It’s Always All About Jacks Franks

Below is the headline from the Northwest Herald the day after the McHenry County Board decided to send Valley Hi rebate checks to a majority of taxpayers:

Apparently the lack of Jack Franks’ name in the headline about the action he initiated bothered him, even though his smiling face was just below.

Clues are

  • the robocall Franks apparently financed with campaign funds and
  • the tax bill insert below containing his name twice


It’s Always All About Jacks Franks — 18 Comments

  1. I’m sure Jack will be more than happy to share the credit for this once the first class action taxpayer lawsuit is filed.

  2. I’d sign off on all overpaid funds clawed back, to any enterprising Atty., wishing to punish the County for this arbitrary, vote pandering picking of refund winners and losers.

    Just unbelievably bad Public Sector assclownery.

  3. @Billy Bob- The true legal liability is Joe Tirio who’s disastrous handling of the municipal fire referendums opened the county up to being sued….

  4. Fair Play/Moderate/Alabama Shake,

    The remedy for the MFPD referendum would be to hold another vote on the question.

    An objector would have to prove to a judge that the result was materially impacted by the error in the wording on the printed ballot.

    It was a regrettable mistake by Tirio’s office, but I doubt if there will be a successful challenge to the result.

    There is a lot more money involved with this Valley Hi rebate, and the taxpayers who were left out have a very strong claim.

  5. “disastrous” “regrettable??? Fair Play, you’re high on crack….again! There’s absolutely no damage. People voted overwhelmingly on something they thought was going to cost a bit more than it actually will. WIN WIN. No damage at all and In fact, quite the contrary.

    You don’t even have to be a lousy two bit lawyer to know that!!!

    The election went swimmingly btw. Hats off to Joe Tirio and his crew!

    On the other hand, this so called rebate will have consequences as businesses paid a lot more than homeowners and they’re excluded? Why Because Franks used this as a political campaign flier on the taxpayers and he knows businesses don’t vote but homeowners do.

    I believe anyone who moved that paid into this will also have an opportunity to sue. Taxpayers are Screwed again by Jack Franks!

  6. The county board has a choice they can either give the money back to those claiming Homestead or they can give it to both Homestead and business owners.

    The county board made a policy decision to only give it to Homestead owners.

    There is no legal liability whatsoever…..

    The peanut gallery ought to do a little legal research before opening their pie holes.

    There are just some people determined to hate anything that Franks does that they just lie and makes stuff up all the time…..

  7. This whole thing is just to take the attention away from Franks being named as a respondent in the defamation lawsuit of Joe Tirio. (and lawsuits of 4 or 5 other Republicans, I believe).

  8. Won’t people who paid the overage in taxes for Valley Hi that moved out of the county, be able to sue the county in a class action lawsuit?

  9. As I recall, Dave Steiper is due a Thank You, for getting this ball rolling…

  10. My property taxes have fallen the last three years and now a rebate…thanks Jack!

  11. Class action lawsuits regarding property tax excess accumulation are prohibited by Statute I believe.

    But it also sounds like what is happening should not be legal:

    the redistribution of excess accumulation from an Enterprise Fund to a group of taxpayers specifically defined as `homeowners whom occupy their homes AND the many investor-owners of residential rental property who also take Homestead Exemptions while not personally occupying these rental properties’.

  12. There 👏 is 👏 nothing 👏 illegal 👏 about 👏 this.

    Also the board voted on the measure and approved the measure.

    If you don’t like the result, run for office and be the change you want to see.

  13. ‘Dentbla’ aka jack franks chief tushy licker, newsflash- he didn’t vote on this, the board did.

    Secondly, Franks never delivered on his cut 10.

    He’s the biggest joke ( I mean LIAR)

  14. ✊pounding fist on table ✊doesn’t make what you say any truer than

    Ironically I agree with you that some people have sought and gained office to get the change, along with the big bills, they wanted to see.

  15. Actually, it was County Board member john Hammerand who first identified the surplus.

    Seipler did advance the idea in his campaign four years ago.

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