Dems Produce Another Income Tax Hike Pitch–Scholarships Threatened

State Senator Robert Martwick offers this image to support higher income taxes:

Text under the image:

“A Fair Tax protects college financial aid funding for Illinois students, helping make sure the job creators of tomorrow stay here in Illinois.”


Dems Produce Another Income Tax Hike Pitch–Scholarships Threatened — 10 Comments

  1. A smart government can give the individuals under its rule anything because the mere threat of taking it away pulls the slave class right back into line.

    Citizens who are Free understand how hard life can be and fight to secure themselves from its shifts and buffets.

    The difference between a slave and a Free Citizen is how they read these propagandist releases.

    Each are easily recognizable.

    The slave is on their knees begging their Masters not to take things from them.

    The Free Citizen chortles at the level of ignorance it takes to swallow this garbage propaganda.

    Which one are you?

    You can still get up off your knees.

    Look for a Free Citizen.

    They’re the ones selflessly trying to help others to do so.

    If you fall to your knees in front of a Master to beg for a part of the largess they’ve stolen from others expect the Free Citizen to respect your choice and allow you to be the slave you clearly want to be.

  2. It’s time for Democrat liberal speak:

    Jerry Brown, former governor of California,

    “The conventional viewpoint says we need a jobs program and we need to cut welfare.

    Just the opposite!

    We need more welfare and fewer jobs.”

  3. Nancy Pelosi on legislation:

    “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

  4. This blister covered serf’s only fantasy.

    Is that the feudal tenure, someday repeals the lesion ointment tax.

  5. Fatty Pritzk, tsk, tsk.

    Is the state of Illinois bankrupt? 

    Ans: YES!

      The state government has now quit paying even the most essential bills.  It spends three dollars for every two dollars that it takes in. 

    The state of Illinois now ranks eighth in the world in possible bond-holder default. 

      As much of a mess as California is, Illinois is in even worse shape. 

    Every major rating agency has downgraded Illinois debt, and Illinois now pays millions of dollars more to insure its debt than any other state in the nation. 

    So yes, the state of Illinois is a complete and total basket case. 

    For a long time, many analysts had expected California to be the first state to go “belly up” financially, but now Illinois seems to be their favorite. 

    Not that Illinois is alone.  

    Thousands of state, city and local governments across the United States are facing massive debt problems. 

    All of the borrowing that was done to push communities towards achieving the American Dream is now coming back to haunt localities with a vengeance. 

    Debt is a very seductive and yet very cruel master, and the government of Illinois is rapidly finding out just how painful it can be to drown in a sea of debt. 

    But the big question is:

    when will the white taxpayers revolt against the liquidation of their homes to finance a predominately minority welfare state, especially now that as a sanctuary state, illegals pour in?

  6. It’s a Teaser Rate Adjustable Income Tax because Illinois has enormous debt for pensions, retiree healthcare, past due bills, and bonds.

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