Democrats’ Answer to Everything – Tax It

Can’t remember what animal trusted the fox to carry it across a river and then was eaten by the fox because it’s “in its nature,” but Rahm Emanuel’s latest pitch to tax retirement income over $100,000 brought that fable to mind:


Democrats’ Answer to Everything – Tax It — 11 Comments

  1. It sounds as if you’re referring to the scorpion and the frog fable, but there might be another version with a fox and some other critter.

  2. And tax it again.

    The function of government is to pluck the goose with the minimal amount of hissing…

  3. What would ‘the Nob’ do with his time if Cal was not funding this blog?

    If some commenters spent as much time monitoring Springfield and talking with their State elected officials as they do making comments on this blog, the political landscape may actually be improved.

  4. Stephen, that is a “do as I do” comment.

    Cal has been getting a pension for many years and in return has provided McHenry County residents with this platform.

    Unlike the County Board chair who takes his pension, draws an ongoing taxpayer funded salary, gets the taxpayers to fund his healthcare and even has the audacity to charge the taxpayers for his mileage!!

    BTW that same County Board chair also charges mileage to has campaign account.

    Did I also mention that he has TWO taxpayer funded assistants?

  5. Oh, Okay Fatty, you make poop jokes and call me juvenile.

    Use your real name coward or should we just call you Andrew.

  6. He may call it “mileage,” but I think it’s the same amount every month.

  7. So, Rahm proposes the taxing of high retirement income persons. That’s good and is in line with many prominent Democrats in the U.S. calling on higher taxes for those that are rich such as a tax rate of 90 percent.

    Here are some rates that might be considered for “Retirement Income” over $100K:

    100-200K tax rate of 10 percent for income in this range
    200-300K tax rate of 25 percent for income in this range
    300-400K tax rate of 50 percent for income in this range
    $400K and above a tax rate of 90 percent for income in this range

    These rates, and especially the 90 percent, should easily pass in the Illinois
    Legislature which is controlled by Democrats. Top Democrats in the U.S. have
    been calling for a 90 percent rate and now they can achieve that in the State
    of Illinois. These top national Democrats should come to Illinois and
    support raising of taxes for those with high incomes and especially support
    the 90 percent rate.

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