Jeanne Ives May Run for Roskam’s Seat in Congress

Jeanne Ives at a spring 2018 campaign event in McHenry.

With one woman–former Lt. Gov. Evelyn Sanguinetti–already having announced her candidacy to run for the Republican Party nomination for Congress in Peter Roskam’s old seat, someone is testing the waters for another.

Jeanne Ives, the woman who almost beat Governor Bruce Rauner in last year’s GOP Primary Election, is the subject of a poll pitting her against Sean Casten.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports on the survey research.

The story says Ives is not closing any doors.

She was one of the people called by the pollster.

One person who was questioned wrote,

“I ’m a resident of IL06 and the poll asked if the candidates were Casten and Ives, who would I vote for? Then, 4 or so questions exaggerating Casten’s positions and statements and asking if I would still vote for him after knowing he supports abortion. Hell yes!”

The same guy, when questioned about the content of the questions, remembered this:

“During the campaign, Casten took a moderate stance on abortion. Once elected he reveals himself to be vehemently pro-choice, which some people call pro infanticide. Does this make you more likely to vote for him?”

After the informationabove, Rich Miller of Capitol Fax observes,

President Trump lost the 6th CD by 7 points in 2016.

“This is a formerly reliable GOP bastion, but it’s now a swing district for the near-term at least.

“Casten won by 7 points last year and Gov. Bruce Rauner won by 5.

“Rauner won by 33 points four years earlier.

“Obama lost it by 8 in 2012.”

The only part of McHenry County in this 6th congressional district is Algonquin Township.


Jeanne Ives May Run for Roskam’s Seat in Congress — 11 Comments

  1. I saw the Poll too, sounds like someone would like Jeanne Ives to run against Casten.

    Hmm, Casten will destroy himself, would be easily beat.

    Jeanne Ives is Our Secret Weapon, Only Jeanne Ives will decide who to TAG Next.

    There are bigger fish that need to go.

    Look at that Dim-Witted Dolt, we have had to call Senator.

  2. “I’m With Her” !
    Jeanne is our only hope now of restoring any sanity in Illinois.
    Does this “trigger” you, Little Joey Blowhard ?
    What about you, Little Tommy Snowflake ?

    Too bad, deal with it.

    #TRUMP2020 – Deus Vult !

  3. Another watcher may be on to something.

    I’d rather see Ives in the senate than house.

    Although Seany “Savage Perv” Casten , almost unbelievably, is even more sickening than Durbin.

    And that is an extremely difficult feat.

  4. Cute headline, Cal. But pretty sure it isn’t Roskam’s seat.

  5. I really hate push polls, and this Ives poll is just that. Sounds like the work of Liberty Principles PAC and Dan Proft and company. While Ives is welcome to run for anything (and she ought to consider the 14th, where she would fare better if she is the only woman candidate), if she is seriously considering running for Congress next year, she had better make up her mind quick. All serious candidates need to be declared and off raising money no later than July 4th.

    Late last month, an interesting discussion was had on Illinois Review concerning Allen Skillicorn and all of the conservative groups “encouraging” him to run for the 14th. This comment by a poster called “P M” is relevant to Ives:

    P M said…
    Look I get the Oberweis may not win logic, but this Skillicorn looks like a real lightweight. I don’t mind the man from the people idea, but I would like to look up to or at least eye to eye with my representative in Congress. What has this guy built or done with his life? How old is he and what is his net worth?

    Here is my view.

    Jeanie Ives, generally sharp, and accomplished, has built a business up. I could vote for her(if she was running) and a decent human being.

    Jim Oberweis, super smart guy, very accomplished knows business, knows economics, super human being. Easy to vote for.

    Skillicorn…??? Kind of worrisome that the describes Newt Gingrich as a “very conservative individual”. Also very worrisome that he thinks homes are investments and was stupid enough to buy a home at the top of a housing bubble. I expect a Democrat to be a retard, but I really expect more from a Republican. I don’t mean to be harsh, but my view, if you are 40 and do not have a net worth of at least 1 million or 50 and do not have a net worth of at least 2 million(that you made on your own) I do not want you representing me, in fact, you likely cannot represent me.

    I get not everyone is focused on financial success, but this is the United States of America a semi-capitalist society, this country affords unparalleled opportunity for all citizens, If someone has not learned how to pull the levers of opportunity in this nation to advance the condition of his own family they clearly do not have the knowledge needed in order to make sound decisions for the masses.

    As I said, I do not know this SKillicorn, but looking at what I can find on the net and after watching the videos he selected of himself to represent to the public, I tend to think I’ll pass.

    You can view the entire thread, including my expert commentaries and analyses, through the following link:

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