Algonquin Township Board to Consider Budgets, Road District Elimination Referendum

Besides considering budgets and paying bills at a Regular Meeting called for 6:45 Wednesday, the Algonquin Township Board will consider the following in public:

In addition, the Board’s three members will meet behind closed doors for as yet unannounced reasons.


Algonquin Township Board to Consider Budgets, Road District Elimination Referendum — 6 Comments

  1. Given what Kirk Allen posted in the article maybe the township trustees should wait on the deputy supervisor appointment a little longer, given HB 3141.

    Looks like the bill formally hit the governor’s desk this past Friday.

    If the bill is signed, the law is effective immediately.

    If the township utilizes the new law, which of the 3 trustees would be the best for deputy supervisor?

  2. Kirk Allen is great.

    The Millers are foul.

    They rode around Algonquin w/ impunity and are trying to run again.

    Don’t be fooled.

  3. I’m available for $300 per hour.

    Just pass me a time sheet and let’s get started.

  4. Perfect yet again this all started with Dorthy and her side kick HUSBAND
    LAKE whatever stocked but getting tax break??


  5. Illinois Blows is right!

    What did the Millers accomplish in the 24 years Bob was Highway Commissioner?

    Let’s see:

    1)the Millers went to Disneyland,

    2) gave away lots of gift cards (I’m still looking for my free cards);

    3) they neglected the folks that needed a bridge,

    4) they had employees shooting up a car which was great fun,

    5) bought lots of stuff!

    6) picked up lots of overtime,

    7) built a pool in their backyard, and

    8) laughed all the way to the bank.

    What’s Andrew done since taking office?

    1) He reduced taxes for the whole township with a reduction in the Road District levy each year,

    2) He built two bridges that were needed for years while Bob planned an unnecessary roundabout,

    3) he exposed the truth about what took place for years.

    4) He even proved that even though he spent money to fight the union that with all that complaining he operated well below the Miller system,

    5) he reduced headcount and pension liability,

    6) he proved the NWH couldn’t be objective about anything he did.


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