Skillicorn Tweet Criticizes Underwood

Lauren Underwood

From Allen Skillicorn@allenskillicorn

Congresswoman @LaurenUnderwood is developing the reputation of being a loose cannon.

The people of #IL14 deserve better and should be ashamed of Underwood for spreading disgusting, false smears against the men and women fighting to keep us safe.

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Pobablyl referring to this incident.


Skillicorn Tweet Criticizes Underwood — 17 Comments

  1. She’s another low IQ, repulsive ‘community organizer’ who hates America and whites in general.

    I guess she hates Asians, too because said there are too many of them in state and private colleges and all “higher” education must insure more “people of color” get in, excluding higher qualified whites and asians.

    She’s an Affirmative Action Witch

  2. DeputyDoom/anonymous coward- sober up. Your prescription opioid habit is showing.

    An n=1 example: the only adults who have ever ridiculed my given first name (Mons) and my surname are the socially retarded manchildren who share Cal’s views here, and CPB agents at reentry points, on my return from international trips.

    “Mons- that’s not a real name”, says the CBP agent. About $135,000 of taxpayer money gets shoved up that retard’s ass every year.

    Make America Great Again, DeputyDoom- with a swift death from your opioid-induced diverticulitis. Don’t linger in an ICU- you and your kind will bankrupt America that way.

  3. Oh you poor poor oppressed white people. I just wish you could get a break. I don’t know how you hold up under the constant strain of oppression especially here in McHenry County where the White man is,all but voiceless.

    It’s sad people can’t judge you on the content of your character. Really, white men are OK even though they commit the most crime, are more likely to molest children and circulate child porn and commit welfare and unemployment fraud. Some, I assume are good people!

  4. Joe Kvidera, your statistics are inaccurate.

    Lauren Underwood, does not like white people. She works for the black race and that is demonstrated in her linkedin page.

    Lauren Underwood has served up some white crackers in her day, no doubt.

    And, Underwood, is an embarrassment to people of the 14th!

  5. DeputyDoom has “triggered” both Little Joey Snowflake and his fellow traveler

    Johnny L. with the truth.

    To that I say well done !

    BTW, who’s doing all the killing in Chiraq ? knows.

  6. No wonder they call you white guys snowflakes!

    Such denial.

    Hey I’m pulling for you!

    Get your house in order, try to do something about this ghastly epidemic of White-on-white crime to begin with!

  7. There is no ghastly white on white crime.

    You are the real snowflake Joe Kvidera!

    You should be ashamed of yourself defending the nonsense of Lauren Underwood.

    And, you are the one in denial about your candidate!

    Lauren is not capable of being in the role as a Congressman. She is inept and unqualified!

  8. They were buried in a time Capsule, to help future Alien Explorers, understand the collapse of our current civilization.

  9. Cal, I think your headline for this article should be changed to reflect the source of the Skillicorn criticism: “Skillicorn Tweet Criticizes Underwood”, also, on his Tweet, he embedded the Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez tweet from late Thursday that I had commented on in the other Underwood True Nature article.

    My compliments to Skillicorn. This tweet, unlike his one from Wednesday, sounded more like his own comments, and not recycled material from the NRCC. Good job.

    Given Skillicorn listened to me, and the other candidates (Marter, Malouf, Gradel, Oberweis) are doing similar things in relation to Underwood’s antics from the May 22nd House Homeland Security Committee meeting, I am reminded it will take a team effort to unseat Underwood next year. We won’t know who the Republican nominee will be until March 17th, but until then, all of them should do the right thing to get voters excited to replace Lauren Underwood in Congress next year.

    Speaking of the other candidates, Marter, in a Facebook response to a depressed poster on his Facebook page, said yesterday “Please help me take her [Underwood] out [in next year’s election]!

    Jim Oberweis’ Facebook page has seen a flurry of activity since late Thursday night.

    Ted Gradel, late yesterday, posted an appeal for fundraising, given 2nd quarter fundraising deadline is June 30: “Special interests and career politicians run this country and lobbyists control the agenda in Washington. Join me today so we can pass term limits and make sure that Washington works for you.

    And Danny Malouf finally posted the FOX news article on his Facebook page, with some odd definition of “automation”, I think he’s trying to tie Underwood to being an automaton of Nancy Pelosi. He also posted a pro 2nd amendment post today.

    Does anyone know when and where Underwood’s next Town Hall meeting is?

    The only events I know about is her formal grand opening of her congressional district office in West Chicago on Saturday, June 1st.

    Additionally, she is the featured speaker on June 9 at the Woodstock Gay Pride “Celebration”.

    One thing is certain, Underwood’s proponents are beginning to get their letters-to-the-editor into local newspapers, including 2 in today’s Sun-Times.

    Finally, the childrens’ deaths at the border made it into a Face the Nation on-site interview with 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, from his El Paso neighborhood with the backdrop for O’Rourke the border between El Paso and Juarez.

    O’Rourke’s home is located in the Sunset Heights neighborhood of the upper valley of El Paso, so the panorama used is common for that part of El Paso.

    The interview was taped yesterday (5/25).

    While Underwood or Wednesday’s House Homeland Security Committee meeting was not mentioned, the Trump Administration policy was.

    Here is what O’Rourke said about that topic, and all of the 14th congressional district Republican candidates best be prepared to discuss this important issue, not just Underwood’s ridiculous antics from 5/22:

    “MARGARET BRENNAN: So there are about sixteen thousand migrants in U.S. detention facilities right now. What should happen to them?

    BETO O’ROURKE (2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate/@BetoORourke): Most of those asylum-seeking migrants pose no threat or danger to the United States. We know from past history that when we connect them with case managers in a community, they have a ninety-nine percent chance of meeting their court dates and their appointments with ICE. And it costs us a tenth of what we pay to keep them in detention and in custody.

    MARGARET BRENNAN: So, in other words, catch and release is something you support.

    BETO O’ROURKE: No, I wouldn’t call it catch and release. I– I’d call it helping those who are seeking asylum in this country to follow our laws. If at the end of that process they must return to their country of origin, I want to make sure that they follow our laws and go back to the country from which they– they left in the first place. I think we’ve got to ask ourselves, during an administration that has caged children, that has deported their moms back to the very countries from which they’ve fled, that have continued this separation that is visiting a cruelty and a torture on these families, that has lost the lives of six children within our custody–


    BETO O’ROURKE: –whether or not we can do better and live our values, and whether or not there will be a reckoning and accountability for this.

    MARGARET BRENNAN: But– but just–just to put a fine point on it: you’re talking about sixteen thousand people in custody right now. Are you saying that migrants who cross, and do so not through port of entry, who are here through illegal means, essentially, that they would not be detained in an O’Rourke administration?

    BETO O’ROURKE: Not necessarily in every case. But I think the vast majority of families and children who are fleeing the deadliest countries on the face of the planet, who are seeking asylum in this country.


    BETO O’ROURKE: They don’t try to flee arrest. They don’t try to evade detection. Those families pose no threats or risk to this country. We– we–

    MARGARET BRENNAN: Should they be detained together, those families?

    BETO O’ROURKE: Those families, if they pose no threat to this country or the communities in– in which they are apprehended should be released with a case manager who ensures that they follow our laws, that they attend their court hearings, that they meet their appointments with an ICE officer.

    Full transcript can be found here:

  10. This elected politician is the result of a majority of voters in a district that are low information, easily conned and useful idiots.

  11. Underwood conned her voters.

    She led the people down a path about her credentials that didn’t exist.

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