Dems Pushing Property Tax Relief

How many times did McHenry County State Rep. Jack Franks pass bills freezing real estate taxes?

As many times as the State Senate let them die.

Now Governor JB Pritzker is touting how he will “think big” about property tax relief.

Front page of the Chicago Tribune yesterday:

Considering the Democrats, many, if not most coming from local governments refused to freeze property taxes, should one get one’s hopes up that Democrats will cut property taxes?

Remember Jack Franks’ promise to cut homeowners real estate taxes by 10% NOW three years ago?

Lying Jack Franks Cut 10 campaign promise was a bait and switch.

Would anyone whose property tax bill has been cut 10% please tell readers about it in the comment section.

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Dems Pushing Property Tax Relief — 9 Comments

  1. Only low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard would believe this “Think Big ” property tax relief B.S. to be true.

  2. Cal’s right. Franks lied – he did not cut property taxes by 10%.

    He cut them by 13% and also rebated $15 million from Valley Hi cutting the counties portion of the property tax by almost 30%. Franks is a terrible terrible liar.

    He is the worst thing ever to happen to McHenry County. How dare he cut our property taxes by more than he promised and rebate millions more?!?!

    We need the Republicans back who will raise our property taxes from 2000-2014 and do nothing for another two decades!! VOTE THE BUM OUT!!

  3. I noticed your post a couple of days ago about the Dem rep pushing for a study this with a bi-partisan committee.

    I’ll not hold my breath.

    I will say one thing though.

    For years McHenry County has been dominated by GOP representation, right?

    And what has happened to property taxes?

    Assessments and rates increase almost yearly. O

    ur tax bill has doubled over the years.

    So what would happen if property taxes decrease due to a Democrat initiative??

    Last two elections I had Dems knocking on my door pitching reps.

    Nothing from GOP.

    I always ask: “What is the biggest problem in McHenry County?”

    They never get it right.

    But if Dems swerve into something here, and actually bring about REAL property tax relief, they can capture McHenry county without much effort (other than the effort to make something happen.

  4. Nobody’s property tax bill decrease by 10%.

    If you find one, please send me the Property Identification Number/

  5. “Republicans have doubled property taxes in McHnery County since 2000!”

    No mention that it’s the school boards filled with teachers union Democrats that have led to skyrocketing property tax bills.

  6. front page, fair play, jack franks, you’re Lyin’ Again!!!

    Or should we say ‘Still Lyin’ Jack Franks!’

  7. Property tax relief can be possible if the State provides more funding for schools AND there is a vast reorganization and streamlining of the school system in Illinois to eliminate administrative staff, pension reform with elimination of colas, haircuts for all – those working and those with exhorbitant pension amounts.

    But, with Democrats in control of Illinois, none of this is likely to happen. Best situation for young people with degrees and/or skills is for them to leave Illinois and go to a better managed State such as Indiana. Democrats own this Illinois S-hole state.

  8. Jack Franks, you’re fingerprints are all over “Fair Play”.

    Yes, you are OUTED!

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