NPR Tells Reporters Not to Call Babies Babies — 14 Comments

  1. Oh Cal. I should be used to you.

    Tell me- when your wife got pregnant did you say “We are going to have a baby?”

    Then you announced ” we had a baby” when it was born.

    You didn’t have the baby until you had it.

    Seems pretty obvious.

  2. The illiterate Joe thinks he made some kind of a point. I am constantly astounded at the complete lack of intelligence in our younger generations. I suspect he thinks things do not exist until he actually sees them. Kind of like dogs and Ms. Pelosi.


    NPR is not a reliable source regarding this issue. Refer to Mayo Clinic, which refers to the fetus as a
    “baby” starting in the first trimester.

    Per Mayo:

    “Fetal development begins soon after conception. Find out how your baby grows and develops during the first trimester.

    By Mayo Clinic Staff

    You’re pregnant. Congratulations! You’ll undoubtedly spend the months ahead wondering how your baby is growing and developing. What does your baby look like? How big is he or she? When will you feel the first kick?

    Fetal development typically follows a predictable course. Find out what happens during the first trimester by checking out this weekly calendar of events. Keep in mind that measurements are approximate.

  4. Didn’t take long for the Trumpeteers to retaliate.

    The Trump administration has banned seven words from the Centers for Disease Control’s upcoming budget documents, the Washington Post reports.

    The words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

    CDC analysts were not given a reason for the banned words, they were simply informed of the new poli

  5. A fetus is commonly referred to as a baby by regular people and medical professionals.

    For example, have never heard of a pregnant mother refer to her unborn baby as a fetus.

    The family doctor refers to the unborn as a baby not a fetus.

    In what social circle is the unborn child referred to as a fetus instead of a baby?

    While the technical word may be fetus, the common word is baby.

    The following are few highly regarded medical institutions that refer to the unborn as a baby.


    Mayo Clinic

    Pregnancy week by week


    Cleveland Clinic

    Fetal Development: Stages of Growth

  6. Has anyone ever heard of the unborn referred to as a fetus when discussing a baby shower?

    It’s a baby shower not a fetus shower, even though baby showers are typically held before the baby is born.

  7. Who listens to NPR? This entity has more often than not be wrong and many have observed that they
    are highly biased to the left.

    There are much more reliable sources for news in the Chicago area such as AM 780.

  8. Joey K was neither born or hatched.

    He was grafted from a diseased spider monkey.

  9. Relatively speaking, AM 780 much more reliable than NPR. The best stations for straight news, not including their commentary programs, are AM 56 and AM 890.

    Most radio stations in Chicago area and almost all news networks that broadcast or on cable in Chicago area are left wing biased, some being much worse. The most biased and left wing are CNN and MSNBC.

    The worst stations, radio or tv, are very subtle with regard to insertion and weaving of bias within their news stories to fit their left wing agendas. It is insidious and most listeners do not realize they are slowly and constantly being brainwashed.

  10. I could not imagine telling a lady who went through the agony of a miscarriage that I was sorry she lost her fetus.

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