Franks Robocalls to Impress Folks about Valley Hi Rebate

Here is what one Friend of McHenry County Blog heard in a phone call identified as come from “State Representative:”

Hi this McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks calling with some wonderful news.

The county board recently voted to give all homeowners who claim a homestead exemption and paid their property taxes in 2018 a rebate of about 30% of what you paid into the county for it’s extension of your tax bill.

Notices have been sent with your property tax bill with directions of how to apply.

Again this is County Board Chairman Jack Franks. Thank you


Franks Robocalls to Impress Folks about Valley Hi Rebate — 19 Comments

  1. We received this call too.

    It was one that I didn’t mind receiving.

    Our rebate was a nice amount.

    Our overall tax bill dropped significantly.

    Thanks to all who worked on this change.

  2. Got that phone call yesterday. Before picking it up, my caller ID showed State Representative. Was surprised to hear a recorded message from the Chairman. A simple explanation for the caller ID is that the Chairman’s phone identification was not changed from when the Chairman was a State Representative. Someone should tell him or his staff to update his phone identification to show McHenry Cty Chmn or similar.

  3. Have not talked to any neighbor, friend or relative whose tax bill went down. All reported overall bills as higher.

    We need responsible government officials and school boards and districts who will make short, intermediate and long term plans to continuously cut spending and lower costs and lower our real estate tax bills year after year after year. Have them show we citizens exactly what steps they are taking year after year to cut costs and provide the proof.

  4. Re: “Thanks to all who worked on this change.”

    One of Franks targets via bullying is Chuck Wheeler.

    The same Chuck Wheeler who brought the Valley Hi overtaxing to light.

    Question to Tom: Are you really that dumb?

    How could your tax bill have dropped when the so-called rebate has not yet been applied for?

    Did Tom get a refund this year on his federal tax return because he overpaid during the year?

  5. Mike Skala voted for a property tax increase for the conservation district and Jim Kearns voted against giving $15 million back to the taxpayers.

    And these are the two guys considering running against franks for chair.

    What clowns.

  6. WOW, Robocalls must be Jack’s Personal Touch, in order to reach out and touch someone !

  7. The financially prudent measure would have been to reduce the county’s $51,053,142 IMRF pension debt.

    Instead of sending a rebate to homeowners and no rebate for business owners.

    The interest rate (discount rate) on the IMRF pension debt is 7.5%.

    $51,053,142 x .075 = $3,828,985 pension interest, just for one year, just for the McHenry County unit of government.

    Source: pdf pages 87, 88, & 89 of 243 of the McHenry County FY 2017 CAFR.

    The net pension liability breakdown of the $51,053,142M:

    IMRF Regular – $26,108,962.

    IMRF SLEP – $24,944,180

    FY = fiscal year.

    CAFR = comprehensive annual financial report.


    Here’s a high level overview of how the interest is added to the unfunded liability.

    The actuary makes an annual calculation and the interest is spread (amortized) over a number of years.

    Actuarial analysis is used in determining the discount rate.


    Unfunded liabilities increase taxpayer costs in the long term.

    Taxpayers in Illinois are paying billions annually for pension interest.

    Politicians have not adequately educated taxpayers about the problem.

    The politicians generally look at what will help them win the next election.

    Keep doing that since the inception of the pensions and we have a massive problem.

  8. questioning,

    When we received our first installment bill, it explained how to calculate your rebate, We did just that to determine our refund

    I am not “dumb”, you not so much …maybe.

    Our largest cut was from our school district.

    As for our Federal taxes, we paid just under 8,000.

    I need to get a jet so I can deduct some of those tax cuts.

  9. ‘paid…8,000’, what are you a Wal Mart Greeter?

    Might try finding a real job before shopping for a jet.

  10. The call was a nice reminder to check the Property Tax Bill Envelope contents and begin to know how to apply for the 30% rebate that is available in either check or towards property taxes due…

    only catch is the application online is NOT available until Jun 1st…

    I would venture to guess a large majority of folks wont apply for it because they didnt read the flyer sent with the Property Tax bill, so in a way the call was good, whether he’s still in “State Govt” or County.

  11. All of politics is total bullshit. Even if every single person that was eligible claimed their “rebate” it wouldn’t add up to even HALF of that fifteen million surplus! What happens to the other half? You have been had YET again! I am right now just fresh off an emergency surgery that saved my life. YOU ASSHATS KEEP OFF my phone with your lies and bullshit! Especially right now, I really don’t need to hear ANYTHING from your lying mouth!

  12. Dj,

    Read questioning’s comment, before you continue to make a fool of yourself.

    We sent a check for an additional 8000.00, as opposed to a refund.

  13. Underpayment of Fed taxes ongoing during a tax year by a large amount might get one a penalty and a fine. \

    Perhaps quarterly payments were insufficient or not made.

    Don’t mess with the federal collection agency.

  14. The blogs unofficial Chair, for the Committee of Chuckling and Ridicule.

    Request tom, post a copy of his return, for additional yuks and abuse.

  15. Democrats and Republicans in the audience of the board meeting that night did NOT want this stupid rebate!

    The admin costs alone will cost the county tax payers to ‘give an avg of $130 back!

    Not to mention the lawsuits that can and will happen from Businesses not getting a refund!

    Wheeler, Skala and Kearns know this and were trying to spare the county taxpayers this.

    Why not just put it to good use such as improving Valley Hi. bed count or investing in a memory care program.

    They sure could use that!

    Even democrat Suzanne Ness’ mother wrote a Letter to the editor explaining this!

    But Frankie boy got what HE wanted.

    An excuse to send a mailer with his name plastered all over it with tax dollars funding this ‘campaign’ piece.

    Shameless Chicago style Politician!

  16. Was the cost of the robocall charged to the county or to the State Rep number?

    And unnecessary expense to the taxpayers.

  17. Emperor of Sleaze: Jacko Franks.

    Creature from the Land of Nod and Son of Cain.

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