More Facts for Thoughts about Pensions and Educational Funding

Here’s information from the Illinois Policy Institute that shows changes in how the state budget was allocated for eudcation from 1996-7 to 2016-7:

Illinois state government actually contributes a larger share of funding toward public schools today than it did 20 years ago, when factoring in pension spending.

The problem is that pensions now take up more than a third of the state’s contribution to education, compared with just over 8% in the 1996 school year.

As I have pointed out previously, when the Governor presented his education budget while in office in the 1990’s, it was in three parts:

  • k-12
  • higher education and
  • pensions

Teacher unions urged legislators to take the money allocated to pensions and put it in state aid to education.

The IEA and IFT lobbyists were counting on the 1970 State Constitutional guarantee of pension payments.

Their assumption has been proven accurate through decisions from the Illinois Supreme Court.


More Facts for Thoughts about Pensions and Educational Funding — 4 Comments

  1. Illinois Policy Institute

    Tax Hikes v Reform: Why Illinois Must Amend its Constitution to Fix the Pension Crisis

    by Adam Schuster

    Summer 2018

  2. Truth stretching on the proposed fair tax from JB?

    You can’t just pull out some handpicked states and say, ‘Well, they grew faster, therefore if we changed (rate structures) we’d grow faster,’” said Kenneth Kriz, a public finance expert at the University of Illinois-Springfield. “There’s not enough ‘there’ there.”

    Richard Auxier, a research associate with the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, also said Pritzker oversimplified things.

    A graduated rate structure is a tool by which states can raise more revenue without increasing the burden on those who make less, Auxier said.

    But there’s no guarantee doing so will provide a broader economic boost.

  3. Only one solution to the pension crisis. Change the old saying, “Its all about the Kids”, to “Its all about the pensioners”.

    Pensioners are greedy, some getting over $100K, $200k, $300K, and even over $400K per year.

    So, start diverting more and more State revenue to the pensioners’ pension fund. Also start diverting more and more of our real estate tax dollars that pays teachers and the bloated districts and administrative to the pensioners’ pension funds. Have to make sure that the pensioners’ are guaranteed their lavish pensions ranging from $100K to over $400K per year.

    Remember. “Its all about the pensioners”. They must be satisfied. So says the Illinois Constitution.

  4. The only solution to the pension crisis is a U-Haul truck.

    Illinois is toast, run for your economic life.

    The Greed of Cops, Teachers and Firemen is never ending.

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