Illegal Aliens Would Be Able to Serve as University of Illinois Trustees?

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

U of I student trustees may be illegal aliens

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (Crystal Lake-R) strongly opposes the Democratic Politicians in Illinois who want to give illegal aliens full voting rights as trustees on the University of Illinois board.

Senate Bill 172 came about because a potential student trustee was an “undocumented immigrant” and was ineligible to become a trustee because he or she could not meet all three proofs of residency.

So let’s see if I have this right. Out of almost 86,000 students attending one of the three University of Illinois institutions, 3 student trustees couldn’t be found that could show proof of three criteria: Illinois residency for at least the previous six months; a current, valid Illinois driver’s license; and a valid Illinois voter registration? Maybe there exists an even greater problem regarding the composition of the U of I student body than I had thought.

I don’t find it unreasonable to require that a State University system funded by taxpayers have as student trustees, people that actually are legal Illinois residents. Also, doesn’t a legally binding vote cast by a person with an “illegal” status present a bit of a conundrum?

If we go forward with granting the full fiduciary responsibility of voting as a trustee on the board of a State University without proof of citizenship, the next logical step for the State could be to grant voting rights to all illegals.

Why are the citizens of Illinois treated with such disregard? They are already forced to pay for the public education of illegal persons with their hard earned tax dollars. Now voting on the budget and spending of those tax dollars would be freely offered up to a person who may not even be a citizen of the state or our nation.

SB172 could be up for a formal vote in the State House this week or next. This bad idea has already passed the State Senate with both Republicans and Democrats voting yes. Here’s a list of the Senators who voted for this morass:


Illegal Aliens Would Be Able to Serve as University of Illinois Trustees? — 10 Comments

  1. In the wake of the Admissions Scandal, I’m suing the University of Schitts Creek for having rejected my application and the humiliation of subsequently attending Illinois.

  2. Rep. Skillicorn writes: “Also, doesn’t a legally binding vote cast by a person with an “illegal” status present a bit of a conundrum?”

    Actually, no, not in this instance.

    110 ILCS 310/1 provides, in part: “Each trustee shall have all of the privileges of membership, except that only one student trustee shall have the right to cast a legally binding vote. The Governor shall designate which one of the student trustees shall possess, for his or her entire term, the right to cast a legally binding vote. Each student trustee who does not possess the right to cast a legally binding vote shall have the right to cast an advisory vote and the right to make and second motions and to attend executive sessions.”

    So in the unlikely event one (or even two) student trustees has “illegal status” (Skillicorn’s words)under SB 0172 (were the bill even to pass in the first place), the governor would simply designate the third as the voting member.


    Hypothetical (yes, hypothetical) problem solved. (The probability of three “illegals” serving simultaneously as student trustees approaches zero.)

    Meanwhile, Rep. Skillicorn (in the face of $120 billion in state debt) wants to cut taxes.


    Cut taxes.

    And then come up with truly workable ideas about how to pay down that debt with even less revenue than before. (Sorry, “Waste! Loopholes! Fraud! Abuse!” won’t be nearly enough.)

    Mr. Skillicorn, it seems, is fishing for minnows (“illegal student trustees!!!!”) when the major problem actually is the $120 billion whale.

  3. “how to pay down that debt with even less revenue”

    1. Eliminate the illegal alien gravy train – no more tax dollars to anyone here illegally.

    2. Equalize all property assessments and quit subsidizing Chicago schools to force Chicago property owners to foot the bill for their schools instead of draining the bank accounts of downstate taxpayers.

    3. End the payments for abortions.

    4. Amend the Constitution to exclude all public sector unions.

    5. Eliminate prevailing wage laws.

    6. End all benefits for elected officials.

    That would be a start.

  4. State Senator Jim Oberweis voted “Yea” on this?

    This vote may come back to haunt him in his primary campaign for Congress 14th district, especially given State Representative Allen Skillicorn’s statement, and knowing he is considering running for Congress in the 14th, too.

    He didn’t single-out Oberweis, but the roll call does it for him.

    State Senator Sue Rezin voted “Nay”, one of only two votes against this legislation in the senate.

    Rezin is considering running for the 14th too, and this vote will likely come up during the primary campaign, if she runs.

    She’ll make up her mind on Congress by mid-year.

    Skillicorn didn’t thank the 2 Republicans who were the only Nay votes.

    Rezin being a potential primary opponent is likely a reason why.

  5. One already need not be a citizen to be a trustee. Current law only stipulates that they be a resident. See new legislation
    Compare to old

    The semantics lie in whether one is undocumented/illegal, a resident, or a citizen. Mr. Skillicorn should be more consistent about the language he’s using, the language in the bill he’s talking about, and the language in current law that’s being amended.

    This would avoid confusion.

    Is he saying he is opposed to undocumented people being trustees or any non-citizens being trustees

    If Mr. Skillicorn wants to propose making citizenship a requirement, he should do that.

    Simply not voting for this legislation will not make that the case.

    Resident non-citizens would still be able to be trustees as they already are under current law. Does he support that?

    We look forward to seeing Mr. Skillicorn’s legislation.

    We are assuming he is interested in action and not merely posting angry press releases.

  6. Did Wilcox chicken out like the spineless Syverson, brainless Brady, and unconscious McConchie?

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