Three State Senators Review Session in Crystal Lake

The three State Senators who represent all of McHenry County reported to constituents at the Crystal Lake City Council Chambers Tuesday night.

State Senators Craig Wilcox, Dan McConchie and Don DeWitte addressed an almost full room.

If opponents were in the room, they made no impact.

There were women wearing what looked like red habits with white hats holding pro-abortion signs across from the parking lot.

Democratic Party State Senate candidate against Craig Wilcox chats with photographer of pro-abortion at any time during pregnancy Hand Maids

The most vocal group represented supporters of the Second Amendment.

One woman on the front row said she was tired of making phone calls and writing letters to defend her gun owner rights.

Another complained, “Where we’re headed is somewhere we haven’t been before.”

Fear was expressed of the “Chicago-city state” in control of state government.

Trained in physics and astronomy, Dawn Mueller from Coral Township, an area she described as “the Texas of McHenry County,” offered up her personal records to demonstrate inefficiencies in Illinois’ social service and Medicaid assistance.

“I can save you millions,” she said.

A female cancer survivor identifying herself as a full-blooded American Indian, asked for legislation to prevent others from ending up in her situation, homeless and without car because of the expenses.

A Veteran pointed out those in the Armed Forces Reserves could delay paying mortgages until their deployments were completed.

A slide show started the evening with State Senator Wilcox talking of the minimum wage increases enacted.

The Democrats would consider no regional modifications.

The head of Pioneer Center later told of his agency’s paying $12,50 per hour.

He pointed out that money to support services his agency provided were not increasing as fast as expenses.

State Senators Don DeWitte, Dan McConchie and Craig Wilcox told of the spring session.

McConchie told of being approached on the issue by spokespersons for nonprofits with similar complaints.

None were willing to go public, however, fearing retribution from the Pritzker Administration.

Wilcox also covered legalization of recreational marijuana.

New information is that people will not be able to smoke weed “out in public.”

Wilcox said he had entered the legislature open on the subject.

“Obviously, prohibition isn’t working.”

But he concluded that the expected revenue ($50 million a year) would not overcome the social costs.

A man in the audience related how his college roommate’ mind had severely deteriorated after a year’s use.

He called it “the dumbing down of everybody.”

McConchie told of taking a group of teens to Lake County Drug Court.

The Judge said most in front of her first used drugs at age 11.

Their first drug?


McConchie also pointed out that Colorado spends $32 per student on education, while Illinois will be spending fifty cents per student.

McConchie also addressed the abortion legislation.

“It makes abortion a fundamental right,” he said, pointing out that abortion could occur “all nine months [of pregnancy] for essentially any reason.”

DeWitte, Republican Spokesman on the infrastructure committee, explained that the gas tax increase would, when adjusted for inflation, would be about the same as the 19 cent per gallon rate set in 1990 [by State Rep. Bob Churchill’s legislation].

He expressed some confidence that the new Lockbox Constitutional Amendment would prevent Springfield politicians from repeating the $7.8 billion diversion of road money to other uses.

That $7.8 billion take in from 2003-15 represents four years of road construction money.

The second half of the infrastructure legislation was for what was called “vertical” construction.

This was mainly for universities and will financed by increased gambling, a parking tax and a dollar a pack tax hike on cigarettes.

“It’s very easy to sit and vote “No,” DeWitte said…”but you run the risk of walking away with nothing.”

He suggested joining in on the negotiations helped kill ideas for a one cent a bottle of water, plus tax increases on alcohol, streaming and cable TV.

“Is this a great case of tax increases?

“Absolutely not.

“I voted my conscience, my district and my caucus.”

Referring to his district, DeWitte told of money he got to stop an unnamed sewage treatment plant in the southern part of his territory that was leaching sewage into the Fox River.

As to representing his caucus, he pointed out that many Downstate GOP Senators have universities in their districts.

“I view it as bringing your tax dollars back to the district.”

He also revealed that Democratic Party Senators were allocated $6 millioni in “member initiatives” [aka, pork], while Republican Senators got half that much.

McConchie pointed out that by 2024, Illinois would not be able to proide the 20% match needed for Federal grants.


Three State Senators Review Session in Crystal Lake — 13 Comments

  1. What about the huge pension spike for teachers?

    Under Rauner’s 2019 law, raises in the last years of a teacher’s career were capped at a maximum of 3 percent a year. (Pensions in TRS, which covers all public school teachers outside of Chicago, are based on the highest four consecutive years in a teacher’s last 10 years on the job.) Any incremental pension hike would have to be paid by local taxpayers in the teacher’s district, not TRS.

    Under the new law, the cap is raised back to the prior level of 6 percent. That means a person’s eventual pension can be raised more than 24 percent if they get the 6 percent each of their last four years of work and the raises compound.

    Pritzker, in his statement, said the Rauner provision was unfair, effectively “creating artificial ceilings for valued teachers (that) not only hurts our ability to deal with the state’s teacher shortage, but also holds back teachers who take on additional roles such as coaching or teaching an additional class.”

    They get paid extra for coaching and additional classes btw.

  2. The liberals are really fighting this:

    Despite evidence that millions of Hispanics and immigrants could go uncounted, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority seemed ready Tuesday to uphold the Trump administration’s plan to inquire about U.S. citizenship on the 2020 census in a case that could affect American elections for the next decade.

    There appeared to be a clear divide between the court’s liberal and conservative justices in arguments in a case that could affect how many seats states have in the House of Representatives and their share of federal dollars over the next 10 years. States with a large number of immigrants tend to vote Democratic.

    Three lower courts have so far blocked the plan to ask every U.S. resident about citizenship in the census, finding that the question would discourage many immigrants from being counted .

    Two of the three judges also ruled that asking if people are citizens would violate the provision of the Constitution that calls for a count of the population, regardless of citizenship status, every 10 years.

    The last time the question was included on the census form sent to every American household was 1950.

  3. I appreciated that the Republicans had a Town Hall.

    Here’s my advise for the Democrat Majority

    How about nixing tax funded abortions!

    That hefty expense of killing babies could pay for things the living need right now!


    Lower needless spending so you don’t have to tax people to death!

    Here’s my advise for the Republican Party:

    With all that said (above) we need to be finding a qualified candidate for Governor to replace Job Blowing Pritzker, who just wants more of our money to fulfill heinous acts like inviting illegals, taxing people out of their homes and killing babies!

  4. Mary Mahady is indeed vile, and a nasty person to boot.

    When I dealt with her regarding a screwed up tax-assessment, she blamed me for it!

    Can you imagine that?!

    She could be replaced with the far more accurate Zillow system.

  5. Mary Mahady isn’t vile at all, she understands that a tiny bunch of hateful, malicious religious zealots need to keep their vicious dogmas chained up at home and not in public.

    Mary Mahady is with the forces of PROGRESS.

    That’s why she’s a PROGRESSIVE.

    This blog caters to the RETROGRESSIVES and other troglodytes (who used to make up the majority of this Co.)

    Demographic change and the progressive young people (your children) will make the views of this blog irrelevant (if not illegal hate speech)

    Get used to it already.

  6. Who’s this Mahady everybody’s talking about?

    A new County Board member?

    Never heard of her, or want to!

  7. Mary Mahady is the McHenry Township Assessor who ran as a Democrat for State Senate in 2018.


    Details please.

    What changes do you propose that would be constitutional and how much money would it save?

  9. Mahady is pretty creepy, but not as creepy as the governor, yet.

  10. Regarding goofball women holding signs –

    “Abortion is health care” sign. Not true. In over 99 percent of abortions, the woman’s life and
    health are not endangered. The woman or girl and her man or boyfriend were reckless in
    not taking preventative measures before their pleasures.

    “Pro-choice is pro-life” sign. Not true. “Pro-choice” advocates totally approve of abortion and death
    for the infant. Pro-choice is actually pro-death.

  11. I wonder if these loony ‘handmaids’ Would approve an abortion because the mother wanted a boy and not a girl?

    What a married woman getting an abortion, now she doesn’t have get her husband to consent.

    Something’s really sick about that. He doesn’t have any say? Wow.

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