Jack Franks’ MCCD Fishing Expedition

The levies for the McHenry County Conservation District have been pretty constant for the last couple of years, as one can see below:

This reply from the Conservation District references the questions McHenry County Board Chairman asked:

  1. All reimbursements to Executive Director Kessler greater than $10 for the last five fiscal years including documentation for each expense reimbursed. There was only 1 reimbursement [$103.78 for a Days Inn in Memphis at a conference] and it is attached labeled #1 Exec. Director Expense Reimbursements.
  2. All payments to or on behalf of Ms. Kessler for her vehicle, including but not limited to fuel, maintenance, vehicle payments and insurance (please refer to the response to Chairman Franks posted on your website for other info). Fuel expenses are on Document 2 Copy of ESK Credit Card 04-01-14 to -3-31-19 expenses. [Most charges are for gas. Largest is for “WIRELESS KEYBD,MOUSE,CHGR” at $308.49.]
  3. All payments to or on behalf of Ms. Kessler for her cell phone, including any payments for a family plan. (Please refer to the response to Chairman Franks posted on your website for other info). Ms. Kessler has a standard issue employee cell phone for her
    business use only. In addition she has a ‘personal hotspot’ activated on that phone for a monthly cost, for remote access.
  4. All payments and/or premiums made to or on behalf of Ms. Kessler for her health insurance plan. See document #3 for these payments – it is for ‘employee only’ HSA high deductible PPO plan. Ms. Kessler pays 10% of the annual premium as cost sharing the same as any other employee on the same plan. She also receives $750 of annual HSA funding as incentive for participating in the high-deductible plan, the same as all other employees in the plan.
  5. All payments to or on behalf of Ms. Kessler for her computer, any computer-related equipment, software and Internet service. See document #2 for some of the credit card expenses and the response to Chairman Franks.
  6. A list of all payments made to IMRF on Ms. Kessler’s behalf since the inception of her employment. An estimate of the payments to IMRF are found on the response to Chairman Franks.
  7. Breakdown of all MCCD-owned lands being leased and rents received and expenses paid regarding these properties. See document #7 for the detail of all agricultural leases including revenue by lease for the last 4 fiscal years and related expenses. See document 7a for the Taxes paid on the farm leases (additional expense) for the last five years.
  8. Inventory of all MCCD land that is not being actively leases, used or managed. All property is being managed in some way, either through actively being farmed, used or restored or even for baseline inventory or public program access. And all are being walked by natural resource staff and other staff and/or volunteers on a regular basis. No
    document was provided for this because all land is being managed.
  9. All reimbursements greater than $10 made to each member of the MCCD Board of Trustees dating back to their appointments. See document #6 attached. [All are under $30.]


Jack Franks’ MCCD Fishing Expedition — 16 Comments

  1. Is this a fishing expedition?


    Everyone thought Algonquin Township was copacetic also.

    Consistent levies is not proof that there is no abuse if abuses remain consistent.

  2. Oh please!

    Who’s gonna keep Jack Franks honest!!??

    He’s an abusive bully and a hypocrite!

  3. Huh? “Everyone thought Algonquin Township was copacetic also.”

    Are you new to the area?

  4. Who better to look after Taxpayers, than some political f’wit, who spent the last 20 years in Springfield assisting in the bankruptcy of the State?

  5. Questioning, How did Miller get the board to approve all those fraudulent expenditures?

  6. Questioning, Are you new to the area.

    If you new something why didn’t you speak up then.

    Would have saved us a lot of money.

  7. Questioning,

    No one was paying attention.

    Copacetic, yeah.

  8. How many people planned to challenge Miller and then they received “the phone call”?

    Until a guy came along with adequate cajones to ignore “the phone call”, Miller remained in charge.

    Will the same happen with Kenneally?

  9. McHenry County Clerk


    Tax Computation Reports (2006 – 2018)

    Tax District Reports (2003 – 2005)

    McHenry County Conservation District extension

    note: The extension is computed after the levy is known. The extension comes after the levy in the process used by the government to calculate property taxes.

    Tax Year – Extension

    2018 – $19,585,056

    2017 – $19,508,030

    2016 – $19,507,874

    2015 – $19,572,804

    2014 – $19,650,996

    2013 – $19,713,015

    2012 – $19,565,164

    2011 – $19,317,898

    2010 – $18,964,957

    2009 – $18,462,232

    2008 – $18,166,768

    2007 – $17,579,129

    2006 – $13,376,716

    2005 – $12,761,358

    2004 – $12,174,787

    2003 – $11,702,144



    The “Tax Year” is not the year tax bills arrive in mailboxes.

    “Tax Year” is the prior year.

    Thus 2018 “Tax Year” figures appear in property taxpayer mailboxes, and are thus paid, in calendar year 2019.


    McHenry County Conservation District

    Land Acquisitions

    Land Acquisition, Wildlife Habitat Preservation & Recreational Improvements made possible by the voters of McHenry County

    When McHenry County Conservation District successfully passed, by voter approval, a $73 million bond referendum in 2007, the goals were to first purchase and protect natural areas, significant wetlands, endangered and threatened species habitats, and link existing sites.

    The second goal was to restore essential habitat and the third goal to make recreational improvements and open new sites and trails to provide the public with access to natural areas and opportunities for passive recreation.

    The Conservation District now protects 25,104 acres of open space throughout the county, an additional 4,309 acres made possible with the 2007 bond referendum.

    Reconnecting remnant ecosystems and creating larger parcels linked by greenway corridors are key tenets of land protection philosophy at the Conservation District.


  10. Phone Call?

    What the hell are you talking about.

    I worked on two campaigns against Miller.

    The electorate preferred him.

    They got what they voted for.

    Nobody was watching.

  11. Why did The State’s Atty protect the Millers?

    That’s my question.

  12. Stephen?

    You believe in a false paradigm.

    People are placed NOT elected.

  13. Gotta love Cindy.

    She cuts to the quick.

    And she’s 100% right.

    McHenry hasn’t had an honest election since 1942.

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