86 Years for Wonder Lake Murderer, Robber

From the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office:


Patrick D. Kenneally, McHenry County State’s Attorney, announces that 37-year-old Byron Howard of Wonder Lake, Illinois, was sentenced by the Honorable Judge Sharon Prather to 86 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after previously being found guilty by a jury of first degree murder, home invasion, armed robbery, armed habitual criminal and burglary.

Byron Howard

On May 27, 2017, Byron Howard and another co-defendant, while armed with firearms, burglarized the McHenry home of Donald Jouravleff. During the unlawful entry, Donald Jouravleff was shot and killed, and his wife was robbed at gunpoint.

This case was investigated by the McHenry County Major Investigations Assistance Team and prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorneys Randi Freese, Michael Combs and Victor Escarcida.

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Additional information from the Chicago Tribune reveals tat Howard was offered a plea deal for 28 years on home invastion.


86 Years for Wonder Lake Murderer, Robber — 18 Comments

  1. 2 years to the exact day that Howard and Morris (he got 71 years) put a gun to Donna Mills head, after having just killed her husband downstairs.

    Then made her step over his still gurgling,and dying body to a downstairs safe to get 3 grand.

    A persons worst nightmare, murdered in your own home.

    Thank you retiring Judge Prather for giving him a sentence he will not live out.

    Hats off too to McHenry County Prosecutors for going for, and getting, convictions on multiple charges resulting in multiple years to be served.

    And of course thanks to the Sherrifs department for getting the other two involved in this horror to squeal like the pigs they are, on Morris and Howard.

    Sends strong message to other scumbags, McHenry County is not soft on violent crime here.

  2. Yes he and his buddy were strolling down the block in our neighborhood after the murder.

    I Will never forget it. Both of them looked like they were up to no good.

    Don’t know where their other partners in crime were.

    They were headed towards the end of the block to a house where they supposedly sell drugs.

    Dirty cowards!

    Good to know they will never get out of prison.

  3. Then based on your recollection DALA, they used the money stolen from this murder to buy drugs.

    The filthy scum.

    In court it was reported that Howard said “I only drink, and smoke a little weed, I never hit my GF, I’m not violent, and I did not do this crime, the other two guys made it up”.

    Nice try Byron, he also was whining cuz his MC Jail commisary account is frozen, he stays in his cell, is depressed, misses his kids and lost 30 lbs.

    Imagine how the Mills family feels.

    He’s been to the Big House 4 different times, so he’s no innocent pawn in this murder conviction.

    Hope the State picks him up soon and he’s gone from this County forever.

    Be glad he’s gone from your neighborhood DALA, if he’s the one who lived there.

    btw–it also came out in the court release that he said “ever since that guy moved in across the street, he brought nothing but trouble to me”.

    So thank you ratty neighbor.

  4. He didn’t live in my neighborhood.

    Had never seen the two before that day.

    They both looked totally out of place and very nervous.

  5. Lets not forget his accomplices grew up in your neighborhood, and happened to be white , so to blame this on section 8 and Obama is misguided, criminals have no color or geographical preferences they’re just criminals

  6. DALA is lying.

    He did not see two guys strolling down his street at 1 am.

    There were four, and they left the scene quickly in a pickup truck.

    And the Section 8 BS is just racist dog whistling.

    You have no idea where this guy came from other than his own statement that he came from Chicago.

  7. Two of them were together in my neighborhood.

    Be careful when you say I am lying. You don’t have any facts to defend that statement.

    There were four, but I only witnessed seeing two of them.

    They were not walking side by side either.

    Howard was on the sidewalk and the other one was on the street.

    The one walked right by me and asked for directions.

    Muzzle your trap Martin!

  8. The four of them were not caught immediately after the burglary robbery. If you remember correctly the Sheriff asked the public for their help.

    You don’t even have the right facts!

    Martin you should really shut your trap!

    You are a local Attorney with a bad reputation.

    Further, I don’t owe you an explanation!

    You want to hear some racist dog whistling?

    Go read Lauren Underwoods Linkedin page!

    So, you can shove it where the Sun don’t shine!

  9. Martin, go look in the mirror and while you are at it, take that finger of yours and point it at yourself!

    You are the real liar!

    Quite the reputation you have!

  10. Your first tale was they were strolling in your neighborhood to a drug house.

    Then in your second post you say they looked nervous and out of place. Then they asked for directions. Where? You’d first said they were going to the drug house.

    They are strangers walking in a residential neighborhood. Who is walking around our little towns asking directions? To the drug house?

    Then if we believe all that, we’re also to believe that days or weeks later, these guys are arrested and you realize you randomly saw them on your street, either going to the drug house or asking directions to somewhere?

    No. I still say you’re making this up to try to be part of the story. Attacking me does not make your story sound more true; trying to divert is a mark of a liar.

  11. Martin, you will prove nothing by trying to discredit me, when I have done nothing but tell the truth. That is a fact.

    Your time could be better served helping Lauren Underwood get out of that BIG MESS she has created.

    Accusing people of murdering children. Shame on her!

    Maybe you could attend one of her drag shows. She will be serving Girl Scout Cookies just for you.

    Polish up on your lawyering skills. You need it!.

    Quite frankly, you call yourself an Attorney, but YOU SUCK AT IT!

  12. All right, anonymous coward, you’re done spinning this yarn. Good night.

  13. Martin, you are the real coward.

    As far as your Lawyering skills you need some dire assistance.

    Maybe Law School 101, or Interrogation 101 might help you.

    Don’t forget your milk and cookies.

    Lauren is selling Girl Scout cookies.

  14. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

    Girls Scout Cookies for sale!

    Get your Girl Scout Cookies before going to bed.

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