Algonquin Township Board Appoints Supervisor Chuck Lutzow’s Wife Darlene as Temporary Deputy Supervisor

With Algonquin Township Supervisor Chuck Lutzow in recovery from a stroke, the township needs someone to sign checks and other documents.

At the meeting on Wednesday evening, the Board voter 2-1 to appoint Darlene Lutzow as Temporary Deputy Supervisor.

The post is strictly ministerial and will no be compensated.

The motion was made by Trustee David Chapman.

“I have a lot of concerns about this,” Trustee Rachael Lawrence said.

She explained that Mrs. Lutzow would have access to all the bank accounts and the entire building.

Lawrence was also bothered that there had been nrvisoo application process.

“All that we know about Supervisor Lutzow’s condition has come from Mrs. Lutzow and only Mrs. Lutzow.”

Lawrence said she knew that Mrs. Lutzow met the statutory requirements for the position.

“I feel there should be more careful consideration put into this.”

Trustee Shea replied, “I’ve known Darlene Lutzow to be supremel y competent. If there is to be any criticism, it’s probably that she is overqualified.”

“I believe she would be the best qualified,” Chapman added.

“I can’t vote for her based on just meeting her,” Lawrence said.

“I have nothing against her,” she added returning to her concernabout the lack of competition for the position.

Before the vote, Shea observed, “This would be a big advantage when Chuck comes back.”

Darlene Lutzow attended the meeting.


Algonquin Township Board Appoints Supervisor Chuck Lutzow’s Wife Darlene as Temporary Deputy Supervisor — 9 Comments

  1. Maybe Dunce Lawrence should pass the Neurology medical boards and then examine Chuck.

  2. Don’t tread on me be nice to Sippy Cup!

    If only the whole board had her level of integrity.

  3. My memory might be failing.

    But didnt Anna Mae Miller get her start just helping out for free?

    And just look at that how it turned out.

    Spouse of a politician shouldn’t be put in place of their husband just because they’re married and helped out.

  4. Lutzow was Miller’s puppet anyway, just elect Bob Miller to continue his corrupt practices in person.

  5. Wow, how funny is this news?

    It is akin to Melania Trump being appointed POTUS if Donald Trump was in the hospital.

    The laughs just keep on coming

    Let the minstrel show begin!

  6. Chapman was a Miller regular and flunkey, probably promised the Supervisorship (along with dozens of others) if he was good to the millers and did their bidding.

  7. It was an illegal appointment.

    Takes an affirmative vote of three to approve anything in a township.

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