John Kass Suggests State Motto Be “Shut Up and Take It” Because “Land of Lincoln” Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

This Chicago Tribune column from John Kass might express the vieews of those not pleased with the soon-to-appear higher gas and other taxes and fees.

Already people are jamming the Secretary of State’s Office to renew drivers licenses at the soon-to-be hiked rates.

The wait time Friday in Woodstock was said to be three hours.

Kass points out that in one week $85 million in spending was approved and observes:

“All that spending comes with no structural reforms whatsoever in return.

“But that hasn’t stopped Gov. Big Boy and Boss Madigan and even a few quisling Republicans are bragging about the historic nature of their deal.”


John Kass Suggests State Motto Be “Shut Up and Take It” Because “Land of Lincoln” Doesn’t Cut It Anymore — 11 Comments

  1. Kass.

    It’s amazing that the Tribune keeps cutting, cutting, cutting but they always find money to pay that idiot.

  2. Joe K, that’s bc if the Trib canned KASS, 25% of the readership would cancel.

    Joe you decry the posts here, yet you use an ad hominem attack on KASS….. like ‘Idiot’ in your above post.

    Do you really believe Kass’ IQ is below moron and imbecile?

    Or are you envious of him?

    I don’t post much here, but I get the feeling you are being paid by somebody (Franks? Styf? Eychaner?) to spew your liberaloid bile.

    Take up a good hobby, like gardening.

  3. Lincoln a former and foremost Whig in the mold of Henry Clay, a party who espoused strong centralized government control, taxation from the top down, tariffs and control of free speech by incarcerating journalists he didn’t agree with.

    For all of Lincoln’s greatness and he was great man, Thomas Jefferson he wasn’t.

  4. Several of the “GOP handmaidens” sit on the McHenry County Board


    “GOP handmaidens” voters are responsible for the election of Jack Franks, again and again.

  5. Tribune endorsed Barack Hussein Obama twice for presidency. Illinois voters picked Obama twice (over McCain and Romney) to be president. Obama got his start in politics with help from two anti-US guys. One a 60’s radical extremist and bomber who was on FBI 10 most wanted list and the other a mentor and pastor. Obama presidential(?) library will be in Illinois. Obama was a Democrat and Illinois has been in the stranglehold of the Democrats for at least the last 70 years.

    Lincoln has been replaced by Democrats and Obama in this State. It is time that vehicle license plates be changed to state: “Land of Obama”.

  6. Obama library will be leveled in due time. If the horrid thing is ever erected.

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