Bad News Keeps Coming for Rep. Steve Reick

The Center Square, which used to be the Illinois News Network, has obtained about a four-minute video of State Rep. Steve Reick’s getting into a State Police car, then sitting waiting for paperwork to be completed on his DUI stop.

You can view the video here.

The video footage or just still photos taken from it could be fertile fodder for a GOP Primary Election or a Democraitc Party General Election opponent.

The name of no potentijal opponent has surfaced.

The accompanying article is below:

Illinois State Police release video of state Rep. Steve Reick’s DUI arrest

Illinois State Police released audio and video of state Rep. Steve Reick’s arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol shows the lawmaker telling police he had too much to drink.

Steve Reick tries to complete phone call while walking toward the State Police Squad car.

The video also shows that Reick said several times that he was a state representative. At one point, he mentioned that he had spoken to the arresting officer’s “boss,” State Police Lt. John Thompson, earlier in the day regarding Firearm Owner Identification cards, or FOID cards.

Reick asked not to be handcuffed, the video shows

Reick was stopped at the intersection of South Grand Avenue East and Eastdale Avenue in Springfield at 11:46 p.m. May 1, according to an Illinois State Police Report obtained through the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

Steve Reick tells the State Policeman, “Everyone’s in bed.”

After failing field sobriety tests, Reick took a preliminary breath test that showed his breath alcohol concentration was 0.146 percent, nearly twice the legal limit. The legal limit for driving in Illinois is 0.08 percent blood alcohol content. At one point, the lawmaker told the trooper he didn’t know what the legal limit was in the state.

After the breath test, Reick was booked into the Sangamon County Jail where he posted $3,000 bond. He was also charged with speeding and failure to signal when required.

“I made a stupid and regrettable decision last night and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Reick said in a statement released after his arrest. He has not commented further about the arrest.

The video corroborates previous police accounts of the arrest.

The trooper wrote in an arrest report that “Reick stated, ‘I have had too much to drink tonight, I will admit that.’ ”

“Reick stated that he drank a couple of glasses of wine,” according to the report. “I asked Reick where he was coming from and he stated a bar in Springfield. Reick also had bloodshot eyes.”

The trooper also reported that Reick smelled like alcohol.

Asked to get out of his vehicle, “Reick lost his balance when exiting the truck,” the report said.

“Reick stated, ‘I’m not going to say that I haven’t had too much to drink,’ ” according to the report.

Reick told police he had some sort of issue that affected his balance at night.


Bad News Keeps Coming for Rep. Steve Reick — 37 Comments

  1. But it’s Illinois.

    Haven’t Democrats made a quart of Jack Daniels count, as an emotional support animal?

  2. The Democrat / Franks / Bartman / Madigan machine is in full action.

    Setup? Who knows, but shame on Reick for exposing himself to such an arrest.

    Keep in mind a Dem Rep was arrested just prior to the Reick encounter and the Dems have circled his wagons.

    Anyone want to launch a primary challenge to Reick?

    At the end of the last quarter, Reick had $15,946.90 in his campaign account.

    He just received $1,000 from the Illinois Pipe Trades.

  3. **The Democrat / Franks / Bartman / Madigan machine is in full action.**

    LOL – sure, its the Democrat’s fault that Steve Reick drove drunk. Did Madigan force him to drive drunk? Did Franks buy the drinks?

  4. questioning – the dem/franks/bartman/madigan machine is in full action? hahahahahahahaha. wait a second…. hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    Is “questioning” the disbarred Crystal Lake attorney who was also GOP PC who spent time in Cook County jail and blamed Madigan and the Dems for all of his problems? Or this is a common theme from the GOP to blame others for criminal actions?

    the only thing more comical than the GOP being is the party of fiscal responsibility (see the balloning federal deficit) and the GOP is the party of law and order (tRump hates rats who talk to feds and tries to obstruct justice) is that the GOP is the party of personal responsibility. This is the DEMS FAULT!!! SET UP!!!


  5. Is anyone really surprise?

    I heard that Steve Reick was the town drunk for years, and his nickname was Otis.

  6. Republicans can always find a Democrat to blame for ANYTHING! The G O P is the party of NO personal responsibility.

  7. Questioning, I’m your Huckleberry.

    As soon as I get this ankle monitor off, I’ll clear it with my Parole Officer to travel and get right up there.

    Just get me that Underwood character’s number to call, so I figure out how a non-resident gets on the ballot.

  8. Who’s worse Franks or Reick?

    They both blow and need removal!

    What about the ‘courtesies’ shown Reick by the Woodstock and County cops?

    He’d have more DUIs, that’s what!

  9. Better question, where is McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Diane Evertsen?

    Hopefully, she has been speaking to Reick privately and convincing him to do the right thing.

    She needs to update the party, at least the committeemen, soon.

  10. An even better question, where is the McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman? Hopefully, they have been speaking to Lauren Underwood privately convincing her to be professional and objective without racially motivated objectives. They need to update the party, at least the committeemen, soon.

    “UNDERWOODNOW” WRITES AS SHE TALKS ABOUT AJ FREUND: ”only when a white kid is involved do the media and politicos jump on the wagon for reform”


    Barack and Michelle cant get her out of that one!

  11. Reick is a poisonous, venomous, and stupid fellow.

    He perfectly represents the RINO idiots who have sunk the GOP into utter purposelessness.

    He is a disgrace, who finally got arrested by an agency [State Police] that wouldn’t let him off the hook.

  12. —–the ‘bad news’ on Mr. Reick will continue to keep coming.


    because he’s BAD NEWS!

  13. Reich should resign.

    He’s demonstrated he cannot lead and cares nothing for the people of this state.

    Thank God he didn’t hurt anybody.

  14. Here is Democrat State Representative that was also recently arrested for DUI in Springfield.




    March 29, 2019 arrest of state Rep. Kam Buckner

    uploaded on April 29, 2019

    Video obtained from Springfield, Illinois, police by Illinois News Network of the DUI arrest of Illinois State Rep. Kam Buckner.

    0:49 – Officer approaches Buckner, who admits to having had one drink, and proceeds to show empty drink cup,

    02:02 – Buckner is asked to exit car,

    06:40 – Buckner given balance test,

    08:16 – Buckner given instructions for straight line test,

    10:20 – Buckner denies breath test,

    15:20 – Buckner tells police he has something in his car,

    16:20 – Buckner put in handcuffs

  15. Thank you Mark

    The Demoncrats are out in force,

    Instead of focusing on Reick, they should be talking to the people from their own party to address the issues concerning Buckner.

    They apparently haven’t looked in the mirror lately.

    Further, how is it Underwood got on the ballot when she is a non resident?

    Let’s address the issues related to Lauren Underwood. However, no one from the Demoncratic party is willing to answer the simple questions.

    How is it that the Democratic Party, put a Racist on the ballot who doesn’t even live in the District?

    Oh I know, you sold the people a boat full of lies.

    Now, the Demoncrats/Evilcrats need to go look in the mirror and take your finger and turn it right around and point it at yourselves!


  16. What crack in the woodwork did Dala come out of, he’s a bigger jerk than Honest Abe.

  17. Better question, What crack in the woodwork did Heinrich come out of?

  18. “Finnlander” – There are no enablers.

    Just a lot of finger pointing from Democrats, who have their own mess to clean up!

  19. Heinrich, yes, DALA and his comments on this thread appear to betray more of his disturbing tendencies than usual. It’s like Congresswoman Lauren Underwood brings out paranoid/delusional responses from DALA. Accusing the congresswoman of racism because a blog commenter here used the screen name UnderwoodNow and DALA thinks that poster is the congresswoman herself. That would be like giving former congressional candidate Matt Quigley the credit for all of my brilliant observations and expert commentaries I post here just because I have Matt Quigley’s last name in my screen name.

    But DALA asked a question that does deserve an answer: “…how is it Underwood got on the ballot when she is a non resident?”

    Answer, while Ms. Underwood changed her residency to Illinois back in 2017 to her parents’ home in the Will County portion of Naperville, her original voter registration at that same address in Naperville was never inactivated by the Will County clerk’s office. By original, I mean the one that was set up for her when she turned 18 in late 2004 when she registered to vote. When she returned to Illinois to live after the Obama presidency ended, she did not have to re-register to vote, because her voter registration was never inactivated.

    Look at State Senator Jim Oberweis’ wife. It has been well-documented over the past 5+ years Julie K. Oberweis is a resident of the state of Florida, which allows her to take advantage of Florida’s tax laws, most notably no state income taxes. Her Florida residency was confirmed in February of this year in a Lynn Sweet column in the Sun-Times after Jim Oberweis announced his candidacy for 2020.

    But query the Oberweis’ voter registration on the Kane County clerk’s website, and Julie K. Oberweis has an active voter registration at Jim’s Sugar Grove home (Mrs. Oberweis’ name is not on the deed for the property). In a 2013 Sun-Times column by Lynn Sweet, it was documented Mrs. Oberweis began voting in Florida elections in January of 2012.

    This relates to Ms. Underwood because should Mrs. Oberweis decide to change her residency back to Illinois in 2020, in order to support her husband’s candidacy by voting for him, she will not need to re-register to vote since she will be living at the Sugar Grove home, and she has an active voter registration at that address.

    I do not know if Mrs. Oberweis has voted in an Illinois election since voting in Florida beginning in 2012. The Kane County online voter registration query does not give voting history, so a FOIA would be needed for that data.

    Lauren Underwood has been accused of voter fraud by concerned citizens because she used her Will County registration to participate in the Illinois Democratic primary in March 2016, while she was still registered to vote in D.C., and where she cast her General Election ballot in the fall of 2016. Someone, either the Illinois State Board of Elections, the Will County sheriff or the Will County state’s attorney, should be investigating that complaint, but haven’t heard what the findings were.

    I do not condone voter fraud, and if Ms. Underwood is found guilty of it, she is out. But residency and voter registration has been creative in the past. Remember, the 41st president of the United States claimed Texas residency to a hotel room in Houston throughout his presidency, and the 8 preceding years as vice president. When Dick Cheney was selected to be George W. Bush’s running mate in 2000, Cheney had to quickly change his residency from Texas to Wyoming in order for his election to vice president would be constitutional (the president and vice president cannot be residents of the same state).

  20. Getting back to State Representative Steve Reick, maybe a potential challenger to Reick next year could be Danny Malouf, if he sees his congressional candidacy for the 14th district is going nowhere. I do not know for certain where Malouf lives (the Chicago Tribune says Woodstock, Northwest Herald says Crystal Lake). If Malouf lives, or moves to, Woodstock, he could run for the 63rd district state representative seat as an alternative to Steve Reick, should he decide to seek re-election.

    The 14th congressional Republican primary is about to add another candidate, as perennial candidate Jim Marter of Oswego has confirmed on his Facebook page he is going to run in the 14th next year. A formal campaign announcement going into the Memorial Day weekend is expected, and he has updated all of his congressional campaign videos with Illinois 14 campaign captions, although these videos are recycled from his unsuccessful congressional primary against Congressman Adam Kinzinger last year.

    I look at Jim Marter as a “Jim Oberweis light”, given 2020 will be the 3rd consecutive election cycle Marter is running, losing to Senator Mark Kirk in 2016 and Kinzinger last year. At least Marter is not primarying an elected Republican incumbent this time. But Marter is running as a “constitutional conservative” for Congress in the 14th, and that has been Malouf’s claim that he is the only constitutional conservative candidate.

    Marter’s entry into the growing primary field which includes 2 self-made millionaires (Oberweis and Ted Gradel) could be enough to convince the young Malouf that maybe this isn’t his time to run for Congress. I believe the 63rd district Republicans would welcome a Malouf candidacy to represent the 63rd, and maybe Malouf can be convinced to run for state representative next year, whether Reick seeks re-election or not. It’s up to Malouf, but if I were a close friend/advisor to him, I’d strongly urge him to run for state rep.

  21. More like my comments bring out “Former Quigley Supporters’ Delusional and paranoid tendencies. And,”Former Quigley Supporters’ thinks that long comments make better arguments.


    News flash, it doesn’t mean you are right about anything!

    You Arn’t always right.

    And, there are many reasons to believe that Lauren Underwood is a racist.

    You just refuse to acknowledge them.

  22. DALA, “you’re welcome”. I did answer your question concerning how Lauren Underwood got on the congressional ballot last year.

    Lauren Underwood is no racist, and I refuse to acknowledge it because there is nothing there. Some overzealous supporter of Underwood using Underwood’s name in their screen name saying something racist does not prove Lauren Underwood is a racist, period.

    Now, let’s talk about the points I do agree with you on. Thank you for the link from last fall. You are right, Lauren Underwood lied, by stringing a bunch of truths together and creating a misrepresentation about what she had been doing. Shame on her. That said, that is not the reason Lauren Underwood now represents us in Congress. We all know why, but blogger Jeff Ward said it best, short-and-sweet and to-the-point:

    “…make no mistake, she [Lauren Underwood] didn’t win this one, Randy Hultgren lost it by running one of the worst campaigns I’ve ever seen.” —

    And that from a blogger who published 2 back-to-back articles in early July last year pointing out all of the reasons Lauren Underwood would lose.

    But I sincerely thank you for showing me something else with your link. The article helped me see more clearly what State Representative Allen Skillicorn has been doing. Lying through misrepresentations of various issues, and he has been doing this a lot recently. A guest column was published from Skillicorn concerning a pension reform that was implemented last year capping local school districts’ spiking pensionable teacher raises at 3%. It appeared in the Northwest Herald May 10 (online) and 11 (print), and it was published on Illinois Review on May 13 (

    His opening paragraph read:

    “Reforms never come easy in Springfield, but last year, the General Assembly on a bipartisan vote, passed a provision that transferred the financial burden of spiking teacher salaries for pension calculation purposes from the state to local school districts.”

    But then the IEA president responded with her own guest column on May 16th in the Northwest Herald ( which began like this:

    “In his May 10 op-ed piece, defending the 3% threshold on pensionable salaries for members of the Teachers’ Retirement System and State Universities Retirement System, state Rep. Allen Skillicorn, R-East Dundee, omitted a few points.

    “When the representative – who voted “no” on the bill – says the provision was passed “on a bipartisan vote,” he implies that it was debated by lawmakers who knowingly approved it. In fact, that language was buried on page 741 of the budget implementation bill. Few lawmakers were even aware of it. Had they known, many would have opposed it.”

    So how many lies of omission did Skillicorn do in his piece? He’s lauded the Illinois General Assembly, which includes him, for passing a pension reform that the governor signed into law, but he didn’t mention that he voted against the legislation. Now he’s defending something he didn’t vote for? Then he gave an impression that the reform was discussed and debated openly. Instead, it was sneaked in, buried on page 741, and few lawmakers knew it was there. Shame on lawmakers for not reading the legislation before voting on it.

    So Skillicorn lies and is hypocritcal trying to defend a pension reform that is law that he voted against, and then misrepresented this reform he voted against as “bipartisan support”, when it was really buried and not many people knew it was there. So using DALA’s approach, just like Lauren Underwood, Allen Skillicorn is a liar, too!

    And look what Skillicorn is lying about concerning SB 172 (, saying the legislation’s passage gives the potential for an illegal alien being a student trustee, when the driver’s license/state ID provision would prevent an illegal obtaining that document because an illegal does not have a valid Social Security number.

    Skillicorn is an ideologue, but Skillicorn is a liar, too. I won’t be backing him for Congress, that is certain.

  23. Former Quigley Supporter, your writing is very boring.


    Let me get some ZZZZZZZs before moving on.

    You should just call yourself “the finagler” and get it over with.

    Short-and-sweet and to-the-point.


    From the files of Lauren Underwood:

    Research Nurse
    Company Name Johns Hopkins University
    Dates EmployedJul 2009 – Jan 2010
    Employment Duration7 mos
    Study coordinator for NIH-funded project, “Symptom Prevention and Management for African American women with Breast Cancer” which examines spirituality and coping skills among black women undergoing chemotherapy. Primary responsibilities include participant recruitment, informed consent and data collection. Facilitate communication between participants, clinical research partners and institutional review boards. Additionally, support principal investigator with a program of research focusing on both health disparities and quality of life. Position located at the JHU School of Nursing, Department of Acute and Chronic Care.

    Even her research is racist!

    Last time I heard, all men, women and children have breasts regardless of race.

    Get a grip!

  24. Gee, I wonder if the people at the Headquarters for the Girls Scouts can actually tell us how many badges Lauren Underwood actually received?

    Inquiring whities would like to know.

    That Girl Scout Uniform has got to go!

    The Girl Scout Uniform does not make her honest. It’s nothing but one BIG FAT FACADE!

    Instead of selling Girl Scout cookies, Lauren underwood served white crackers!

    And, she is still serving them white crackers!

    What we gonna do with those white folks?

    Or rather, we gonna get rid of Lauren Underwood at the next election!

  25. DALA, practice what you preach, and you “Get a grip!”. There is nothing racist about the nursing job Lauren Underwood held at Johns Hopkins nearly 10 years ago. The reason the NIH funded that project was not racially motivated, but professionally motivated. It is common to do research along racial or ethnic lines if previous research reports a significantly higher set of issues among a racial or ethnic group. Chemotherapy for women with breast cancer produces significant side effects, and some researcher won funding for the study to see what could work to help overcome issues with chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer among African American women.

    If/when Congresswoman Underwood is unseated, as you and many others hope, it will be because of her record, and the Republican alternative proving he/she is a better choice for Congress, in spite of Underwood’s strengths. She has everything going for her right now, which is why the Republicans must nominate the most qualified person to compete against Underwood next year. Who that is will be determined by Republican primary voters, and of the currently announced candidates, Ted Gradel appears to me, at this point, to be the best choice.

    That said, a lot can happen between now and March 17, and if a qualified woman decides to seek the Republican nomination, say either a Sue Rezin or Jeanne Ives, that will change everything.

  26. Former Quigley Supporter – Hmmmm.

    “Symptom Prevention and Management for African American women with Breast Cancer” which examines spirituality and coping skills among black women undergoing chemotherapy.


    Yes Republicans must nominate the most qualified person.

    Underwood must go!

  27. OK DALA, Congresswoman Underwood gave you, and everyone else who wants to make her a one-termer, a gift with her ridiculous conduct and comments at the House Homeland Security Committee meeting today.

    And Underwood got rebuked to the tune of a 9-7 vote against her to have her comments stricken from the record.

    And she had the chance to rephrase what she said, and didn’t do it.

    And remember, this is one of McHenry County’s representatives in Congress (be sure to watch the video that is embedded):

    And here is what Congresswoman Underwood tweeted, from her congressional tweet account:

    Lauren Underwood
    9 hours ago

    For over a year, it’s been clear that policies at the border have harmed the physical and mental health of migrant children. I believe, at this point, failure to change these broken policies based on that knowledge is intentional and unacceptable.

    Note she left out in her tweet what she said at the committee hearing, that the childrens’ deaths are intentional for the Trump administration.

    Of the congressional candidates, both declared or prospective, who said something on social media this afternoon, I felt Ted Gradel’s was the best (you can read Jim Marter’s Facebook post and Allen Skillicorn’s tweet on your own):

    Ted Gradel for Congress
    3 hrs ·

    Disappointing and unacceptable comments from Lauren Underwood. Playing politics with both the tragic deaths of children and the integrity of those who serve.

    Like I said, she gave a gift to everyone who wants to see her defeated next year.

    Let’s see what the Republican candidates for the 14th can do to maximize this clear, deliberate failing of Congresswoman Underwood.

    This gives Republicans something to talk about going into the long holiday weekend.




    “This eventually led to a vote over whether to take down Underwood’s words from the record.

    After a 9-7 vote, Underwood’s words were taken down”

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