AJ Continues to Help Drive Tribune Reporting

Yesterday, throughout Illinois there was reporting on an audit Department of Children and Family Services.

The DCFS Audit was worse than one could image.

Today, the Chicago Tribune focuses on caseload problems.

Nothing seems to have changed significantly since I was State Representative in the later 1970’s when a teenage girl died in a Uteg Apartment fire after being chained to a bed when her mother went out.

Although state law then (and now) said that caseworkers must visit within 24 hours after a complaint has been made, Crystal Lake Police Chief Sam Johns told me that a complaint had been filed in the case thirty days before the fire.

Neither the caseworker nor the supervisor were fired.


AJ Continues to Help Drive Tribune Reporting — 2 Comments

  1. We have golden parachutes and over paid Government officials and we cant even protect our kids.

    There is no excuse!

  2. Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s Floor speech from Thursday (5/9), as reported in Saturday’s (5/11) Northwest Herald:


    As reported in the Herald, Congresswoman Underwood’s amendment to the Stronger Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act was included in the final legislation passed unanimously on Wednesday from the House Education and Labor Committee.

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