Commenter Supplies Update on Potential Underwood Opponents’ Reaction to Her Accusation That Children Dying at the Border Is “Intentional”

From “Former Quigley Supporter:”

Cal, I think your headline for this article should be changed to reflect the source of the Skillicorn criticism: “Skillicorn Tweet Criticizes Underwood“, also, on his Tweet, he embedded the Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez tweet from late Thursday that I had commented on in the other Underwood True Nature article.

My compliments to Skillicorn. This tweet, unlike his one from Wednesday, sounded more like his own comments, and not recycled material from the NRCC. Good job.

Given Skillicorn listened to me, and the other candidates (Marter, Malouf, Gradel, Oberweis) are doing similar things in relation to Underwood’s antics from the May 22nd House Homeland Security Committee meeting, I am reminded it will take a team effort to unseat Underwood next year.

We won’t know who the Republican nominee will be until March 17th, but until then, all of them should do the right thing to get voters excited to replace Lauren Underwood in Congress next year.

Speaking of the other candidates, Marter, in a Facebook response to a depressed poster on his Facebook page, said yesterday “Please help me take her [Underwood] out [in next year’s election]!”

Jim Oberweis’ Facebook page has seen a flurry of activity since late Thursday night.

Ted Gradel, late yesterday, posted an appeal for fundraising, given 2nd quarter fundraising deadline is June 30: “Special interests and career politicians run this country and lobbyists control the agenda in Washington. Join me today so we can pass term limits and make sure that Washington works for you.”

And Danny Malouf finally posted the FOX news article on his Facebook page, with some odd definition of “automation”, I think he’s trying to tie Underwood to being an automaton of Nancy Pelosi. He also posted a pro 2nd amendment post today.

Loren Underwood

Does anyone know when and where Underwood’s next Town Hall meeting is?

The only events I know about is her formal grand opening of her congressional district office in West Chicago on Saturday, June 1st.

Additionally, she is the featured speaker on June 9 at the Woodstock Gay Pride “Celebration”.

One thing is certain, Underwood’s proponents are beginning to get their letters-to-the-editor into local newspapers, including 2 in today’s Sun-Times.

Finally, the childrens’ deaths at the border made it into a Face the Nation on-site interview with 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, from his El Paso neighborhood with the backdrop for O’Rourke the border between El Paso and Juarez.

O’Rourke’s home is located in the Sunset Heights neighborhood of the upper valley of El Paso, so the panorama used is common for that part of El Paso.

The interview was taped yesterday (5/25).

While Underwood or Wednesday’s House Homeland Security Committee meeting was not mentioned, the Trump Administration policy was.

Here is what O’Rourke said about that topic, and all of the 14th congressional district Republican candidates best be prepared to discuss this important issue, not just Underwood’s ridiculous antics from 5/22:

“MARGARET BRENNAN: So there are about sixteen thousand migrants in U.S. detention facilities right now. What should happen to them?

BETO O’ROURKE (2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate/@BetoORourke): Most of those asylum-seeking migrants pose no threat or danger to the United States. We know from past history that when we connect them with case managers in a community, they have a ninety-nine percent chance of meeting their court dates and their appointments with ICE. And it costs us a tenth of what we pay to keep them in detention and in custody.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, in other words, catch and release is something you support.

BETO O’ROURKE: No, I wouldn’t call it catch and release. I– I’d call it helping those who are seeking asylum in this country to follow our laws. If at the end of that process they must return to their country of origin, I want to make sure that they follow our laws and go back to the country from which they– they left in the first place. I think we’ve got to ask ourselves, during an administration that has caged children, that has deported their moms back to the very countries from which they’ve fled, that have continued this separation that is visiting a cruelty and a torture on these families, that has lost the lives of six children within our custody–


BETO O’ROURKE: –whether or not we can do better and live our values, and whether or not there will be a reckoning and accountability for this.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But– but just–just to put a fine point on it: you’re talking about sixteen thousand people in custody right now. Are you saying that migrants who cross, and do so not through port of entry, who are here through illegal means, essentially, that they would not be detained in an O’Rourke administration?

BETO O’ROURKE: Not necessarily in every case. But I think the vast majority of families and children who are fleeing the deadliest countries on the face of the planet, who are seeking asylum in this country.


BETO O’ROURKE: They don’t try to flee arrest. They don’t try to evade detection. Those families pose no threats or risk to this country. We– we–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Should they be detained together, those families?

BETO O’ROURKE: Those families, if they pose no threat to this country or the communities in– in which they are apprehended should be released with a case manager who ensures that they follow our laws, that they attend their court hearings, that they meet their appointments with an ICE officer.

Full transcript can be found here:


Commenter Supplies Update on Potential Underwood Opponents’ Reaction to Her Accusation That Children Dying at the Border Is “Intentional” — 16 Comments

  1. Care care for some Girl Scout Cookies anyone?

    Ask Lauren Underwood she has plenty!

    She will be serving them at the next Drag show while she lip syncs those famous renditions by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama!

    Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson will be in the audience chowing down those cookies, while waving his sign that says “APPROPRIATE!”

    Imagine all the people!

  2. What a goofball is that guy beto. Just amazing, and frightening, that this guy was put up by the Democrat Party to run against Cruz last year in the Senate race. This guy, and numerous like him, were Democrat candidates in last year’s various elections. The Democrat Party long ago was taken over by far left wing radicals and extremists.

  3. Can you post a link to the quote in which she says the administration is “intentional “ in killing children? The Trib quotes her saying this:

    Underwood told McAleenan that “at this point with five children dead and thousands separated, it’s a policy choice being made by this administration, and it’s inhumane.”

    Or a longer quote here:

  4. The only intentional killing of babies is done by health professionals advocating for infanticide here in Illinois and then calling it “Women’s Healthcare!”

  5. Martin, the NBC video and coverage in your link is filtered and incomplete. The Republicans were supported in their successful vote to take down Congresswoman Underwood’s statement with the support of 1 Democrat, and that was not mentioned in that article, and the video was edited and only showed the chairman of the committee announcing the final result of the roll call vote.

    The best, unfiltered source is the C-SPAN video of the entire committee meeting, including the roll call vote on Underwood:

    Advance to the 53:15 of the video where Underwood begins questioning the acting Homeland Security chief. After the recess is called, skip to 1:05:30 where the recess ends and the vote ends at 1:10:02.

    You, and anyone else who watches/listens, will get exactly what Underwood said, and why it was voted to be stricken.

    But by watching the entire questioning of Underwood, the evidence is clear Underwood was being purely political, especially her statement of speaking for the residents of the 14th district.

    Watching the roll call vote, especially when freshman Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin of Michigan cast her vote with the Republicans (and she was vote #8 against Underwood) is interesting.

    Slotkin is seated next to Underwood when she cast her vote against her.

  6. Jim Oberweis’ response to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s behavior at the May 22, 2019, House Homeland Security Committee is cut & pasted below.

    Please note, Oberweis has a congressional campaign Facebook page, Oberweis2020.

    He also has a personal Facebook page.

    He first posted his response on his personal Facebook page on Sunday morning.

    His congressional campaign Facebook page shared his reaction Sunday night.

    Now I understand why Allen Skillicorn does not use Facebook, but only Twitter.

    Candidates, please keep your congressional campaign information to 1 Facebook page:

    “Lauren Underwood has once again proven how out of touch she is with the people of the 14th District of Illinois. Accusing our government of ‘intentionally’ harming migrant children is not only an outragous statement, but it fuels a dangerous narrative. Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan responded appropriately, saying her statement was an ‘appalling accusation.’

    “What is equally appalling is Congresswoman Underwood’s refusal to address border security, or approve the border funding President Trump has requested to assist children at the border. Our nation is facing a crisis at the border. Congresswoman Underwood’s outbursts in committee do nothing to secure our nation or provide much-needed care for children and families at the border. Residents of the 14th Congressional District deserve to know their representative in Congress is working to improve border security — not playing divisive politics.”

  7. Congressional candidates, another thing about Facebook, if you are going to share a post on your congressional campaign’s Facebook page, if there is a glaring inaccuracy, please correct it in your post.

    Even a Jeanne Ives can make a mistake, and her Facebook post 14th congressional district candidate Jim Marter shared yesterday contained a glaring error concerning President Lincoln (while it doesn’t take away from Marter’s and Ives’ message, President Lincoln was not an “Illinois native”; he was an Illinoisan, but born in Kentucky):

    Marter for Congress shared a post.
    Yesterday at 9:46 AM ·

    #Evil ILLINOIS Democrats, Mike Madigan & co. disgusting display of lack of respect for memorial day to pass pure evil and anti-American bills. They used the same tactics in 2017 on Independence day to raise taxes on working Illinois families. Wake up ILLINOIS voters, they are working against you, our state and our country.

    Jeanne Ives
    Yesterday at 5:04 AM ·

    Mike Madigan refuses to respect this day of remembrance. He wastes time from January to the last week of May and then calls for the legislature to be in session over the Memorial day weekend.

    This year he took legislative action on the holiday to a new low. On Sunday and on Memorial day weekend, he hurriedly and with practically no notice, allowed the full term abortion bill to pass out of committee.

    The man has no common decency and no respect for others.

    Memorial Day is a national day remembrance with deep Illinois roots. It was created by Illinois General John Logan after a President Lincoln, our Illinois native, went to war to preserve the union, and in a war won by the leadership of Illinois General Grant.

  8. FQS: I appreciate the reference and will
    watch/listen, thank you.

    I’d read quotes.

    I’m interested in what she actually said more than what people say she means or what people say about what she said.

  9. So Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was in McHenry County today (5/28/19) at the McHenry VA clinic, according to this Tweet from Underwood’s congressional Twitter account:

    As a member of the @VetAffairsDems, I had the opportunity to visit the Lovell Federal Health Care Center McHenry VA Clinic this morning to learn how we can ensure our local veterans have access to quality health care in #IL14— Lauren Underwood (@RepUnderwood) May 28, 2019

  10. Since Allen Skillicorn had a pic taken of him practicing a speech about Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, and he retweeted Hannah Meisel’s original tweet about him, I guess Skillicorn wants this to be public.

    Looks like he is in, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Skillicorn makes his formal announcement for a congressional bid this Saturday, June 1, on the same day Congresswoman Underwood is officially opening her West Chicago district office:

    .@allenskillicorn gives a press conference to a camera. Something about @LaurenUnderwood. He’s likely going to get in the race for her seat in 2020.— Hannah Meisel (@hannahmeisel) May 28, 2019

  11. May all Republican candidates for Congress from District 14 and District 6 address this issue concerning Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s legislation on SALT limits.


    A recent CNBC article has the following:

    “The Underwood and Casten plan would increase after-tax income by an estimated 0.82% and 0.42% for the top 5% and 1% of earners, respectively, more than any other income groups, according to the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation. It would also decrease federal revenues by about $223 billion over a decade, the analysis found.

    “The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC that boosts House Republicans, called Underwood and Casten hypocrites for criticizing the GOP plan for helping the wealthy and then introducing a bill to lift the state and local deduction cap. Spokespeople for the lawmakers did not immediately respond to requests to comment.”

    Applying some common sense, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 raised the standard deduction for married people filing jointly to $24,000 (and to $12,000 for filing single). The only taxpayers who are hit by the SALT limits are taxpayers who itemize. Take the increased standard deduction, SALT caps have no impact on you.

    The only Republican who came close to talking about this on his Facebook page was Jim Marter, and that was only because someone told him about Underwood promoting a tax cut for the rich.

    I hope all of the Republican candidates for the 14th expose this. Both Underwood and Casten were speechless, given neither of their offices returned calls for comment. Talk this issue of the Underwood/Casten record up to Republican primary voters.

    The full CNBC article can be referenced here:

  12. Congresswoman Lauren Underwood has begun to minimize the vote against her at House Homeland Security Committee taking down her comments as a “procedural vote”.

    The vote by Republicans present, plus 1 Democrat, was 9-7.

    She launched her minimization campaign in her interview with Chicago Tonight which was taped yesterday and broadcast last night.

    The video from the Underwood segment is embedded in the following link:

    But wait, there’s more!

    The Congressional Leadership Fund has launched a new website:

    The masthead of the new site has Underwood’s pic along with pics of Congresswomen Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

    Her ridiculous behavior on May 22 House Homeland Security Committee is highlighted, among other things we have seen in the past few months.

    The new site includes a reply device.

    H/T to Chicago 5th Ward Republican Committeeman Matthew Foldi for bringing the new site to my attention via Twitter:

    Learn about @LaurenUnderwood’s real record by checking out the new site #IL14— Matthew Foldi, 5th Ward Committeeman (@5forFoldi) May 29, 2019

    And Chicago Tribune columnist Charlie Selle released this column mid-morning on 5/29:

    This paragraph stands out:

    “She also has the most liberal voting record in the Hous

    “She also has run into the same problem other members of her freshmen class have documented: Foot-in-mouth disease.”

    As I said in earlier comments, 5/22/2019 could very well be the turning point to expose Congresswoman Lauren Underwood for what she really is.

    Additionally, I always said it would be her voting record that would do her in, and all Republicans, no matter whom you support in the primary, need to give a real team effort to win this election in November of 2020.

  13. Fortunately, thanks to this sunshine blog and its illustrious sunshine commenters, I am able to see the “true Lauren Underwood.” Go Lauren! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

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