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Again, thanks to “Former Quigley Supporter” for the following update:

14th Congressional District Roundup 6/13/19

Anthony Catella congressional candidacy announcement now online:

While Mr. Catella formally announced his Republican primary campaign back in mid March, and this video was shot on March 20, it was published on YouTube on June 5.

In it, the 49 year old former Catholic priest emphasizes his background as a veteran of the United States Army from 1994-1999 after graduating with a degree in American Studies from Quincy University.

Additionally, he served in the Army Reserve, where he attained the rank of captain prior to leaving the service in 2010, when he was ordained by the Diocese of Alexandria, LA and served as a priest in the Pelican State.

He left the priesthood in 2015 and returned to his St. Charles hometown.

Catella is a part-time store clerk for an Army surplus store in South Elgin.

He pays homage to fallen McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Keltner and Stanton Bond, whom Catella helped in his unsuccessful primary for Kane County clerk last year.

The video is lengthy (33 minutes), but skipping ahead to 24:27, you hear his announcement for Congress, and his 4 points of leadership. The link is here:

Jim Oberweis Campaign Headquarters Grand Opening Saturday, March 15 in St. Charles:

James Marter’s Campaign Kickoff Event on Father’s Day at PrairieFest Parade in Oswego:

Parade Lineup is Noon, and the parade kickoff is 1 PM, according to Marter’s Facebook page

Proposed Congressional Pay Raises Dead

As is reported elsewhere, the House majority leader and minority leader attempted to have a bipartisan agreement to raise congressional pay, including pay for staff early last week.

The bipartisan backlash from many freshmen Democrats, and several Republicans, brought the proposed pay raise in the FY 2020 budget to an end this past Monday.

Congresswoman Underwood’s position on the pay raise is unknown, but her D.C. roommate, Congresswoman Katie Hill, made her opposition to the raise very public.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood interview in bon appetit

Lauren Underwood

To remind all of the Republican primary candidates about whom they are all wanting to face in November of 2020, this article dated June 12 titled “Lauren Underwood Is Doing Her 30s Better Than Just About Anyone We Know” is a very candid interview.

The subtitle is “The youngest black congresswoman ever talks power, representation, and what self-care looks like for millennial politicians.”

Personally, I found this passage a cause to pause, and to add Ms. Underwood to my prayer list:

bon appetit: How do you deal with insecurities about your age in that [Congress] environment?

Underwood: “They give us these pins—member pins—but I wasn’t into having holes in all my stuff. So I wear it around my neck as a pendant, sort of like a Jesus piece. [Laughs.]”

Ms. Underwood’s religious beliefs are unknown.

Personally, I hope she honors God and righteously fears God, given He is the One who put Underwood to where she is.

The rest of the article didn’t shine a light on that casual remark, and it may be nothing, or it may be something to pray about for her.

You can read the entire article here:


Keeping Up with the 14th Congressional District — 20 Comments

  1. Lauren Underwood’s Cookie Factory.

    Which “CRUMB” would you like to speak to?

  2. Cal, thank you for elevating the comment into an article. Around 5:30PM this afternoon, the following appeared on Oberweis’ congressional campaign’s Facebook page:

    Jim 2020
    1 hr ·
    Not in Illinois! The IL legislature just voted to DOUBLE THE TAX for gasoline – I VOTED NO. However, it did get some Republican votes – one, in particular, was Senator Sue Rezin. Sue Rezin voted to INCREASE THE GAS TAX BY $.19!

    He voted present and he explained to you the reason was he had a perceived conflict of interest, per your post:

    And this is from the guy who continues to use an 11 1/2 years old picture of himself when he was standing next to the now disgraced Denny Hastert on his campaign’s web page and on his Facebook pages:

    At this time, two commenters have called out Oberweis on his campaign Facebook page:

    Paul Sikorski: I thought you voted PRESENT on the gas tax. Am I not correct about that?
    Jake Justen: Voting “Present” is not the same as voting “No”

    We’ll see if/when Oberweis corrects his error, and this error is an outright lie, until he updates his post with the truth.

    But look at what else Oberweis did in that Facebook meme: He opened the first negative salvo against one of his Republican opponents in State Senator Sue Rezin, whom to date has yet to become a candidate, but will likely make it official early next month.

    Given Oberweis’ negative Facebook post, we have proof that it is Jim Oberweis who fired the first shot among the 7 candidates running for the Republican nomination.

    And by doing so, he’s elevated Rezin to “frontrunner” status for the time being. If I were her, I’d be flattered.

    And wait until Sue Rezin, or one of the other candidates fires back at Oberweis for his vote to allow illegal aliens to become student trustees (SB 172).

    Rezin said in the recent article in the Northwest Herald that she is “battle tested”.

    I’m sure we’ll see once she officially enters the race.

    I knew this primary could get ugly, but I didn’t expect it to be before mid-year of 2019 for the March 17, 2020 primary.

    Cal, if you can, please take a screen shot of Oberweis’ gas tax post so we’ll have a permanent record at Oberweis’ attempt to distort the truth here on McHenry County Blog.

  3. Oberweis’ Campaign Facebook post has been edited and now reads:

    Jim 2020
    1 hr ·
    Not in Illinois! The IL legislature just voted to DOUBLE THE TAX for gasoline which I did not vote for! However, it did get some Republican votes – one, in particular, was Senator Sue Rezin. Sue Rezin voted to INCREASE THE GAS TAX BY $.19!

    Well, it took him and his campaign nearly 2 hours to correct this error, so he is telling the truth, though he omits how he really voted — PRESENT. Lies of omission are still lies. Why couldn’t Oberweis simply say he voted PRESENT.

    Well, you have my cut & paste in the previous comment of what his meme originally said.

  4. “Personally, I hope she honors God and righteously fears God, given He is the One who put Underwood to where she is”.


  5. **The people put Lauren Underwood in office. Stupid fools!**

    Yea… if only they had listened to Racist DALA, they would have re-elected a do-nothing congressman and life for all us would be so much better!

  6. I stand by what I wrote in the article, and my concern for Congresswoman Underwood is genuine, and for anyone who questions who is really in control of our country, and our world. Today is Flag Day, so let us remember when we say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag all of the words we are saying, in particular, “…one Nation, under God…”. In 1954, President Eisenhower, in response to the Communist threat of the times, asked Congress to add “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance. President Eisenhower was a God-fearing man, and in the face of a threat to the world even greater than the Axis powers he fought in World War II, he looked to God, and acknowledged Him over our nation, and led the nation to submit to God as a nation under God.

    Let’s also remember, 2 years later, President Eisenhower and a Democratic-controlled Congress officially made “In God We Trust” as the official motto of our great country. “In God We Trust” has appeared on our currency and in Congress ever since. Just yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case by atheists trying to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency, affirming The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals previously ruled that the phrase In God We Trust “does not compel citizens to engage in religious observance” and dismissed the case.

    What does all of this have to do with Lauren Underwood and her reference of “…like a Jesus piece”? Righteous fear of God means you take God seriously in everything you say, do, think or motivates. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30 NIV). Loving God means you obey Him, and throughout Scripture, righteous fear of God means living out his Word, through the Scriptures. Which brings us to Romans 13: 1, 2:

    “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgement on themselves.”

    Yes, technically, the people elected Lauren Underwood to Congress last November. Most of us, while not liking the result, submit that she is our representative in Congress. By talking about replacing her, we are not rebelling, but doing our God-given right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as our founding fathers meant it when establishing our great nation.

    But remember, Who made those minds of those people who chose to vote for Underwood? And look at President Trump. Winning states like Michigan and Pennsylvania in 2016? Who made the mind(s) who convinced Democrat Hillary Clinton and her advisors to not visit the midwest in the last 2 weeks of campaign 2016?

    According to God’s Word, God can do anything, including raise up someone to unseat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, if it is the will of God. If her casual reference to “like a Jesus piece” was nothing at all, like I said, it was nothing at all. If she said it as a sign that she doesn’t know God, righteously fear God and He is the One who put her in Congress by using the voters to elect her? I genuinely pray for her to get to know Him.

    H/T to Breitbart “Supreme Court Rejects Atheists’ Effort to Remove ‘In God We Trust’ from U.S. Currency” June 13, 2019; US Pledge of Allegiance; Wikipedia “In God We Trust”

  7. Former Quigley Supporter- you should stand by what you said. It’s true.

    Though,the people made a choice regarding Lauren Underwood. However, Lauren Underwood promoted a campaign full of facades! She is not who the people think she is. Clearly, she needs to go!

  8. 14th Congressional District Roundup 6/14/19

    Rich Miller Reveals Jim Oberweis Hypocrisy on Gas Tax Hike Bill

    In the recent Casten thread, I said in a comment “I have a beef with anyone who intentionally does not tell the truth, and that means the whole truth.” In the past 24 hours, Jim Oberweis has shown what happens to you when you are caught in lies.

    From Capitol Fax:

    First of all, I would like to thank my good friend Sen. Sandoval. The guy put in incredible amounts of time. I assume that most of you know that. Traveling all over the state to meet with people to discuss needs and lining up support for this, as did our Sen. DeWitte on this side of the aisle.

    Having said that, I’m in a position where I believe I need to vote ‘Present’ because of a potential conflict. But, again, thank you to the two of you, especially Sen. Sandoval, for putting in the time and making that happen. Thanks.
    — Jim Oberweis, June 2nd, speaking on the senate floor on Sen. Martin Sandoval’s SB1939 (Capital Bill with Gas Tax Hike), the bill which raised several taxes and fees to fund the horizontal infrastructure bill.

    The Capitol Fax article displayed screen shots of the original Facebook post on Oberweis’ congressional campaign’s Facebook page, and the edited version which was corrected nearly 2 hours after the original was posted, and several Facebook commenters called-out Oberweis’ “present” vote. Rich Miller finished his article with this conclusion:

    Sen. Rezin did vote for the bill, as did most of Oberweis’ GOP colleagues. And I dunno about you, but it sure sounded to me that night that he would’ve voted for it, too, had it not been for his unexplained conflict of interest. Such is life on the campaign trail I guess.

    Since Capitol Fax’s column, Oberweis’ congressional Facebook page has replies from his campaign to some of the commenters calling-out Oberweis:

    Cate Bernhardt: Voting present is not voting against it. It is keeping one leg on both sides of the fence for political expediency…

    Jim 2020: The bill in its entirety had some tax incentives for businesses some of which Oberweis Dairy could qualify for; therefore, Senator Oberweis couldn’t vote yes or no. Jim I hasn’t voted for any tax increase so it would have been a no – he made a statement on the record BEFORE he took the vote that day.

    Capitol Fax transcribed what Oberweis actually said, and there was no detail in his floor speech. Here’s another thread Oberweis’ campaign responded:

    Vicki Hughes: Voting present is the same as voting yes. Why didn’t you vote no?

    Jim 2020: Senator Oberweis could not vote either way due to a conflict of interest with the bill providing certain tax benefits that Oberweis Dairy could benefit from.

    Vicki Hughes: so screw the rest of us for your own benefit.

    Jim 2020: He would have voted no, but could not after he discussed it with the House ethics commission.

    Here is what Oberweis told Cal:

    The full Capitol Fax article can be found here:

    James Marter Visits Crystal Lake, updates his Facebook Profile pic

    James Marter attended the town hall at Crystal Lake City Hall this past Tuesday, and several images were posted on his Facebook page. He also, possibly after reading McHenry County Blog and Jim Oberweis’ 11 1/2 years old Facebook profile pic posted on Monday, updated his Facebook pic on Tuesday.

  9. So if God, he or she?, put Lauren in Congress, God is respectful of woman’s reproduction rights. God want’s healthcare for all including those with preexisting conditions.

    God doesn’t want children at the border thrown into cages.

    God wants workers to earn fair wages.

    God doesn’t want idiots to own guns and wrongfully massacre innocent people.

    I really like this God!!!

  10. Her religious beliefs ARE INDEED known.

    She works the false idol Saul Alinsky.

  11. DALA, I do stand by what I say, which is following God’s lead He wants me to do approaching the congressional elections directly impacting McHenry County next year. Am I perfect? No, but I believe some good has come by my surrendering what I should say, into what He wants me to say. One approach I’ve been lead is to be equally tough on the Republicans who want the opportunity to replace Underwood next year, as well as being tough on Underwood when it is time to be tough on Underwood. Her House Homeland Security committee antics on May 22 being a prime example.

    Let’s talk about “facades” and take Jim Oberweis, as an example. I’ve started writing about Oberweis’ use of an 11 1/2 years old picture of himself on his campaign’s web site and Facebook pages. This past Monday, I posted under the Oberweis Present vote explanation topic a comment that included the following about the 11 1/2 years old pic:

    “I genuinely hope Oberweis’ campaign nips this in the bud, now. Many voters in the 14th district are upset Lauren Underwood misrepresented herself as a practicing RN at a doctor’s private practice last year. Oberweis misrepresenting what he looks like is hardly any better.”

    Would you agree that the Republicans shouldn’t out-Underwood Underwood? I was led to find the particular pic online, to prove beyond all doubt that the pic Oberweis is using was taken on December 13, 2007. I provided the link to show what the entire pic looks like. Oberweis turned 73 last Monday, yet he’s using a pic of himself when he was 61 1/2 years old. Even with an Illinois driver’s license and with safe driving, the IL Secretary of State requires a new photo image to be taken after 8 years.

    But then, an unexpected turn of events. Candidate James Marter updated his Facebook profile pic a day after my June 10 comment on this topic. I do know Marter’s campaign monitors McHenry County Blog, given he has shared an article from McHenry County Blog and showed up unannounced at the Crystal Lake Town Hall last Tuesday and did a meet-and-greet. Cal advertised the town hall event here, though Marter could have learned about it from the newspapers. Did Marter update his Facebook pic because of my comments about Oberweis’ vintage picture here on McHenry County Blog? Maybe he did, or maybe purely coincidental. Unless Marter’s people say something, God only knows.

    And now, look what has happened to Oberweis, starting Thursday afternoon. His claiming to have voted “NO” on the gas tax hike on his Facebook page then editing the comment from a lie to a half-truth (see comments above), and we all learned, thanks to Capitol Fax, he praised the capital bill, tax increases and all. And he attacked Congressional candidate and fellow state senator Sue Rezin in the process? Little things not addressed can lead to big things, and all facades will be blown away with the truth in the end.

    All facades need to be torn down, on all of the Republicans in order to insure primary voters cast informed votes and led by God, nominate the right man or woman to champion His Kingdom Agenda in the fall of 2020.

  12. “dentbla”, your “he or she” reference to God proves you do not know Him. Please get to know Him, but here is what the Scripture says about God being He:

    Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness;” (Genesis 1:26a NKJV)

    Man was made first, in God’s image. Woman was made from a rib God took from the first man to be a suitable “helper” (Genesis 2.18). Jesus is the Son of God and He is fully God and fully man. God is He.

    I would suggest you read the book of Esther, the only book in the Scriptures where God is not referenced by name, along with prayer and sacrifice. Though not named, God’s fingerprints are all over the events that saved the Jews from destruction, and is the reason for the Jewish celebration of Purim.

    There is a character in Esther, named Haman. God raised up Haman, too. Now I do not want to infer that Lauren Underwood, or anyone else, is a cruel butcher like Haman, but God’s Will defies all human understanding. Was Lauren Underwood raised up in order to bring more Godly representation from the 14th in someone else? God only knows, but since Underwood’s belief in God is unknown, we do not know if she is a God-fearing, God-honoring woman. Believe me, He knows, and like anyone else, He gives everyone a chance to repent and come to Him.

    Given the blatant politicizing you posted, let me leave you with Galatians 6:7 (NKJV):

    Do not be deceived. God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

    And that verse applies to women, too. But as I said, and I mean this sincerely, please get to know Him.

  13. Such bad theology and exegesis. But I do love that in the same post you say that God is referred to as a man (therefore must be a man), yet when scripture fixes commands to men, they also apply to women. That’s cute.

    I also strongly recommend Is If Okay to Call God Mother by Paul Smith:
    Is It Okay to Call God “Mother”?: Considering the Feminine Face of God

  14. AlabamaShake = A RACIST MENACE TO SOCIETY!



  15. People voted her in with her fake nurse act and all.

    If anyon is to blame > blame the right wing whacks that didnt vote because they dont want be associated with church bombers or racists.

    When will the Republicans learn extreme positions dont win elections?

  16. Just a reminder to everyone that DALA believes this:

    Underwood comes from the most [sic] “MOST UN-EVOLVED “culture in US HISTORY! The Black Race!

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