Casten Opponent Branding Him as Extremist

From Republican Congressional candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti:

Sean Casten Out of Touch With 6th District Voters

Casten votes in lockstep with the most extreme members of his party

Sean Casten

It comes as no surprise that Sean Casten shares almost identical voting records with the most extreme members of his party.

Sean Casten votes with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, self-described Socialists, 95% and 97% of the time while trying to pass himself off as a centrist.

Casten also votes 99% of the time with Jan Schakowsky, Illinois’ most liberal member.

“Casten is no centrist. In his short time in Congress, Casten has already cozied up to the extremists in his party by sharing almost identical voting records,” said Clay Godfrey, Sanguinetti campaign spokesman.

“Voters in the 6th congressional district want someone to represent their values, not a lockstep liberal who kowtows to the most extreme wing of their party.”


Sean Casten And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Have Voted The Same Way 95% Of The Time. (ProPublica, Accessed 6/6/19)

Sean Casten And Rashida Tlaib Have Voted The Same Way 97% Of The Time. (ProPublica, Accessed 6/6/19)

·       Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Rashida Tlaib Are Members Of The Democratic Socialists Of America. “And so, as the presumptive winner this fall, Tlaib would join Cortez, another presumptive winner from a heavily blue district, in representing DSA among national lawmakers.” (Gideon Resnick, “There Will Now Likely Be Two Democratic Socialists of America Members in Congress,” The Daily Beast, 8/9/18)

Sean Casten And Jan Schakowsky Have Voted The Same Way 99% Of The Time. (ProPublica, Accessed 6/6/19)

·       Jan Schakowsky Is The Most Liberal Member Of The Illinois Congressional Delegation. (GovTrack, Accessed 6/6/19) 


Casten Opponent Branding Him as Extremist — 9 Comments

  1. A year ago, this goofball said: “I view abortion as a medical procedure like a gall bladder surgery”.

  2. That is an understatement Evelyn Sanguinetti!

    You make him a one-termer!

    Besides he’s just another over privileged individual.

    I think he’s ripe for primary challenge!

  3. Trump is ruining our chances of flipping this district.

    The whole party is rotting because of moderate’s disgust with Trump – disagree?

    Just look at what happened in 2018.

    The demographics are only skewing younger.

    GOP as we knew it is dead.

  4. It is not unusual for the president’s political party to lose congressional seats in the first mid-term election of a president. It happened to Clinton, Reagan and Obama. Trump’s party actually fared quite well in his mid-term of 2018. A lot better than did Obama’s party. Obama lost 63 seats in the House in 2010 and he commented right after by saying he and the Democrat Party got “shellacked”. Pounded. No doubt voters punished Obama and the Democrats for Obama’s ridiculous first two years.

  5. This press release, and Evelyn Sanguinetti’s campaign to date, are one in the same — big disappointments. No mention of Sean Casten’s support of proposed congressional pay raises?? Where does she stand on the Hyde Amendment? Both issues were fresh news last week, and like the rest of the “extremist” criticism, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said a mouthful in support of the pay raises, and was similar to Casten’s support in that same article. Given how the Illinois General Assembly sneaked in a pay raise at the close of the legislative session, and more monies for legislator’s staff, you would think it is a natural fit to highlight Casten’s support at the federal level, wouldn’t you?

    I went out to Sanguinetti’s Facebook page, and she did shine the light on Casten’s position on pay raises in a Facebook post from last Friday around midday. The Facebook meme was poorly written, and frankly, I think I did better with the comment-turned-article here on McHenry County Blog:

    But given the comments responding to Sanguinetti’s Facebook post, many in support of Casten, it is my opinion Sanguinetti was intimidated by supporters of Casten on her Facebook page that she didn’t include the pay raise issue in her press release from yesterday. This is a very bad sign for Sanguinetti as a candidate for Congress.

    Noting an absence of pointing out where President Trump has done many things right in recent weeks and there was no mention of Sanguinetti’s position on the Hyde Amendment in her Facebook posts, Sanguinetti appears to be running scared for the 6th district seat. Her timid/cautious/simpering approach to this race is making me hope for a congressional candidacy by Jeanne Ives, or someone else who will not be afraid to take it to Casten and the growing liberal/progressive voices of the 6th district.

    To give Casten credit, he has dozens of people pouncing on any of Sanguinetti’s Facebook posts. Lauren Underwood’s rapid response grass roots team is nothing compared with Casten’s. A strong, courageous candidate, like a Jeanne Ives, can overcome this because Ives will not be intimidated. And I do not care if Sanguinetti’s 2nd quarter fundraising tops $250,000, Sanguinetti has thus far convinced me she is not up to the job of flipping the 6th district Republican.

  6. Suburban Rino:

    You are a democrat piglet here to lie, propagandize and demoralize.

    Go back to your Pride Fest pretty boys and squeal about your progressive mental disorders in private.

  7. I heard Evelyn’s team put out a press release on Casten’s pay raise comments last week and pushed it with press.

    Cal, can you confirm?

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