State’s Attorney’s Office Improves Internet Access for Attorneys


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, is pleased to
announce that this month we took a leap forward in terms of office efficiency and environmental stewardship by launching eDiscovery.

Our eDiscovery process will allow us to securely send all discovery and motions involved in criminal cases electronically. This new electronic process will save thousands of pages of paper, hundreds of compacts discs, and dozens of man-hours each week.

In addition to the electronic search warrant and I-Justice Programs,
eDiscovery is another example of the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s
Office leveraging technology to advance a more efficient, economical and
cleaner court system.

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Unmentioned in the press release is that the link is “only for use with defense attorneys and a link is set up for each individual firm.”


State’s Attorney’s Office Improves Internet Access for Attorneys — 12 Comments

  1. Also unmentioned is what he is doing about the theft of taxpayer dollars by the Millers.

    Where are the charges for falsification of time cards etc.?

    Who is going to primary this guy?

  2. Kenneally should change his name to McSqueally, or perhaps Miller.

    That would be be fitting.

    Or maybe O’Fony.

    A fifty plus scathing page paper on why Miller is a damn crook, and the township system is overrun with “incompetence, guile and impropriety” but Miller collected so much dirt on so many McHenry County judges, I can’t possibly charge Bobby Miller, his wife or crooked clan.

  3. And what judges?

    Are you just an anonymous slanderer, or do you have evidence to back that up?

  4. “and dozens of man-hours each week.” with all that free time maybe you will have time to look at the Miller crime family.

    Keneally the coward, the state attorney who will run from a challenge.

    his slogan should read, “If I can’t win it it’s okay by me.”

  5. If only the millers and the lees knew what people say and think they would move.

  6. Finnlander? I believe it was fifty-two pages. Where have you been? Everyone has read it. It made people froth at the mouth. He suggested in the end that we should all sue the township individually to get a remedy. I think Cal even posted the letter.

  7. Frank.

    That isn’t dirt someone is holding on a judge.

    That’s a matter of public record.



    So it cannot be the reason someone is corruptly refusing to charge criminals.

    This blog is full of goofs.

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