The Nazi Salute from a Republican in Kendall County

From “Former Quigley Supporter:”

14th Congressional District 6/17/19 — Oswego PrairieFest Parade Incident

Yesterday at the PrairieFest in Oswego, an incident took place which impacted Congressional Candidate James Marter, whose campaign used PrairieFest as its formal kickoff after his May 30 announcement.

Democratic Congresswoman Lauren Underwood participated in Oswego yesterday, along with Marter and volunteers for Jim Oberweis.

If the other 14th district Republican candidates participated, their social media sites say nothing.

Here is a Facebook post Mr. Marter shared yesterday after the parade, and brings up the incident:

Marter for Congress
18 hrs ·
Today the Kendall Republicans had a great day at The Village of Oswego’s Prairie Fest Parade, on Father’s Day. We thank all the support we received along the way, from the wonderful people in the Village, and the weather was great! For all it was a festive day!

However, something was brought to our attention that occurred before the parade in the staging area when the Kendall County Democratic party float went by, they were cheering and waving, and we did the same, all in good fun and friendly for the most part.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was on the float, and as she went by, she said hi to me and I said hi to her as I was waving hello to her.

Except we had one volunteer walker who made an inappropriate gesture to the float, unbeknownst to me or anyone else with the Republican Party of Kendall County.

We received a call from a Kendall County Democratic board member and thanked them for bringing this to our attention.

As the immediate former Chairman and I spoke with the current Chairman, we both apologize to the Kendall County Democratic party for this person’s bad behavior, and we will no longer be affiliated with the person, who is not a precinct committeeman.

In the heated environment in politics these days, we cannot tolerate this type of behavior on either side and I regret it happened before the event.

Sincerely – James Marter

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s campaign Twitter account sent out a thread of tweets about the incident, which is pasted together for ease of reading:

Lauren Underwood

Today, while walking alongside volunteers, my family and my community in this year’s PrairieFest Parade, someone gave a Nazi salute and shouted hate speech at us.

I want to be very clear: hate has absolutely no place here. PrairieFest has been a family friendly, fun and welcoming event in Oswego for many years and we refuse to let this action define us.

We are a community that embraces one another and values civility and tolerance and I am proud to represent it as your Congresswoman. We will not be silent in the face of hate — and I hope that you will stand with me against it.

While the congresswoman’s campaign did not name either James Marter or the Kendall County Republicans in her campaign’s tweets, others did, as documented in this news story from WSPY:

Regrettably, both sides (Democrats and Republicans) are trying to politicize yesterday’s disgusting incident.

Read some of the comments to Marter’s campaign Facebook post, which his campaign is having to control and filter.

It’s also very good to see several bipartisan comments supporting how Marter handled the incident.

What that individual did yesterday goes beyond an overzealous supporter.

There are fringe elements in any political movement, and yesterday, one of those fringe elements went too far and acted out, and did it while representing James Marter.

I went back into the archives here and found the following a vulgar incident of a hand gesture from the Independence Day parade in Crystal Lake in 2013, and the person doing the incident there stated “…I was apparently holding the roof of a vehicle with my middle finger instead of all my fingers” (

I am sure 99.9% of people have come a long way from that kind of lack of self-awareness.

Unfortunately, one of the 0.1% reared its ugly head yesterday in Oswego.


The Nazi Salute from a Republican in Kendall County — 32 Comments

  1. Lets be honest…

    No one is REAAAAAAAALLY shocked this came from the Republican side as this type of hate has been normalized from the top down. We even have it locally!

    It would have been truly shocking if, for example, someone affiliated with Rep. Underwood (D) had focused this type of hate speech at an opponent.

    If you are truly speaking from your heart of hearts you know its true and it is sad for our party. We allowed this to happen.

  2. Not condoning the zeig heil move but I would like to see as much attention paid by the left when Trump hats are knocked from people’s heads and Trump supporters are physically attacked.

  3. This is shaping up to be an interesting primary.

    Rezin is the moderate and Marter the Alt-Right candidate with Oberweis and Skillicorn somewhere in between.

  4. Hopefully all of this playful banter, will lead them all to having steamy make up sex.

  5. “Insider”, how is Sue Rezin considered a “moderate”?

    Yes, she voted for the capital bill, tax/fee increases and all, but she is staunchly pro-life.

    Both Allen Skillicorn and Jim Oberweis “somewhere in between”?

    Both men are ideologues particularly on taxes, and frankly, Skillicorn is a Libertarian, given his vote for recreational marijuana.

    And what about Oberweis’ vote in favor of non-citizen, possibly undocumented immigrants as student trustees? Danny Malouf is a younger (20+ years) version of James Marter, a constitutional conservative.

    Ted Gradel’s platform is strong conservative and pro-President Trump.

    And Anthony Catella, the only veteran and former clergyman in this race, is guided by the 4 points of leadership he outlined in his announcement:

    — Humble use of power
    — Term limits (4 terms for congressmen)
    — Bipartisanship
    — Order with Justice under Law

    Like you said, it will be an interesting Republican primary, with 7 candidates running.

  6. Who give a flying f……. what somebody did?

    Why does Marter even take the bait and even respond?

    The communists will always be staging things like this and their media whores will always give it front page billing.

    Like, Duhhhhhhhh.

  7. SuburbanRINO -the Republicans did not allow this to happen.

    The person who gave the Nazi Salute is responsible.

    It was a personal choice and it had nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat.

    They are flawed.

    Don’t you dare put that on everyones plate!

    Marter is a class act.

    But the Democrats like Lauren Underwood used this as an opportunity to swerve and deflect!

    Lauren Underwood, is fake through and through.

  8. Why is this called ‘Nazi salute’ it’s the old Roman salute adopted by Mussolini!

  9. 14th Congressional District Roundup 6/19/19

    Winners and Losers of the Oswego PrairieFest Parade Incident

    Healing in Oswego began within hours of one individual who decided to act out a despicable “salute” and yell. While there are winners who quickly began the healing in the community, there are also losers who chose to give a negative reaction, as the list demonstrates:


    Congresswoman Lauren Underwood, for exercising maturity and restraint in the face of the despicable act by the troubled individual. Her thread of 4 tweets from her campaign Twitter account Sunday afternoon did not lay blame on the Republican Party or congressional candidate James Marter. She rightfully called out hate speech, and did it without attempting to score political points. Many individuals on the “Losers” list chose to do that, which is why they find themselves there.

    Congressional Candidate James Marter, for exercising similar maturity, restraint, plus action on his part, considering this person did this disgusting act in James Marter’s name, wearing a James Marter for Congress t-shirt. While some of the “Losers” have attempted to say Marter wasn’t tough enough, any reasonable person reading Marter’s response would be satisfied he acted accordingly, which he did.

    Kendall County Republican Chairman Joe Gillespie, for quickly investigating what happened in Oswego, taking action including apologies, and issuing a forceful response which included: “However this gesture was intended, behavior such as this and the ideology associated with the gesture has no place in the Republican Party.” Chairman Gillespie’s full statement can be seen towards the end of the WSPY article link.

    All Social Media commenters who did not try to politicize what happened, anyone who joined the obvious to stop any kind of hate speech, no matter where it comes from, and said so, particularly on James Marter’s campaign Facebook page rose above the fray and helped the healing.


    Kendall County Democratic Chair Julie Gondar, while speaking to the media she has been saying quiet words of healing, her initial Facebook meme she signed from the Kendall Democrats’ Facebook page included the following: “I am calling on the Kendall County Republicans for a formal apology and asking them to denounce and distance themselves from that particular GOP candidate.” Asking to denounce and distance themselves from James Marter assumes Marter was behind the person doing the disgusting gesture and yell. An apology is appropriate to ask for, but she went overboard in her meme blaming James Marter’s campaign for one individual’s action. The entire meme screen capture can be read at the WSPY link below.

    Renato Mariotti, the CNN Legal Analyst and former federal prosecutor, was marching in the parade as a volunteer for Congresswoman Underwood, and a ShawMedia pic shows him holding her sign, so he was not “on assignment” for CNN at this event. His tweet, which started a chain reaction of politicizing, ended with the phrase “Is that what @kendallgop stands for?” referring to the offensive gesture. Take a lesson from Underwood, and exercise restraint.

    All Social Media commenters who did try to politicize what happened, so soon after the incident was disgusting. Trying to blame all of this on James Marter, President Trump, the Republicans and even trying to infuse humor, like tweeting certain scenes from The Blues Brothers to a serious situation, doesn’t help everyone improve the situation but only creates divisions. Take a lesson from the “Winners”, and follow their examples.

    WSPY link:
    ShawMedia link:

    Jim Oberweis Response Missed the Mark

    Candidate Jim Oberweis responded to CapitolFax and their Friday article concerning Oberweis’ praising the proponents of the Capital Bill. The response was posted on McHenry County Blog in the middle of the updated article ( What Oberweis failed to do was take ownership for his campaign’s Facebook page posting a lie that he voted “NO” that stayed up for nearly 2 hours, and then replacing the lie with the half-truth that he did not vote for the Capital Bill, including the gas tax hike. He did not disclose he voted “present”, apart from Facebook comments responding to commenters’ rightful calling-out his “present” vote. Oberweis needs to own what he did, and as the candidate, he is responsible for anyone in his campaign posting lies, intentionally or accidentally. Admit it happened, apologize for it, and move on.

    Underwood is Paying Attention to Sue Rezin, too

    Oberweis’ attack on Sue Rezin for her vote on the Capital Bill is not the only swipe a potential Rezin opponent took at her recently. Congresswoman Lauren Underwood was in Minooka, which is in Rezin’s district and highlighted a resident’s challenge with health care expenses. The thread of Tweets from Underwood’s congressional Twitter account, which was posted Monday afternoon, is pasted below for ease of reading:

    Minooka resident Kaylee Heap dreams of working on her family’s pumpkin farm to help her husband grow their small business. But she can’t because if she were to quit her day job, health care costs for her growing family would be unaffordable. Kaylee’s experience is the unfortunate reality for many families who struggle to afford quality health care. This is unacceptable. During #HealthCareWeekend, Kaylee shared her story with me to highlight the urgent need for quality, affordable health care. I’ve introduced the Health Care Affordability Act to address this issue and lower premium costs for families like Kaylee’s and thousands more in #IL14.

    Between Oberweis’ rightfully pointing out Rezin’s vote on the Capital Bill, and this indirect swipe from Underwood using a resident in Rezin’s district, Sue Rezin has emerged as the frontrunner early-on in the Republican primary. And this is before she declares her candidacy! Now all Rezin has to do is formally announce, and she is showing everyone she will do it on her time and set the time and place.

    Marter, Oberweis Attend Suburban Advocacy Event on June 15

    James Marter and Jim Oberweis both attended the Suburban Advocacy Lunch on Saturday, which is written up in the following Illinois Review article. Todd Ricketts was the keynote speaker. If other 14th district candidates attended, the author did not mention them in the article. Chris Yaeger, who’s organizing the Trump Re-election announcement party in Huntley tonight (Tuesday 6/18) attended, as did Island Lake Patriot Joe Ptak:

    NRCC Lays an Egg

    The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) sends out daily press briefings on just about everything. So on Monday, the NRCC issued a release concerning Congresswoman Lauren Underwood which was posted on a Facebook page James Marter shared. The problem is, the NRCC got it wrong and would have been better off using McHenry County Blog’s May 31 article concerning Underwood’s west coast fundraising.

    The NRCC relied on a San Francisco Chronicle June 14 online schedule of political events in the Bay Area, and included Underwood’s late July appearance in San Francisco. A problem is, the Chronicle has the wrong date, and the real date is July 29. The website link is included in the May 31 McHenry County Blog article. Apart from relying on an inaccurate article in a San Francisco newspaper, the NRCC calls that San Francisco event a fundraiser. It isn’t. It’s an appearance at a venue that offers food, drink and a place where people can hear people speak, and the venue is charging either $6 or $12. Hardly a fundraiser anyone would travel across the country to appear.

    The NRCC is accurate that Underwood has made multiple trips to California, including a big-dollar fundraiser on May 30 at the home of Alan Horn, the co-chairman and chief creative officer for Disney Studios, and chaired by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And on the same trip, Underwood did an appearance at the California Policy and Research Initiative, participating in a panel discussion with Congresswomen Katie Hill (CA, D.C. roommate) and Cindy Axne (IA), and Congressman Collin Allred (TX). Underwood gave the commencement address at Mills College on May 18 in Oakland.

    I would anticipate Underwood to be doing fundraising while she’s in California in late July during the August Recess (July 26-September 8). That said, the July 29 appearance at an establishment in San Francisco’s Mission District is definitely NOT a fundraiser.

    Jim Oberweis Reminder of Crystal Lake Campaign Office Opening Saturday

    The Oberweis campaign reminded Facebook readers of Saturday’s grand opening of their Crystal Lake campaign office, 6500 Northwest Hwy, Suite 8 from 3-5:30PM.

    James Marter Appearing in Huntley June 27

    James Marter is scheduled to appear at the Huntley Area TEA Party for a meet and greet at the American Legion Hall on 11712 W. Coral St. in Huntley.

  10. Cal, bleah, the date of the update should reflect “6/18/19”, not “6/19/19”. Apologies for the typo.

  11. I can’t imagine why this was posted “Illinois Blows” much less why you dragged me into it. Does this have anything to do with the subject at hand?

    As for the Nazi salute, it’s a shame this ugliness is back.

    Frankly I never dreamed any party would want to embrace this awful theology.

    Hats off to the local party for swiftly booting the perpetrator. I

  12. “theology” Little Joey?

    Wow, you must be another dead head teacher to write that.

    Did Franks pay to write that?

  13. Theology, regime, manifesto- what do you prefer Sobieski?

    Nazis are, were and always will be murderous scum without a shred of redeeming value.

  14. Former Quigley Supporter writes in the previous post–>Renato Mariotti, the CNN Legal Analyst and former federal prosecutor, was marching in the parade as a volunteer for Congresswoman Underwood, and a ShawMedia pic shows him holding her sign, so he was not “on assignment” for CNN at this event. His tweet, which started a chain reaction of politicizing, ended with the phrase “Is that what @kendallgop stands for?” referring to the offensive gesture. Take a lesson from Underwood, and exercise restraint.

    The Democrats know that the Lauren Underwood is being exposed for who she really is and they are marshaling the troops to do damage control to ensure a win in the next election.

    The people need to wake up and realize that Lauren does not represent the people. SHE IS FAKE

    Let’s unseat Lauren Underwood in the next election!

  15. This whole thing is blown up, out of proportion, regarding the ignorant gesture by someone to a politician.

    Everybody, the mostly left wing media, is quick to forget that something much, much more than a silly hand gesture was done by a staunch Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter. That guy traveled to Virginia to a baseball practice game looking for Republicans to hurt. He shot at Steve Scalise, a Republican U.S. House member, and severely injured him. Steve endured numerous surgeries and was eventually able to return to his duties as a House member.

    Hard core left wingers, Democrats, have been referring verbally to Trump as a Hitler for the last 4 years. What about all of these jerks.

  16. Sobieski, Joe Kiverda follows the leader, which is Jack Franks.

    Franks is another one that needs to go!

    The people need to wake up to the fact that Franks is tied to Madigan.

    Madigan, has held the purse strings of this State for decades and he does not work for the people.

  17. Not surprised at the Alt Right support by an Illinois Nazi. Matter, Skillcorn and their chums eat that nonsense all day with a spoon.

  18. So do you kids ever discuss the issues or is it just insults, name calling and schoolyard taunts? I think anyone who pays even minimal attention to the exchanges here has noticed a deep vein of racism, misogyny and neo-what-have-you-ism in local politics. A Nazi salute is merely the visual representation of this blog’s daily chatter.

  19. Here is an issue brought about from an upcoming leader of the Democrat Party, AOC Cortez. She recently said that the detention centers on the U.S. southern border are like concentration camps. Just more evidence that some members of the Democrat Party have become unhinged and are talking like lunatics.

  20. Isn’t it weird that, in 2019, with a smartphone in everyone’s pocket and streaming to the cloud being widely available, that NO ONE got video or photographic evidence of the event in question?

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