Skillicorn Targeting Pritzker Tax on $1,000 Electric Vehicle Tax

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

Skillicorn to Hold Vehicle Tax Press Conference

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-Crystal Lake) has invited officials from Rivian Automotive LLC to join him for a press conference in the Blueroom at the Illinois State Capitol.

The press conference will be held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. to address the proposals coming out Springfield to drastically increase the taxes and fees on vehicles in Illinois.

“Illinois managed to bring in $1.5 billion more in tax revenue and the increased revenue is expected to continue in the next fiscal year thanks to the economic boost of Pres. Trump’s tax cuts, but we are still not even growing at the same rate as the rest of country,” said Skillicorn.

“The windfall benefits of the national economy won’t continue forever and Moody’s just reported we cannot withstand a recession.

“Despite these facts, Gov. Pritzker and Springfield Democrats have proposed a mountain of new taxes and fees on essential transportation needs that will surely drive more people and investment out of the state instead of helping us catch up with the rest of the country.

“Rivian is a perfect example of a company that wants to invest in Illinois, but their plans for a $400 million invest in Normal could be severely damaged if these oppressive fees from Springfield are implemented.”

Rivian, an electric car manufacturer, purchased the former Mitsubishi plant in Normal in 2017 and began a $400 million investment plan that will ultimately create 1,000 jobs.

One of the driving factors for their expansion in Illinois was the favorable climate toward electric vehicles and the prospects of major EV growth in the state.

However, proposals that would drastically increase the fees on electric vehicles and other transportation tax and fee increases could dramatically dampen their investment and job creation plans.


Skillicorn Targeting Pritzker Tax on $1,000 Electric Vehicle Tax — 10 Comments

  1. So, people with electric cares don’t have to pay for the roads they use just like every other driver does?

  2. If you’re driving on the roads and not paying any fuel tax to maintain the roads, this tax seems to be a fair equalizer.

  3. These Hybrid buyers demand to be abused, to let you know how much their suffering for Mother Earth.

    Fosters the same camaraderie in their community, as one would find at a urinal trough at a sporting event.

  4. At $1,000 fee that would be nearly 75,000 miles that a similar sized gas car would have to drive to pay the same tax.

    Why would we want to stifle innovation with a regressive tax?

    If anything we should move to a progressive tax, just like they want to do with income… a per mile tax.

    Why can’t the Dem’s do it ‘fairly’ for motor vehicles, just like they want to do with income?

  5. Yet another example of the DEMOCRATS tax insanity that drives
    more people and businesses out of Illinois with each passing year.

    Don’t it FEEL good to be a Prog ?

  6. $1000 per year per electric vehicle is very unfair. A better method of taxing electrics needs to be determined and implemented. Perhaps a yearly inspection of every electric vehicle’s odometer at Secretary of State Offices requiring owners of these vehicles to appear with their vehicle at the Secretary’s office each year to do the odo reading and then get a yearly license plate sticker.

  7. More monies could be collected from the yearly vehicle tax fees if these were determined by weight of vehicle and thus its damage and wear and tear on our roads. A range of fees could be established starting at $100 for the lightest vehicles which are about 2200 pounds and then rising to $400 per year for large behemoth vehicles such as suvs and pickups which can go as high a 7000 pounds.

    Note that a small car Chevrolet Spark weighs about 2200 pounds.

    The weight of a Ford F350 with diesel engine is about 6900 pounds.

    The weight of a Lincoln Navigator suv is about 5900 pounds as is a Cadillac Escalade.

  8. Should be asking why Illinoisans are taxed so highly for such crappy roads

  9. Illinois is a state that has quite a bit of out of state traffic passing through and we don’t want to not collect taxes on EV’s and Electric commercial trucks passing over our roads.

    Instead of just charging the residents a flat or per mile fee, why don’t we charge a tax on the commercial fast charging providers.

    These commercial fast charging stations are the modern equivalent of a gas station so it makes sense to just extend the gas tax to electricity provided by DC fast charging stations.

    This allows us to collect tax from out of state vehicles using our roads instead of forcing only residents to pay for the roads.

    Electric semi’s are coming, and we want to be ready to tax them properly.

  10. It’s only money, your money, to redistribute to human parasites who want you dead.

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