Mentioning Themselves for the McHenry County Cororner’s Job

While the Republican Party has recommended former McHenry County Board member Michael Rein to replace Ann Majewski as Coroner, lots of other people have communicated their desire to assume the $104,750 a year post.

State law requires the appointment of a Republican by McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks because Majewski was elected as a Republican )never with opposition).

Their names, in alphabetical order, appear below:

  • Patricia J. Bogard, previous McHenry County Deputy Coroner with a degree in Mortuary Science, Island Lake
  • Shannon Parker Havenhill, MSN, RN, Crystal Lake
  • Richard B. Jackson, attorney, Crystal Lake
  • Mark Justen, Owner of Justen Funeral Home and Crematory in McHenry
  • Lisa A. Maire, retired funeral director
  • Orlando Portillo, McHenry County Deputy Coroner and former Lake County Coroner Chief Deputy, Richmond
  • Teresa Steph, attorney, Cary
  • Edith M. Varga, former McHenry County Deputy Coroner, degree in mortuary science, Richmond


Mentioning Themselves for the McHenry County Cororner’s Job — 18 Comments

  1. I hereby nominate my sunshine blogger for cat catcher. Those in favor please say meow…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  2. Short list of jobs and titles I’ve held, that more than qualify me for any Public Sector position.

    Bon Vivant

  3. Angel

    Your tick tock bit is what two years old and you have nothing of substance.

    At this point just give it up.

  4. ARL’s childish rantings are nothing more than pathetic cries for attention which belie his
    social immaturity, much like that of Low I.Q. Little Joey Blowhard.

  5. Mark Justen will soon be doing the perp walk.

    His gal pal Tina Hill, always eating too much, let the cat out of the bag,

  6. Dentblah, you are the substance!

    The substance I remove from my shoes at an ill-kept dog park.

  7. Is a chiropractor really the best we can do for county coroner?

    I know Dr Rein is probably a good man, but aside from being a friend of the Evertsen club, is he really the best for the job?

  8. @Christopher Wondering if you even know how people become Chiropractors?

    They have quite the extensive medical background.

    I heard that Dr. Rein has a Bachelor’s in Human Biology also.

    I know I like my Chiropractor.

    Helped me better than my MD!

  9. How many of the other qualified candidates were given the opportunity to interview with the GOP for the Coroner position? VERY FEW!

    The process was a scam and a complete joke.

    Remember this when it comes time to vote these fat cats back in to office.

  10. Would you please supply the names of those who met the qualifications, one of which is that one be a Republican, who were not interviewed?

  11. @Joey Does Jacko interview all the applicants that go through his office for appointments?

    Of course he doesn’t.

    The board doesn’t even get to see who applied because Jacko won’t release those names!

    Jacko brings forward whoever he feels he can intimidate!

    Heard the LITH Sanitary District was a perfect example of that!

  12. Mr. Franks broke the law by not appointing an interim from applicants.

  13. Mr. Franks broke the law by not appointing an interim from applicants within 90 days.

  14. Angela (Bono) Byrnes is the least compassionate person.

    Her job at Hospice is undeserved.

    She is running for 2020, and would be a horrible candidate.

    Her “forensics” education is not in the death forensics field.

    She was uncompassionate towards her dying mother how would she be with your family.

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