Ever Wonder Why the FBI and U.S. Attorney Pay So Little Attention to Corruption in McHenry County?

I believe it is because there is so much corruption in Cook County.

Corruption out here is just small potatoes.

Read about this indictment of still another Chicago Alderman from the Chicago Tribune:

The Alderman lost his quest for another term.


Ever Wonder Why the FBI and U.S. Attorney Pay So Little Attention to Corruption in McHenry County? — 11 Comments

  1. But that doesn’t absolve our County Ostrich, Kenneally, aka Mr. Head-in-the-sand, aka Miller Stoolie, aka RINO.

  2. I have a friend who owns a tavern in the 1st Ward.

    I’m sure there will be a lot of free drinks given out today.

  3. Austin Berg and Ed Bachrach wrote a book published in 2018 about the structural problems in Chicago, including recommended solutions.

    One of the chapters is on corruption.

    The book is titled The New Chicago Way.

    One of the central themes is although designed to be a strong council member, weak Mayor, system, in practice it’s the opposite.

    Who cares, I live in McHenry County, you may think.

    Well, the McHenry County Board is designed to be a strong board member, weak county board chair, system, yet the current County Board chair has repeatedly amassed more power.

    Another good reason to read the book is that it’s impossible to structurally reform Illinois without structurally reforming Chicago.

    For example, Jack Franks obtains the majority of his political contributions from Chicago and Cook County.

    Follow the money.


    The ten chapters in The New Chicago Way:

    – Mayor power

    – Elections

    – CPS

    – Fiscal problems

    – Pensions

    – Oversight & Corruption

    – MPEA (McCormick Place)

    – Crime

    – No City Charter (governance structure)

    – Hope

    There are interviews and book reviews online including:


    Ballotpedia interview:

    WGN interview:

    Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) interviw:


    Austin Berg was the writer for the free YouTube movie, “Madigan. Power. Privilege. Politics.” and is the Director of Content Strategy at the Illinois Policy Institute.

    Ed Bachrach is the retired Chairman and CEO of Bachrach Clothing, and is currently on the Board of the Illinois Policy Institute.

  4. The dynamic of the board changed to concentration of power in the chair when the electorate decided to make this a full time staffed job with a six figure salary.

    Other board members can’t compete in time and resources.

  5. The electorate never chose to make the Chair a staffed position.

    Jacko hired people without proper authorization and then steamrolled the Board into acquiescing to the hires after the fact.

    With a few exceptions, it was a rather pathetic display of gutlessness by the Board.

  6. IF this is a full time chairman, should he be practicing law simultaneously?

    Look to Burke to see how well that works out even though Burke is not a full timer.

    Any legal work done by Franks which may involve the county in any way should be viewed under a magnifying glass.

    If it doesn’t look right, the number for the US attorney is in the Rockford phone book.

    Yes, Cook County has quantity (and quality) corruption, but the Algonquin Twp mess is NOT small potatoes.

    Aldercreep Moreno’s transgressions IS small potatoes compared to that and didn’t really involve his aldermanic duties.

  7. It’s called the 5th Amendment.

    They have excellent coaches, in the form of their local attorneys.

    How many times did Bob Miller invoke it in his interviews with the McHenry County State’s Attorney, by the way?

  8. Zero, he has never invoked the 5th.

    The SA suggested if he is actually charged he’d probably take the 5th, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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