Gay Pride Day in Woodstock

Here’s some of what you missed. Photos taken by a Friend of McHenry County Blog.

Several hundred attended.

The parade lasted about 15 minutes.

Democrats, missing from Harvard’s Milk Day Parade, marched with banners.

Loren Underwood
Brian Sager


Gay Pride Day in Woodstock — 24 Comments

  1. Which one of the pictures below is that of Little Joey Blowhard and
    which is his buddy ARL.

    This is an “all inclusive” contest – good luck !

  2. What?

    Lauren Underwood didn’t serve Girl Scout Cookies?

    She must have lost her cookies!

  3. What a bunch of amateurs.

    For pure jaw dropping debauchery, New Orleans, Key West top my list.

    An absolute laugh riot.

  4. This was a Gay Pride Day parade?

    I thought that the circus came to Woodstock.

  5. Notice the amulet prominently worn by Fake nurse Under-weird.

    Daughters of Sappho

  6. The normalizing of the liberal agenda is alive and strong.

    The GOP is viewed as crusty, old, bigoted extremists by a large majority of young voters.

    The GOP is essentially dead to demographics under 40 years old. Its only going to get worse.

    Trump did this to us.

  7. Abe,buddy, it might be time to move on.

    It seems like this Joey fella doesn’t feel the same way about you that you feel for him.

    I know it’s hard but it happens.

    You keep flirting with him and get no response.

    His loss, huh?

    Or maybe it’s your style?

    I don’t know much about either of you but maybe he’s not a 7th grader you can woo by pulling his pigtails.

    Man up!

    Ask him out!

    If he says no, move on to another guy.

    There has to be a man for you!.

  8. Joe your Girl Scout Cookies await you!

    Now stop talking about yourself!

  9. Did I order Girl Scout cookies from you?

    I always ask for the actual cookies to be passed along to the police or fire men or a food pantry.

    Try to avoid the sweets you know 😁

    So just find a worthy cause for them.

  10. Guys I’m flattered so many of you are curious about me but I’m happily taken.

    Unlike Republicans, we liberals are generally the monogamous sort.

    Till death do us part and parcel all that.

    But again it’s flattering to have so much attention. 💋

  11. Joe you are a real schizoid type.

    How’s Jack paying you?

    Off the books?

  12. FattyArbuckle- Joe is being paid with cookies.

    Well maybe more like dough!


    We need your voice now!

    Will someone please apprise Ted Nugent?

  14. Cal, have you ever thought about adding a “Republican to English” translator?


    Fatty Arbuckle?

    Girl Scout Uniforms?

  15. Lynn? This behavior is sick. No one can deny that fact. You calling out those that point this out by declaring it to be “bigotry” is very fascist/communistic of you. Indoctrinating the children is completely inexplicably evil.

  16. Cindy-As calmly as I can say this.

    Please take your pills put on the tinfoil hat and the voices you hear in your head will go away.

    And for gods sake feed those damn cats.

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