Algonquin Township Agenda Hints that Board Violated Open Meetings Act

The Algonquin Township Board has scheduled still another Special Meeting, this time at 5 on Wednesday afternoon.

Take a look at the meeting agenda:

Included in new business is

  • the appointment of a Deputy Supervisor to take Chuck Lutzow’s place while he convalesces
  • the handing off of some court cases, presumably to Rockford attorney John Nelson (who handled Grafton Township Linda Moore’s recapture of duties the Grafton Township Board tried to assign to a Township Administrator its members appointed) and
  • approval of the already filed settlements of tax protest court cases that apparently need to be approved in open session, rather than behind closed doors.

The court papers, as one can see below, were approved by McHenry County Circuit Judge Thomas Meyer last month on May 24th.

Case 16TX30 has a court date for a decision from Judge Meyer on June 18, 2019.


Algonquin Township Agenda Hints that Board Violated Open Meetings Act — 4 Comments

  1. Waits second, now they are going to have a meeting to approve the entry of an agreed order after the order was entered?

    So they can admit to mistakes but not Andrew?

    Interesting double standard.

    It’s not like their vote can change an order of the court.

    The time to vote on entering a settlement order is before it’s entered not after.

    Historically, this was business as usual, and that’s how Kelly kept these decisions of his out of the public view.

    Can a lawyer out there tell us if this is a fraud upon the court?

    This is the great lie.

    The levy is limited based on prior year levy.

    Even with this order they can turn around and hose the tax payers next year because the order doesn’t command a change to the levy.

  2. A disgrace!

    Actually Disgrace #47869 for Algonquin township o’ fools.

  3. R Katheryn Lawrence? Really?

    Insulting to taxpayers and colleagues!

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