Citizen Doesn’t Think Much of Jack Franks

A letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald, republished with permission of author Jay Adler:

Franks needs to go

Jack Franks is nothing more than a career politician for the taxpayers of McHenry County.

Franks served 18 years as a State Representative, and during that time our property taxes skyrocketed and our property values plummeted.        

Franks tried to get 12 of his family members and friends patronage jobs including his wife, his father and his brother back in the early 2000s.

Not only did Franks try to get them jobs but also to saddle we the taxpayers with lucrative pensions for them as well!

Franks’ attitude is “Who cares? It’s just taxes.”        

It’s time for Jack Franks to stop sponging off the taxpayers and find a private career, as his state  pension will almost certainly end up costing us well over $2 MILLION dollars!

Franks wasn’t required to activate his pension but the minute he turned 55 Franks couldn’t wait to get his money-grabbing hands on his over $58,000 a year pension.

In addition, he stands to receive a 3% annual increase at age 65 for life!        

This is the problem with career politicians like Jack Franks.

They care about themselves more than the struggling middle and lower income earners.

Jack Franks is nothing but a self indulgent and self absorbed politician who needs to go!


Citizen Doesn’t Think Much of Jack Franks — 9 Comments

  1. Jay forgot the free health care he gets on top of everything else.

    Gotta give Illinois politicians credit, they know how to really F over taxpayers.

  2. Back in my day, we didn’t have sissy boy Pols like Franks, robbing us with salary and benefit scams they voted for themselves.

    Manly Illinois Pols, used to stuff their stolen cash in shoeboxes, squirreled away in Springfield hotel rooms.

  3. @Fair Play or is it Craver?!

    So what did Jay Adler say that offended you.

    Does the Democratic Party have any other people to elect besides Jacko?

    Of course the article is 100% factual!

    How about your boy Kam Buckner Illinois State Rep. for DUI?

    Yeah Parked on the road and refusing to blow.

    All the other things you mentioned I would expect all of them to be doing hard time.

    But I guess they were false since they are not.

    Quit trying to stick up for your boy Jacko tic toc tic toc!!

  4. Anyone subpoena Cal yet to get the id for Fair Play to start the lawsuit?

  5. Something tells me nobody will subpoena for the Id for a lawsuit.

    Discovery would be too damaging for the parties involved.

  6. “Franks served 18 years as a State Representative, and during that time our property taxes skyrocketed and our property values plummeted.”

    As has been pointed out many times, the state doesn’t set our property taxes.

    Our taxes went up so much during those 18 years due to republicans running McHenry County.

    The state also had nothing to due with the housing crash.

  7. dentbla- a little short on facts there.

    Our property taxes skyrocketed not because of republicans running McHenry County but because the state has not adequately funded our schools.

    They were more concerned with spending our money elsewhere, like patronage pensions, public sector unions and continuously bailing out Chicago.

  8. @dentbla

    The Schools are run by the Democrats on every single school board and that is over 60% of your taxes!

    Maybe because the State doesn’t support the schools like they are suppose to.

    Or how about McHenry County and the collar counties tax collection goes to Chicago!

    The collar counties get screwed because we are the feeder system to Chicago with our tax dollars!

    How about the Illinois Lottery suppose to fund schools.

    Ever wonder how much lower our property taxes would be that happened.

    Saying the State has nothing to do with your property taxes is a ignorant statement!

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