Dems Pro-Teacher Legislation — 8 Comments

  1. He advocates eliminating the Basic Skills Test requirement yet wants to increase funding for Nationally Board Certified Teachers?

  2. How many days does the average teacher in the state of Illinois show up for work in a calendar year?

    Surely someone on here has the numbers?

  3. “Miniumum wage” for lazy teachers? They only ‘work’ 4.5 hrs a day 153 days a year.

    Most can’t a test in their field! Most have never read Shakespeare or successfully completed a simple algebra quiz.

  4. Rather than using public money to try to increase the supply of teachers, the better approach is to decrease the demand.

    Teachers are paid a full time salary, and they should have to work year round just as everyone else does.

    We would need fewer teachers, and students could spend the same total amount of time in school with breaks on a rotating basis.

    Why doesn’t this state eliminate the requirement that schools have to hire certified teachers to teach courses like PE, drivers ed and other subjects where good private sector alternatives exist?

    Online learning opportunities should be aggressively pursued.

    Schools should also be able to offer differential pay based on the subject taught – a person with a degree in art history really doesn’t have a lot of great private sector employment alternatives, while a person with a chemistry degree does.

    Let the pay scale reflect that.

  5. What are the opportunities for jobs in the private sector for persons with degrees in art, history. What are the salary ranges for these opportunities?

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