rail into the race path of late-speed threats accelerating up on the outside coming out of the last turn.

    This strategy would lead to deaths of horses and jockeys, and presumably discourage many participants from racing horses (or cars).

    Enforcing well-founded rules of safety and equity (“stay in your race-path’) keeps racing honest, and saves lives.

    I wish the Government Industry would take a lesson from this playbook.

  13. I was in Ohio today, filled up the rental, regular unleaded gasoline was $2.599 or 2.60 for dumocrats.

    Then I see gasoline in McHenry county for $3.199 or $3.20 for dumocrats.

    That is a full 60 cents — 23% more, now, without the ridiculous gasoline taxes they are going to try jam up our rear ends.

    What are they doing with all of this money they are collecting?

    Pensions, pig roasts for JB, what???

  14. @Susan and yes I know a lot of race car drivers as well and if it is the last lap of the Indy 500 or Daytona they are blocking going side to side to protect their lead!

    And they could care less about any rules that might actually be on the books but never enforced.

    Refs swallow their whistles constantly in basketball, football and hockey in the last period/quarter.

    Now they miss blown calls for sure.

    But lets look at horse racing.

    If they are going to enforce the rule then coming out of the gates horses veer all over the place.

    They should be disqualified coming out of the gates if you are going to go by the letter of the rule!

    Who knows what horse could have done if they didn’t get bumped.

    Maybe they lost their edge because they got scared right.

    But lets look at the tape.

    The 2nd place horse was not effected by the lane change and was not going to win that race. If anyone had a grip it was the 4th place horse that finished well back in the pack.

    Why did they not do the inquiry?

    Because they weren’t going finish anywhere close to the money.

    The biggest problem they have now is that the avg. person looks at this as a shame!

    And all of a sudden a 65-1 shot that won the Derby on a DQ gets a illness and will never run again in trying to protect the stud fee and not finishing 11th in the Preakness.

    The better horse didn’t win and if you listen to the announcers that were talking about this they all said race should have stayed they way they finished!

    But my comment was raised about what Detwit wrote in response to his opinion.

    So what if President Trump put out a tweet of what he thought should have happened? But Detwit’s response was the blowhard! Really!

    More people need to be like Trump in this State and the Republican’s should get on board because believe it or not there is a big America out there and he is doing good in the States he needed in the last election!

  15. Max Security was taken down to last place, not second place.
    (if his infraction merely was impeding Country Home, he would have been dq’d to be placed second, not last)

    His lane skip/drifting out of race lane impeded many horses’ momentum/progress, not just the second place finisher, and more than one jockey lodged complaint.

    Out of the gate jostling does happen frequently but the lower speed out-of-the-gate , and the force of momentum are quite different and less deadly in effect than at full accelerating speed out of the turn into the stretch.

    Also, due respect to car racers’ physical risks, but jockeys do not get to wear safety harnesses and horses aren’t equipped with roll bars.

    Cars can be rebuilt after crashes but it breaks your heart to see a horse put down.

    Sorry I didn’t articulate my point very well, because I probably agree with you on general principles.

    I didn’t read dewit or trump’s comments so shame on me right there, I was `opining while under the influence of ignorance’.

    I mean to say that expressing an opinion while in a position of influence should be done sparingly and carefully, and only after proper consideration of relevant data specific to the event.

    Ill-informed opinions don’t have much influence when expressed by ordinary citizens (like me), but out of the mouths of celebrities can have profound destructive influence on society; listeners feel they have a dispensation from performing personal research of relevant facts.

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