2000 Year Pavement vs. Today’s

From State Rep. Allen Skillicorn:

My cousin worked for the Maryland Department of Transportation.

He told me that asphalt roads should be replaced every five years.


2000 Year Pavement vs. Today’s — 7 Comments

  1. That is because the asphalt lobby is stronger than the concrete lobby.

  2. There are some westbound I90 lanes east between Fox River and Barrington Road that are slightly washboard. This road was rebuilt within the last few years. How did this happen? Is there not good process control while laying the wet concrete that would correct this situation shortly after pouring and smoothing?

  3. Uh oh, looks like Skillicorn is again criticizing fellow Republicans again with this late morning (6/10) tweet.

    Skillicorn is getting ready to seek all Republicans’ support if he runs for Congress in the 14th district next year.

    As for Bill Brady, remember what I said in the Oberweis thread about voting “present” is not enough concerning a conflict-of-interest, and Brady’s is not perceived, it’s real:

    Senate leader Bill Brady‚Äôs undisclosed gaming interests 'worthy of a Chicago alderman' | Prairie State Wire https://t.co/EyoB8zzSau— Rep. Allen Skillicorn (@allenskillicorn) June 10, 2019

  4. Think about this proposal.

    Have the contractors warranty the roads they build for say 10 to 20 yeasrs.

    They would have to maintain the roads to specs, eliminate goverment manpower and lazienees from the road crews.

    We would pay more up front, but I beleive you save at the end.

    Europe dose this with their roads.

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