Casten Isn’t Interested in Bipartisanship

From 6th District congressional candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti

Sanguinetti Responds to  Sean Casten’s Comment that “Bipartisanship Is Overrated”

Evelan Sanguinetti

WHEATON — Evelyn Sanguinetti, Republican candidate for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District, issued the following statement today responding to Congressman Sean Casten’s comment that “bipartisanship is overrated” in Congress:

“How can Sean Casten endorse the hyper-partisan, my-way-or-the-highway style of government that leaves us all disgusted by Washington, DC?   

Sean Casten

“Like it or not, Sean – your job is to work with the other side of the aisle to solve the problems facing our country,” said Evelyn Sanguinetti – Republican candidate for Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.  

“You claim bipartisanship is overrated?

“Grow up, Sean.

“Act like a Congressman.”


Sean Casten: “Uhm, I think bipartisanship is overrated, I’m serious.” (Energy Policy Institute At The University Of Chicago, 6/10/19)


Casten Isn’t Interested in Bipartisanship — 21 Comments

  1. Seany Boy fully supports perverted degenerates like Dan Savage (go google him) and even does so as part of his anti-White PUBLIC campaign for Congress.

    Wake up People.

    These people want you D_E_A_D!

    I’m sure that makes Casten a pervert too.

    Watch this and learn something!

  2. Just look at the shyt eating grin on that face.

    Last time I saw a picture like that it was a perv’s mug shot.

    Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard must love that guy.

  3. OK. here’s a question:

    Who’s worse, Underwood or Casten.

    It’s a real tossup, ain’t it?

    They both make me sick.

    And I blame the GOP elites for giving them the red carpet with the lazy incumbent Kutgren and the PC RINO, never-Trump stooge called Roskam.

  4. I say Casten is the worst.

    is equally diabolical, but dumber, and at least a quarter of the the time, doesn’t know any better.

    Casten is the real creep of the Illinois Delegation, right behind Rush and Sachowski.

    He’s already bragging about replacing Dirt Bag Durbin!

  5. I meant to write little Miss Underwood is equally diabolical ….

    She is too!

  6. Looks like all the racists and homophobes congregate here.

    Leave Congressman Casten and Congresswoman Underwood alone.

    Can’t you fascists accept the fact they won?

    Whenever I need a good laugh, I come here and watch the small minded do their tantrums like their Tantrum-in-Chief.

  7. ‘Can’t you fascists accept the fact they won?’

    Yes, that’s a direct quote of what our resident snowflake “UnderwoodNow” posted above.

    Yet she/he/it can’t get over the FACT that Trump won.

    I will be voting against Underwood.

    And my relatives will be voting against Casten.

    –as long as we still are allowed to vote.

  8. bred, how do you you know that poster is a male. Maybe it’s another trans “IT”!

  9. Sanguinetti is energetic, moral, a beautiful family woman who’s college educated and smart as a whip etc etc but how is there any backlash from the traitorous acts by Gov. Rauner, when she was his deputy?

    Or doesn’t it matter because her policies would be so much different?

    Hope she’s getting funding from numerous sources because she’s ‘the total package’.

  10. …and Sanguinetti isn’t interested in the Truth

    Evelyn Sanguinetti’s press release here is so insulting to the voters because it doesn’t tell the truth. Whoever is running Sanguinetti’s campaign and approved this release, they need to be fired. Snatching 16 seconds from an interview Sean Casten had with Axios reporter Amy Harder late last month and deliberately distort what Casten actually said is completely dishonest on Sanguinetti’s part.

    Here’s the full interview where Sanguinetti’s campaign took its 16 second cut:

    If you go to the 11:45 mark of the video, you will hear the full question and the answer ends at 15:07. While Casten did a couple of minor slips in his remarks, like 25% of the House is freshmen (the actual number is 19.5%), he demonstrated he is practicing bipartisanship.

    Here is where Sanguinetti could have and should have nailed Casten, using his nearly 3 1/2 minute discussion on bipartisanship:

    “While bipartisanship is helpful and useful, it is not an excuse to surrender the values of the residents of the 6th district. Not all bipartisanship is good. The bipartisanship of congressional leaders in the past week to attempt to push through an unpopular congressional pay raise for members of Congress and their staffs is a good example of bad bipartisanship! The deal between leaders Steny Hoyer and Kevin McCarthy giving members a raise of $4,500 is bad. But Casten’s position is worse. Instead of listening to and agreeing with the more common sense members of Congress like Katie Hill, Joe Cunningham and Cindy Axne, Casten chose to side with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and publicly supported the proposed pay raise through his comments in The Hill published on June 6. Fortunately for the 6th district, the views of Hill, Axne and Cunningham prevailed over Casten and Ocasio-Cortez and the pay raises were dead as of Monday night.

    “If elected, I will not support a pay increase for members of Congress. If congressional staffs pay needs to be adjusted, I will find a solution to provide for modest pay increases for staff members, but no raises for members.”

    I have nearly lost all hope in Sanguinetti as a candidate for Congress, and am really hoping for someone else to step forward and run for this seat.

  11. And bravo to Jim Oberweis, congressional candidate for the 14th district, who just posted on his Facebook campaign site that the proposed congressional pay raise favored by Sean Casten is really dead.

    Oberweis is the only congressional candidate for both the 6th and 14th who has consistently followed and represented conservative views on congressional pay raises.

  12. Former Quigley Supporter, geez Louise!

    What is your beef with Evelyn?

    If you are just trolling for Jeanne Ives, fine, I get it.

    But you are coming across like someone that didn’t get retained by Evelyn’s campaign manager.

    Give Brian Colgan a call chillax.

  13. Wow. What a circus of hate y’all have cooking here.

    Does anyone notice the irony that in a post about “your” candidate bemoaning a lack of bipartisanship and pledging to work together we get incredibly offensive attacks on everyone who isn’t 100% in step?

    The Republican party is a noxious stew of ignorance and hatred these days.

    Lincoln would puke.

    Hell, Reagan would puke.

  14. To compassionate conservatives, bipartisanship means “do as I say.” mitch mcturtle anyone? Go Lauren! Go Sean! Medicare For All now! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  15. **I will be voting against Underwood. And my relatives will be voting against Casten.**

    And that will be different than 2018 how?

    **-as long as we still are allowed to vote.**


  16. “Johnny T”, oh please, do not place such an honor on me about retention in Ms. Sanguinetti’s, or anyone else’s campaign. That is too great a compliment, even given facetiously. I have a beef with anyone who intentionally does not tell the truth, and that means the whole truth. The “snatch-a-soundbite-without-full-context” trick was something political candidates could do effectively through the mid 1990s, and I didn’t condone it back then. You cannot do that today, with easy access to full videos found online. And, Sanguinetti does not need to do this. Congressman Casten has more than enough in his growing record to show 6th district voters why he needs to be replaced next year.

    Whether it was the many misses Sanguinetti’s campaign had this week, or other candidates like Jim Oberweis, who insists on using an 11 1/2 years old picture of himself with the disgraced Denny Hastert for the bio page on his campaign website and on his Facebook pages and avi, I will continue to call out the truth (and the Hastert half of that pic has been removed). The truth cannot harm a winning candidate, and it really sets one free.

    “Joe K.”, we all can use the comic relief, and your posts are full of it. “Angel”, Medicare For All? Neither Casten or Congresswoman Underwood support single-payor health care, so Medicare For All at this point is a lie where those two are concerned, so please stop telling lies about Casten and Underwood.

  17. 6th Congressional District Roundup 6/14/19

    Sanguinetti Criticizes Republicans on Health Care Pre-existing Conditions

    In a Facebook meme from yesterday afternoon, Republican Candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti sent the following:
    Just finished getting my infusion for #MultipleSclerosis. One of the reasons I’m running for Congress is because I want to improve health care and protect people like me who have pre-existing conditions. As a Republican, I was frustrated my party had 10 years to reform Obamacare while protecting those with pre-existing conditions – but failed to deliver any acceptable replacement. As your member of Congress, I will fight to improve health care and protect people with pre-existing conditions.

    No matter who wins the White House next year, there will be some kind of health care legislation, and Sanguinetti is out front what she will do for the 6th district and for the nation. This is her best meme I’ve seen from her.

    A Bipartisan Congressional Pay Raise Solution — How Will Sean Casten vote?

    Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Republican Brian Fitzpatrick and Democrat Anthony Brindisi would permanently end COLA increases for members of Congress. Should there be a vote, how will Sean Casten, a pay raise supporter, vote?

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez working on Bipartisan Legislation — with Ted Cruz?

    It’s true, read here, and we’ll see if Casten will support this:

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