Oberweis Explains “Present” Vote Tax Increase Bill

If one looks at the Senate Roll Call on the bill that increased transportation taxes, one see all Republicans voted “NO,” but Jim Oberweis.

“Why” is a legitimate question.

Oberweis explains,

“It is a 14% sales tax on truck registrations so that does benefit Oberweis Dairy so my present vote was the right thing to do.”

So, a vote against the bill would have benefited Oberweis’ business and he decided that it would have been unethical to cast such a vote.


Oberweis Explains “Present” Vote Tax Increase Bill — 10 Comments

  1. Finally! A politician who actually cares and takes the time to read a bill?

    Unlike Brady, McConchie and DeWitte plus some others who kowtow to the Dems because they believe a few ‘crumbs’ were thrown their way?

  2. Let me get this straight, Oberweis did not cast his vote for what was in the best interest of his constituents rather it was done for sole purpose of public perception as it relates to his business.

    This disqualifies Oberweis from ever getting my vote because he has no understanding why he is in elected office.

    If he believed it was such a conflict of interest, then he should have recused himself from voting at all.

    But to vote for a bad bill because you believe to do otherwise might not look favorably on you is more appalling and may I say shows weakness of character to do what is right and conservative.

  3. Oberweis did not vote for the bill. He voted “Present.”

    Because a certain number of affirmative votes are eeded to pass a bill, voting “Present” counts as a “No” vote.

  4. Not impressed with Oberweis’ explanation and his action. Maybe only 1/2 a kudo, for acknowledging he had a perceived conflict-of-interest given he owns Oberweis Dairy (though one of his sons runs it day-to-day now).

    I remember when being advised concerning perceived conflicts-of-interest, you should not have been in the room during debate and voting, and he should have either been a “NV” or an “E” for the record, not “present”, because as Cal pointed out, a “Present” vote counted as a “No” vote. The legislation passed, no matter how Oberweis voted, but it would have been better had he not voted at all.

    “Insider” is bringing up some significant points with the Tribune articles, particularly his outburst from 2017 which was pre #MeToo. The audio of his comments is in the public domain, and it will/should be used against him in the upcoming campaign.

    But Oberweis begins opening his campaign offices next week, with his HQ opening in St. Charles on Saturday and his McHenry County campaign office opening in Crystal Lake on the 22nd.

  5. Speaking of the state senate, did everyone catch yesterday’s Northwest Herald concerning the 14th congressional district? Another candidate, and the first Republican woman candidate is about to enter the race — State Senator Sue Rezin:


    Rezin’s entrance into the Republican primary changes everything. One woman against 4 men who have announced their candidacies AND filed their FEC paperwork (Danny Malouf, Jim Oberweis, Ted Gradel, James Marter). And possibly a fifth guy and sixth candidate if Allen Skillicorn makes the race. If all six actually run, you’ll now have 3 members of the IL General Assembly wanting the nomination to take on Congresswoman Lauren Underwood next year, and two of them being “carpetbaggers”.

    While Rezin’s voting record, like Oberweis and Skillicorn, was not perfect this past legislative session, there are some interesting differences. SB 172, which passed the state senate with bipartisan support, including Oberweis’ but not Rezin, but then had zero Republican support in the House. What did Sue Rezin know about SB172 that prompted her and Senator Righter to be the only “No” votes in the senate?

    The field is almost set, and like it or not, McHenry County (outside of Algonquin Township) is a battleground for the 14th both in the primary and the general next year. May McHenry County benefit with the national spotlight on it.


    Jim Oberweis turns 73 today, June 10, 2019. With the upcoming campaign for Congress in the 14th district where you are a candidate, please exercise maturity and update your Facebook profile image to your current image. Your congressional campaign’s Facebook page image was taken in mid-December of 2007, at the news conference when Denny Hastert endorsed your candidacy for Congress in the 2008 elections after he had resigned from office. I could not paste the full image into the comments, but this YouTube video from early 2008 is proof enough your profile pic is over a decade old:


    I genuinely hope Oberweis’ campaign nips this in the bud, now. Many voters in the 14th district are upset Lauren Underwood misrepresented herself as a practicing RN at a doctor’s private practice last year. Oberweis misrepresenting what he looks like is hardly any better. Reminds me when David McSweeney first ran for state representative in 2012, and he used images from his failed congressional campaign of 2006, which did not match what he looked like six years later.

    And given what we all now know about Denny Hastert, I would think Oberweis wants no reminders of his association with Hastert as Oberweis again seeks the congressional seat that eluded him twice in 2008.

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