Did Lauren Underwood Show Her True Nature?

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood read her prepared statement at the Homeland Secutiry Committee meeting.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s comments in a Homeland Security hearing prompted commenters to express their displeasure.

She accused the Trump Administration of an implementing an “intentional” policy of allowing children to die while in custody at the border.

The exchange between the 14th District freshman member and newly-appointed Homeland Security Secretary Kcvin McAleenan with all sorts of links can be found at this Fox News link.

You can find the video of Underwood’s questioning here. You can bet that it will turn up in television ads. Start at about the five-minute point.

“Former Quigley Supprter” left this comment:

OK DALA, Congresswoman Underwood gave you, and everyone else who wants to make her a one-termer, a gift with her ridiculous conduct and comments at the House Homeland Security Committee meeting today.

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson rules that Underwood’s atatement was appropriate.

And Underwood got rebuked to the tune of a 9-7 vote against her to have her comments stricken from the record.

And she had the chance to rephrase what she said, and didn’t do it.

And remember, this is one of McHenry County’s representatives in Congress (be sure to watch the video that is embedded):


And here is what Congresswoman Underwood tweeted, from her congressional tweet account:

Lauren Underwood
9 hours ago

Lauren Underwood

For over a year, it’s been clear that policies at the border have harmed the physical and mental health of migrant children. I believe, at this point, failure to change these broken policies based on that knowledge is intentional and unacceptable.

Note she left out in her tweet what she said at the committee hearing, that the childrens’ deaths are intentional for the Trump administration.

Of the congressional candidates, both declared or prospective, who said something on social media this afternoon, I felt Ted Gradel’s was the best (you can read Jim Marter’s Facebook post and Allen Skillicorn’s tweet on your own):

Ted Gradel for Congress
3 hrs ·

Disappointing and unacceptable comments from Lauren Underwood. Playing politics with both the tragic deaths of children and the integrity of those who serve.

Like I said, she gave a gift to everyone who wants to see her defeated next year.

Let’s see what the Republican candidates for the 14th can do to maximize this clear, deliberate failing of Congresswoman Underwood.

This gives Republicans something to talk about going into the long holiday weekend.

“Paul Revere” wrote,

“Since Ms. Underwood is so concerned about this issue, and since she says she is a RN registered nurse, I suggest she goes down to these border areas and help out with the medical needs of the ill and infirm.”

“DALA” wrote,




“This eventually led to a vote over whether to take down Underwood’s words from the record.

“After a 9-7 vote, Underwood’s words were taken down”

“Former Quigley Supporter” added,

“Too bad for Skillicorn his news conference got upstaged by Congresswoman Underwood’s ridiculous conduct and comments today:

Ted Gradel said it best of her ugly comments, and the deserved rebuke vote against her to strike her comments from the record:

Ted Gradel for Congress
3 hrs ·

Disappointing and unacceptable comments from Lauren Underwood. Playing politics with both the tragic deaths of children and the integrity of those who serve.

Congressional candidate Jim Marter and prospective candidate Allen Skillicorn got in a social media comment on today’s event at the House Homeland Security Committee, too.

Here is the Chicago Sun-Times story.

The Daily Herald put the story on the top of its internet list of storieas:

Underwood says border policies resulted in child deaths, draws rebuke

A line of questioning of acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan by Rep. Lauren Underwood resulted in a rebuke by her fellow committee members Wednesday morning. Underwood questioned the secretary about family separation and the deaths of children in the agency’s custody. Republicans slammed the remarks as inappropriately accusing the agency of “murder.” Underwood says that was not what she said. Full Story


Did Lauren Underwood Show Her True Nature? — 33 Comments

  1. Good to know that Allen Skillicorn and Jim Marter are speaking out about this.

    They are the voices of reason in this situation.

    Lauren Underwood is an embarrassment to our community!

    And, Underwood, continues to be incendiary and divisive!


  2. What gall this hypocrite has to talk about the ‘children dying at the border’ (5 total) when her party led the way in creating the crisis, luring immigrants here and putting all these children at risk of starvation/dehydration/human trafficking/rape/murder/abuse/neglect, in the first place!

    And it’s her party that’s refusing to fix the problem so these children are no longer at risk of the multitude of dangers they’ll face!

    Don’t even get me started on the utter hypocrisy and obvious Fake outrage when she herself is ‘All in for’’ JB Pritzker’s most heinous and egregious abortion laws this country has ever witnessed of scalding, dismembering, strangling, and cutting the throats and spines of innocent babies through birth (and after birth-if the Baby should survive!)

    It’s also her Democrat Party that lit up NYC in celebration of this Demonic Law.

    SHAME on this so called ‘Nurse’, ‘Woman’ and Lawmaker!

    She is a disgrace!

    Please Don’t ask that her words be taken out of congressional hearings.

    Let the record show that she is against our Law Enforcement agents at the borders and against America’s citizens’ safety!

  3. Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson + Lauren Underwood = two peas in a black pod!

  4. She should visit a hairdresser.

    Those knaps need combing, or something.

    Is she like Lightfoot?

  5. And just what did expect from a Cultural Marxist (activist) Black Lesbian ?

    Hates men – hates Whitey – hates America.

    And there you have it, the trifecta of HATE from the fake nurse.

  6. When DALA says to “BRING ON THE CANDIDATES TO REPLACE UNDERWOOD NOW!” all of us need to be watching the candidates who want to replace Congresswoman Underwood, and evaluate which of the Republican candidates will be the best to accomplish the win over Underwood, and replace her next year.

    One way we can do this is to gauge which candidate, or prospective candidate, was quick to call Underwood out and condemn her.

    Looks like Jim Marter was the first with his Facebook post and he has the most activity on his Facebook page (not surprising, he’s run unsuccessfully for Congress in 2016 and 2018), followed by Ted Gradel and Allen Skillicorn.

    Thus far, mid afternoon the day after, NOTHING from Jim Oberweis, Danny Malouf, Anthony Catella or Sue Rezin.

    So 3 Republican candidates/possible candidates were quickly all over this story, while 4 others, 3 of whom are “announced candidates” have said nothing.

    While Rezin is still thinking about running, Malouf is a one-man show and Catella has done nothing since his March 12th announcement, Oberweis has a campaign staff and full time fundraiser.

    The silence from Oberweis’ campaign over this is deafening.

    The next gauge to determine which Republican can best win the General Election against Underwood next year is to see which one of these candidates can take this gift from Underwood, and convert it into campaign contributions from donors, especially going into the last 5 1/2 weeks of the 2nd quarter fundraising period.

    Which candidate, through their campaigns, will take that video of Underwood making a fool of herself while saying/doing so many ulgy things and successfully solicit donors with a message of “See what you have representing the 14th district of Illinois!?,

    See for yourself, and look at my qualifications and why I have the best chance to unseat her in November 2020.

    Please consider funding my primary campaign today before the June 30 deadline.”

    We’ll all know how successful such a fundraising message is by reading the 2nd quarter FEC filings, which will be public by mid July.

    Finally, thank you Cal, for elevating this story into its own article, giving the attention Underwood’s disgraceful performance deserves.

  7. Something Republican Candidate for Congress 14th district Jim Marter said yesterday about yesterday’s House Homeland Security Committee meeting I disagree with: “IL14 Rep Underwood outed herself officially today on TV as a Pelosi propaganda pusher…”

    Given how this Underwood debacle unfolded and ended, I think this was a case of Underwood going rogue on Pelosi, and especially Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, who is Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) chair.

    Usually, you do not have a freshman member of your caucus from a swing district like Illinois 14 whom you are trying to protect next year to be the “attack dog” against anyone.

    And if you are going to put them in those shoes, you will make sure enough of their fellow party members are present to protect them.

    The Republicans won the vote to strike Underwood’s “intentional” quote from the record with a 9-7 vote.

    One of the newspapers, I think the Tribune, said 10 of the committee’s Democrats were not present for this vote, and this was after the chairman called a brief recess.

    If this was a planned Pelosi stunt to take cheap shots at the Trump Administration, Pelosi would have made sure ALL of the majority Democrats on this committee were present to prevent any vote going against Underwood.

    The Republicans won that skirmish, and in addition to striking her comments from the record (but we heard them and have video proof), Committee Vice Chair Underwood was prohibited from asking any more questions for the rest of that meeting.

    The “attack dog” was effectively muzzled.

    That’s why I think Underwood went rogue on Pelosi, and caused many members of the Democratic majority, especially DCCC chair Bustos, to cringe.

  8. Democrats on the committee definitely went along with it.

    They should have been appalled at Lauren Underwoods words and her behavior.

    And, they were not.

  9. Well, Pelosi definitely leads by example.

    And, Lauren Underwood likes to play follow the leader.

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

  10. Lauren Underwood–> Apparently learned nothing from her days as a Girl Scout–>

    Girl Scout Promise:

    On my honor, I will try:
    To serve God and my country,
    To help people at all times,
    And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

    (While saying this, hold up the 3 middle fingers on you left hand)
    Girl Scout Law
    I will do my best to be
    honest and fair,
    friendly and helpful,
    considerate and caring,
    courageous and strong, and
    responsible for what I say and do,
    and to
    respect myself and others,
    respect authority,
    use resources wisely,
    make the world a better place, and
    be a sister to every Girl Scout.

    Girl Scout Motto

    Be Prepared
    Girl Scout Slogan
    Do a good turn daily.

    Yes, Lauren, and that means don’t be pointing your finger at committee members!

  11. Someone out there willing to submit an information request from the Girl Scouts of America on Lauren Underwood?

    Now that would be really interesting!

  12. Girl Scouts of America Headquarters.

    212- 852-8037
    420 5th Ave Fl 9
    New York, NY 10018

  13. “Democrats on the committee definitely went along with it.”

    All but one Democrat went along with Underwood, given the 9-7 committee vote to “to take down Underwood’s words from the record”.

    Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan voted with the Republicans and gave the Republicans the victory being the 9th vote of the 16 committee members present.

    This 31 member committee consists of 18 Democrats and 13 Republicans, and had an 8-8 equal split between the parties during the vote.

    The C-SPAN video includes the entire committee meeting, including the vote on Underwood:


    Advance to 1:05:30 to pick up after the recess and the entire voting.

    The FOX video link did not have the actual vote on its video when I watched it yesterday.

    The Sun-Times article Cal linked to this article was written by Lynn Sweet, and included a 1 paragraph analysis at the end:

    “So what’s my call? A split decision. Underwood generated press that might not otherwise exist — this column is an example — about the plight of migrant children.

    “As a major 2020 target, she gave GOP operatives an opening, the impact to be determined.”

    I think Lynn Sweet was too generous to Underwood, since the plight of migrant children is well documented.

    This was a gift for Republicans.

    Now let’s see what Republicans can do to run-with-it, and show everyone the impact by electing a Republican to the 14th congressional district representative next year.

    Speaking of Republicans, 8:40 PM in the evening the day after Underwood’s outrageous antics, and still nothing out of announced congressional candidate Jim Oberweis’ Facebook page.

    At this time, only candidates Jim Marter and Ted Gradel condemned Underwood via Facebook, and prospective candidate Allen Skillicorn did so, describing the congresswoman as “unhinged”, on Twitter.

    I wonder if Oberweis, and/or his congressional campaign, started the Memorial Day holiday weekend a little early.

    May everyone have a happy and safe holiday weekend.

  14. Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan has some sense.

    Yes you are right this was a gift.

  15. Wow. Marxist black lesbian fake nurse with nappy hair? Lincoln would be so proud.

    And if they weren’t “intentional” why aren’t they doing anything to change the policy? 6 is a lot of “accidental” deaths.

  16. Joe Kvidera, you are just on the defense because your candidate, Lauren Underwood, disclosed her real self, which is unprofessional and divisive.

    Skillicorn called her unhinged. That she is.

    By the way, She is a black lesbian, fake nurse with nappy hair.

    She made a fool of herself and there is no defense for such stupidity!

  17. ‘Lil Lauren ain’t so bad.

    Just think, he could have had Congressman Jacko “Skanks” Franks.

    Or Congresswoman Tina “Bigasa” Hill.

  18. What a disappointment.

    She’s not even a fraction as entertaining as fellow Dem f’wits like Cortez. Where’s Casten when you need some jaw dropping stupidity?

    C’mon Illinois you can do better.

  19. Why did they strike her comments from the record?

    Wouldn’t you want a political opponent on record saying something dumb?

  20. They have it on record. The video.

    This was an official meeting which followed protocol. You want it struck from the record as invalid. Otherwise, she can continue to argue her ridiculous beliefs. She was prevented from any additional dialogue. In other words, they muzzled her…lol

  21. Lauren Underwood is a Pit Bull in disguise, who brags about wearing a Girl Scout Uniform.

    Check out the Drag shows. You will find her there, working as a puppet while wearing her favorite girl scout uniform. She will be performing in shows that include lip-synching to songs created by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.



    Just so you know, she pretends to be honest and speak about her good deeds when there are none.

  22. The Girls Scouts of America should demand that Lauren Underwood stop using their logos to promote her fake cause.

    Lauren Underwood is no Girl Scout. She doesn’t even come close to any description of what it means to be a Girl Scout.

  23. Where is Ted Nugent when we need him?

    Will someone please apprise Ted Nugent about Lauren Underwood before he takes center stage?

    The people of McHenry County thank Ted Nugent for making a Grande appearance at this years McHenry County Fair.

    It’s going to be a blast!


    Though, you could probably apply to the Headquarters for Girl Scouts of America.



    Though, they might put you to work selling cookies. You have lots of political friends that would pay.


  25. Well 14th congressional district candidate Jim Oberweis finally got something out concerning Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s despicable behavior at Wednesday’s House Homeland Security Committee meeting. He got his one-liner Facebook meme out around 10PM last night, nearly 36 hours after Underwood’s performance:

    Jim 2020
    Even her fellow Democrats think she went to far…

    Well, if Oberweis is going to wait so long to get something out, he could have at least been accurate, because only 1 Democrat thought Underwood went too far — Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, there is no “Democrats” to this. The 7 other Democrats present during the vote supported Underwood. I hope Oberweis’ missing a golden opportunity to show he is a good Republican alternative to Underwood is an aberration. His unelectability is already high. His age will be an issue too, as he turns 73 next month.

    But of the 4 candidates/prospective candidates who did respond, don’t make your response a one-and-done. Underwood has found support for her antics from a fellow Democrat, and given it is a Democrat most Republicans love-to-hate, I am surprised none of the Republican candidates for the 14th has attempted to capitalize. Yes, last night around 6PM, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) tweeted the following to her 4.25 million followers on Twitter:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Retweeted Lauren Underwood
    Yesterday, GOP moved to silence Lauren Underwood’s words bc she had the audacity to say the obvious: that stealing children away from their parents, trafficking, & caging them w/o end is intended to do harm.

    They tried to silence her; make her back down.
    She didn’t.
    Be proud 👏🏽Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez added (Lauren Underwood tweet omitted, since it was posted in the article).

    The Underwood gift just got bigger. First, AOC is wrong, Underwood was silenced! Candidates: run-with-it, get your fundraising emails/letters out, include AOC’s support for Underwood’s antics from Wednesday. And I wonder if AOC is going to try to have Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin primaried next year because she voted against Underwood, with the Republicans.

    This isn’t over, and may we all be able to mark May 22, 2019, as the turning point to end Lauren Underwood’s representation in Congress from the 14th district of Illinois.

  26. On a similar note, may everyone from congressional candidates to just us voters please remember the Pacific Garden Mission in prayers this holiday weekend. Today’s Tribune reported attacks in the form of accusations against PGM:


    The heart of these accusations is because PGM accepts no government funding of any kind, there is no government oversight. When God provides the funding, none other is needed.

    Having to see the Pacific Garden Mission, and its president, Phil Kwiatkowski having to be distracted from their Godly work of helping the homeless is a trial, and let’s all pray it is overcome quickly. If not familiar with PGM, check out this link:


  27. You are spot on!

    However, Underwoods actions have already made the National News.

    So perhaps, that is why others did not capitalize on it. though, you are right, they should have. Now potential candidates need to get focused and spend their time unseating Underwood at the next election.

    “Thank you Lauren Underwood for the opportunity you have given the people to see you for who you really are!”

    Let’s unseat Lauren Underwood at the next election!

  28. The Daily Herald editorial about Underwood’s performance at the May 22nd House Homeland Security Committee meeting was published online late Thursday afternoon:


    The Herald thinks it’s how we interpreted Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s response to the acting head of Homeland Security. There was nothing to interpret! We fully understand what Underwood said. Given Underwood’s tweet prior to the committee meeting, and her after-the-fact comments to Herald reporter Jim Fuller which did not come close to Underwood’s incendiary performance during the hearing.

    The chairman of the committee gave Underwood the chance to rephrase what she said and she could have returned to the language that was in her tweet, but she stuck to the Trump Administration intentionally causing the death of children. The Herald missed that important point.

    “To suggest that the administration is deliberately letting children die would be outrageous.” the Herald said. That is exactly what Underwood did with her ugly remarks not once, but twice, which is why many of us find her comments outrageous. Oh, and the Herald conveniently left out that Underwood’s remarks were taken down by a 9-7 vote of the committee members present, including 1 Democrat voting with the Republicans. The 9 committee members believed her remarks were outrageous too.

    The Herald opined the reaction to Underwood’s remarks is the way we talk to each other concerning public policy. The Herald needs to make it clear Underwood set off this firestorm twice and had she stuck to what she said before and after the committee meeting, Underwood may have addressed the issue(s) she wants addressed. Maybe the Herald, instead of trying to say we misunderstood the one quote in the editorial, should look at how Underwood treated the the temporary head of the Department of Homeland Security prior to her incendiary remark about intentional children deaths. Her condescending multiple “yes or no” questioning about one study and the impacts on children betrayed Underwood as a cheap power-hungry politician wanting to attack the Trump Administration.

    This is why I liked 14th district congressional candidate Ted Gradel’s reaction to Underwood’s performance, from his Facebook page:

    “Disappointing and unacceptable comments from Lauren Underwood. Playing politics with both the tragic deaths of children and the integrity of those who serve.”

    While Jim Marter and Allen Skillicorn recycled the language of the NRCC web site including the NRCC descriptions of Underwood as “unhinged”, “Pelosi propaganda pusher” and “fake nurse”, Gradel said very simply in his own original words that Underwood had disappointed everyone with very unacceptable comments, and told it like it is — Underwood playing politics.

    This is not over, because we are 1 week from being in the month of June, and all of the declared congressional candidates who want the chance to run against Underwood next year will be pushing their final plea for 2nd quarter campaign contributions. Candidates, take the gift of Underwood’s antics, coupled with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s support of Underwood, and go out and each raise $250,000 by June 30th. That will send a VERY UNMISTAKABLE message to Lauren Underwood that people want her out, and they are voluntarily paying big bucks to do it.

  29. The democrat party needs fresh meat, meaning new voters, preferably illegal non citizens dependent on handouts from the democrat party.

    Think of a circle jerk.

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