Dems Transportation Tax Hikes Will Affect 100%

The big hype from Governor JB Pritzker and the legislative Democrats are that 97% of folks will not have their income taxes raised.

The higher income taxes will bring in over $3 billion.

The higher gas taxes and license fees will extract $2.4 billion.

And pretty close to 100% of Illinois residents will notice the hikes.

Here is State Rep. Allen Skillicorn’s take:

Licenses, Taxes and Fees…Oh My!

Crystal Lake, IL – Another beautiful spring day in Illinois and another tax for Illinoisans.

As the Tribune reported today,

“The legislation, introduced this week by Democratic Sen. Martin Sandoval of Chicago, would more than double the state’s gas tax to 44 cents a gallon, double the driver’s license fee to $60 and raise the vehicle registration fee to $148.

“The driver’s license fee is now $30; the vehicle registration fee is $98. It also would significantly hike the registration fee for electric vehicles, from $17.50 to $1,000.” [Emphasis mine].

State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) stated, “In light of the recent report from the Comptroller’s office that April revenues were $1.5 billion higher than expected, it appears that the legislation to ‘significantly hike’ gas taxes and licensing fees is unnecessary and one might even say punitive if enacted.”

Skillicorn continued, “I commend Governor Pritzker for stepping back from a bad idea in the form of a pension holiday when the data from the Department of Revenue estimates that next year’s tax collections increased by $800 million.

“Let’s give the Trump economic recovery and the enactment of serious reforms, such as amending the pension clause, a try instead of passing more taxes and fees that crush Illinois families.”


Dems Transportation Tax Hikes Will Affect 100% — 31 Comments

  1. Is it possible, with these ridiculous tax and fee increases the Democrats in both the house and senate in Illinois want, can we now call them rapists, tax rapists?

    See a Democrat in public, call them out.

    1250–1300; (v.) Middle English rapen < Anglo-French raper < Latin rapere to seize, carry off by force, plunder; (noun) Middle English < Anglo-French ra(a)p(e ), derivative of raper

  2. Obviously you’ve never even met a rape victim. A new low for even this bunch.

  3. Joe, paul’s comment is a low one for sure, but it’s still early.

    Give a couple of commenters a chance.

    skillicorn loves to put out press releases, but hasn’t had an original idea to help solve a problem, since he was elected to office.

  4. Yes I have, Illinois taxpayers.

    There are other uses of the word.

    Leave it a liberal to twist intent.

    Noun: any violation or abuse the rape of justice

    Verb: to plunder or despoil (a place) in war

  5. Paul is correct.

    As usual, the Progressives attempt to divert attention by attempting to insult someone who makes a comment.

    I want to see their defense for supporting the murder of the unborn and those born but subsequently murdered.

    Obviously, tom has not bothered to take the time to read the contents of the 65 pieces of legislation that Skillicorn has filed to date in this current Legislative session.

  6. Still no solution from Democrat controlled Illinois Legislature on the gigantic underfunding of the government pension funds. This State has been driven into the ditch, over the cliff, by decades of control by Democrats in the Illinois Legislature. Additional proof of their incompetence and recklessness fiscally is the State’s bond ratings. Illinois is the worst State of 50 (57 per Obama) in terms of bond ratings.

  7. bred… being that the IL Supreme Court has ruled more than once on any cuts to retirement benefits, what is your solution? The Republicans in the legislature sure haven’t come up with one, including Mr Skillicorn.

    So what is your solution?

  8. Little Joey Blowhard and Little Tommy Snowflake,
    two peas in a low I.Q. pod who never tire of making fools of themselves.

    What a terrible way to go through life.

    Did I just “trigger” you two silly boys ?

    Too bad, deal with it.

    #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

  9. And BTW, DEMOCRATS control the state legislature and as such they are not interested
    in hearing nor passing any Republican legislation, which explains how we got into this
    multi-billion dollar fiasco years ago.

    n inconvenient fact that some would rather you not remember or acknowledge.
    Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers.

  10. Joe, tom and Shake would be a great old timey name, for a vaudeville slapstick comedy team.

  11. The State Constitution needs to be changed in order to revise the ridiculous requirement that colas in pensions cannot be eliminated. Extremely rare for retirees in the private sector to get colas on their company pensions. Pensions in the private sector are diminishing as companies have instituted 401 type plans.

  12. But, with the current IL Supreme Court decisions in place, changes could only be made for the future.

  13. Joe and Tom living in Mommy’s basements have nothing but sexual terms in their heads. You have to forgive them for being morons.

  14. Paul – I suspect that I know well more than you do on this. I don’t need to educate myself on this one.

    I know plenty about the different Supreme Court cases.

    I also know that the main decision (regarding SB1) was unanimous, so the idea that you can change this with different judges is hilarious.

    To bred’s point about changing the constitution.

    Changing the constitution would have no impact on any current obligations, and the vast majority of lawyers believe that those current obligations that cannot be changed would include future benefits earned by current employees, because you’d otherwise be violating the contract clause of the federal constitution.

    Further, with how limited of a benefit Tier 2 is, moving away from COLAs would likely mean that the state would have to start paying into social security.

    Which would cost the state more. (Aside: in fact, there’s a strong argument that the state could start having to do that anyway with Tier 2).

    So, no, electing different justices and/or changing the constitution won’t have any real impact on the state’s pension obligations and budget.

    So what’s your next idea?

  15. Beware, Joe, Tom and AlabamaShake for they promoted Lauren Underwood.

  16. cindy, put your good spirits back on and get well after that life threatening experience.

    I do feel very sorry for you.

    Your heart is so weak that you just hate life.

  17. Oh put a muzzle on it Tom!

    You are so weak you are intimidated by everyone.

    And, that includes that sap Lauren Underwood!

  18. **Beware, Joe, Tom and AlabamaShake for they promoted Lauren Underwood.**

    LOL – Racist DALA has no other lines in his book. This post isn’t about Lauren Underwood.

    But if you’re interested in actually addressing any of the points I’ve made, let me know.

  19. Tom? Jokes on you. Heart is VERY strong. No problem there at all. It wasn’t a life-threatening experience as you think. I was at death’s door and Jesus pulled me back. Not sure why. I don’t hate life. I hate stupid. Maybe Jesus pulled me back so I could save you!

  20. Racist “AlabamaShake” trying to save his prized racist candidate Lauren Underwood.

    I completely understand your agenda. You are a Democrat and a racist. That is not rocket science. Further, you happen to think you are always right which demonstrates even more of your real stupidity.

  21. Good god.

    This post has nothing to do with Lauren Underwood.

    Do you actually have a response to my points on pensions?

  22. You are just threatened because you don’t want the world to know about your candidate.

    Get a grip “AlabamShake”

    Good god.

  23. LOL – I’m good with folks knowing about Lauren Underwood.

    And it appears that her district is too, being that they elected her.

    And if the options are Oberweis and Skillicorn and friends, she’s going to win again.

    But, anyway, back to the post and away from Racist DALA’s nonsensical rants.

    Anyone want to actually discuss the reality of pensions and the so-called solutions y’all have identified?

  24. Alabama makes a good ppint about taxpayers ironclad legal obligations to fulfill ALL defined benefits plans’ promises no matter how unsupportable by economics or equitable compensation practices used all.over America.

    Therefore Alabama can only logically be in favor of absolute and total elimination of any and all DEFINED benefits compensation packages for ALL new. Illinois public employees starting today.

    The good news for new public employees given 401ks and Medicare rather than OPEBs cost priced at double their value: hindreds of thousands dollar of home price devaluation saved,


    Portability of paid-in capital. (Many new teachers feel trapped paying dues for old, obscenely high pension payouts for cheaters who game the system and others who benefit through political corruption. )

  25. **Therefore Alabama can only logically be in favor of absolute and total elimination of any and all DEFINED benefits compensation packages**

    No, that isn’t a logical conclusion in any way. Good try though.

    **Many new teachers feel trapped paying dues for old, obscenely high pension payouts **


    Dues don’t pay for pensions.

  26. “AlabamaShake” Lauren Underwood was elected because a campaign full of untruths were shoved down the throats of her constituents.

    Now the people will know the truth.

    Don’t be so sure she will win once the people find out about her racist agenda!

    But, anyway, back to the post and away from Racist “AlabamaShakes” nonsensical rants.

  27. “AlabamaShake” presents himself at a know it all!

    The truth is, he knows nothing and will say anything to sell his beliefs.

    He will also say anything to sell fake candidates like Lauren Underwood.

    I have no doubt, that Lauren Underwood is a “Racist”

    We the people need to send the message loud and clear “REMOVE LAUREN UNDERWOOD FROM OFFICE!




    “UNDERWOODNOW” WRITES AS SHE TALKS ABOUT AJ FREUND: ”only when a white kid is involved do the media and politicos jump on the wagon for reform”




  29. This is House Bill 391 (HB 391) in the 101st General Assembly.


    Illinois Policy Institute

    House committee passes bill that would make Illinois gas tax burden highest in the nation

    by Vincent Caruso

    May 9, 2019


    The Illinois Policy Institute article includes a petition to tell your state legislator that you oppose doubling Illinois’ gas tax.

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