Sheriff Offers Tips to Prevent Robbery

From the McHenry County Shariff’s Department:

Theft/Burglary Prevention- Criminals have been targeting unlocked homes and vehicles

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents that with the warmer months here not only are we out enjoying the weather, so are others such as thieves and burglars.

Criminals have been targeting unlocked homes and vehicles.

Here are some helpful tips and ideas:

•Establish a nightly routine to make sure your vehicle and home is locked up.
•Do not leave value items in your vehicle, and if you do, make sure they are out of sight.
•If you are selling items like a lawnmower, dirt bike, or ATV do not leave them outside overnight.
•Record serial numbers and take photos of valuable and sentimental items.
•Install security cameras.
•Check security cameras already installed to make sure they are working and that nothing is obstructing their view.
•Outdoor lighting is important so make sure any burnt out bulbs are replaced.
•Install mo tion detection lights in dark areas.
•Trim your trees and bushes to prevent criminals from using them as a hiding spot.
•If you will be away from your home for an extended period of time please remember to have the post office hold your mail. 
•Do not advertise on social media that you are gone. Save those posts and pictures for after you return home. 
•Leave lights and a television on while you are not home. This gives the impression that someone is home. 

Contact your local police agency and inquire if they have a vacation house watch program, which the Sheriff’s Office does offer.

These types of crimes can happen to anyone, any day of the week, at any hour of the day.

These are some tips and suggestions to help you not be a victim. If you see something, say something.

McHenry County residents can report suspicious activity at 815-338-2144.


Sheriff Offers Tips to Prevent Robbery — 3 Comments

  1. If you are robbed, it is probably only because you have too much stuff anyway…

    Thankfully, we have more young folks like AOC, here to see to it that those with too much stuff are no longer an issue…

  2. How about this tip: avoid living in high section 8 areas.

    Oh, yeah, that’s right, we have to live in a world of fakery and lies and cannot state the obvious because it ain’t PC.

  3. It’s burglary or theft, NOT robbery.

    The sheriff’s press release didn’t call it that, why did you change it inappropriately?

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