GOP Recommends Former McHenry County Board Member Michael Rein to Replace Anne Majewski as Coroner

From the Republican Party of McHenry County:


Michael Rein

By unanimous decision, the McHenry County Republican Party has chosen to promote Dr. Michael Rein as their choice for McHenry County Coroner.

The recent retirement of Coroner Dr. Anne Majewski created the vacancy in the office, which will expire in December of 2020.

McHenry County Republican Party has completed interviews with applicants to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of former Coroner Anne Majewski.

A Marine Corps veteran and past elected member of the McHenry County Board, Dr. Rein’s medical degrees, training and experience make him eminently well-qualified for the Coroner’s position and the necessary cooperative efforts with the States Attorney and Sheriff’s departments.

Dr. Rein’s knowledge and understanding of the opioid, fentanyl and heroin problems will be of significant help to McHenry County.

“During his tenure on the County Board, Dr. Michael Rein showed a strong desire to control expenses while continuing delivery of quality service; his attention to budget details and a commitment to service to the community is exemplary.

“We’re very pleased that Dr. Rein has stepped forward to fill this vacancy and continue the professionalism and caring of Dr. Majewski,” according to Diane Evertsen, Chairman of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee.

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State law gives the appointment power to Democratic Party Chairman Jack Franks.

State law, however, states that appointment, however, must be from the Republican Party.

Rein has named Franks in a suit related to the Illinois Integrity Fund’s attack on him during his unsuccessful campaign for re-election to the County Board.


GOP Recommends Former McHenry County Board Member Michael Rein to Replace Anne Majewski as Coroner — 11 Comments

  1. Plus, the only golf courses he likes.

    Are the ones whose 18th hole has a fiberglass monkey, you have to shoot through, to hole out.

  2. Cal, I think you meant to say “State law gives appointment power to Democratic McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.”

    Does the McHenry County Board have to give advice and consent to Franks’ appointment, meaning Franks needs to appoint someone who cast a Republican ballot in last year’s primary who can get 13 votes from the board?

  3. Given his education and experience, Rein is the obvious choice!

  4. Rein is a chiro. Not a medical doctor.

    Republicans don’t want the buddy system any more.

    Didn’t they learn anything from Bob Miller?

    And Lawrence?

    Put up someone else.

    McHenry Republican endorsement is a joke.

    A blatant spit in our faces.

    Real Republicans are quiet because they are embarrassed by the leaders.

    Get them out and maybe the party has a fraction of a chance at being relevant.

    Otherwise say hello to Frank’s county.

  5. Dr. Rein is the perfect choice for the job but czar Frank’s will fight it to his grave, his power hungry attitude is really hurting the county.

    Good luck Mike, you deserve this job.

  6. Any endorsement from the deranged MCGOP is the kiss of death.

    The ship is sinking for the extremists. Tic Tock, Tic Tock

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