Rich Miller Reveals Another Jack Franks Hypocrisy

From Capitol Fax:

I remember hearing Gov. George Ryan pitch a fit after he passed his Illinois FIRST plan about how then Rep. Jack Franks loudly spoke against the taxes to fund the $12 billion program but, he said, was the first guy in his office with his hand out for projects.

Jack Franks ranting on the House floor.

The post was followed by this comment:

The Captain – Thursday, Jun 13, 19 @ 12:00 pm:

I find it hard to believe that Jack Franks was a duplicitous grandstander.

And this from Rich Miller:

– Rich Miller – Thursday, Jun 13, 19 @ 12:19 pm:

===I find it hard to believe that Jack Franks was a duplicitous grandstander. ===

Best comment of the day.

Followed by this from Duke:

One of my favorite former Legislators always referred to Franks as “The Bloviator in Chief”.

I always thought that the terrific Ann Richards line suited him well . . . . . .”born on third base, thinks be hit a triple”.


Rich Miller Reveals Another Jack Franks Hypocrisy — 21 Comments

  1. Cal, why don’t you talk more about your Daddy and how you disgraced his legacy?

    I think that makes you the Blow-viator in Chief.

  2. Almost a year ago, Psychology Today had an article titled: “How Can You Tell Who’s a Lying, Hypocritical Egomaniac? ”

    All you need to do is watch Jack Franks.

  3. This is why Jack Franks supports Lauren Underwood.

    She is a a Hypocrite!

    Also, Lauren Underwood is really good at following the leader.

    She’s got some really sharp skills and has perfected that game thanks to Jack Franks.

    In fact, Jack Franks and Lauren Underwood are like a box of Girl Scout cookies.

    When all the cookies are gone, look at the bottom of the box and you’l find the crumbs!

    Girl Scout Promise–>

    On my honor, I will try:
    To serve God and my country,
    To help people at all times,
    And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

    Nice try Lauren, you gave it your best but still failed!

  4. Will someone please put a muzzle on fair play!

    He’s upset because no one wants to play in the same sandbox.

  5. Calling Ted Nugent.

    The people of McHenry County need you here, to humble some A……ses along the way.

    We need to get rid of that Jack Franks and his buddy Lauren Underwood.

    Don’t bother looking for those Girls Scout Cookies, as it appears, the only thing you find is a couple of crumbs.

  6. Franks ain’t fat, he’s 100x over-sized, just like a feeding leech.

  7. **This is why Jack Franks supports Lauren Underwood.**

    LOL – Racist DALA is obsessed with Lauren Underwood.

    You can’t even let a post go that isn’t about her without talking about her.

  8. It’s ‘Hypocrisy’ Cal, for your headline.

    Although Franks does seek to install a ‘Hypocracy’ form of government in McHenry County.

    Franks is an expert on being a hypocrite in his public, private and personal lives.

    Please don’t delve too deeply in his goings on in Springfield.

    The expose would make a sewer rat gag.

    That’s one reason he had to quit Springpatch!

    I just wish he’d quit his hypocritical ways.

  9. Franks epitomizes what it is to be a liar and deceiver
    just like his fellow traveler, the fake nurse.

    Did this post “trigger” you, Little Joey Blowhard ?

    Or you, AlabamaShake ?

    Too bad, deal with it.

  10. AlabamaShake and Lauren Underwood sitting in a tree!


    The fake nurse and Mr Menace of Society sitting in a tree whispering sweet nothings in each others ears, while the chow down those Girl Scout Cookies.

    When they are done they will be scraping the bottom of the box trying to find the crumbs.

    Don’t bother, just look at each other!

  11. Fairplay.

    What are you talking about disgracing the name?

    Can you share with the class please and thank you?

  12. **AlabamaShake and Lauren Underwood sitting in a tree! K…i…ss…i…n..g!**

    Good god – how old are you?!

  13. Just a reminder to everyone that DALA believes this:

    Underwood comes from the most [sic] “MOST UN-EVOLVED “culture in US HISTORY! The Black Race!

  14. Black people are still blaming white people for their plight in life.

    And, Lauren Underwood does not like white people as her actions speak louder than words–>

    From Lauren Underwoods Linkedin page –>Study coordinator for NIH-funded project, “Symptom Prevention and Management for African American women with Breast Cancer” which examines spirituality and coping skills among black women undergoing chemotherapy.

    Her campaign was a big fat facade!

  15. DALA on 06/17/2019 at 9:56 am said: It’s true.


    I don’t know why that I am still shocked at the blatant racism on this blog, but I continue to be so.

    It is unbelievable.

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