Algonquin Township Board Meeting Again to Appoint Temporary Deputy Supervisor

Last night, the Algonquin Township Board appointed Darlene Lutzow, the wife of indisposed Supervisor Chuck Lutzow as Temporary Deputy Supervisor.

The vote was 2-1 with Trustee Rachael Lawrence in the minority.

Then, Illinois Leaks published this article, which contained the following statute:

Open Meetings Act, Section 1.02“for a 5-member body, 3 members of the body constitute a quorum and the affirmative vote of 3 members is necessary to adopt any motion, resolution, or ordinance, unless a greater number is otherwise required”

Now, a Special Meeting has been called for 2 PM Saturday with the following items under New Business:

There is a court hearing on Friday afternoon at 1:30 on the case that is cited.

The Township Board replaced Jim Kelly with Rockford attorney John Nelson on that litigation in which Andrew Gasser sued Township Clerk Karen Lukasik, among others.


Algonquin Township Board Meeting Again to Appoint Temporary Deputy Supervisor — 5 Comments

  1. The old gypsy woman’s curse on the Township, can only be lifted, by removing the Miller name from that roadway.

  2. DJ – I think the old gypsy woman’s curse could only be lifted by dealing with the Township’s attorney.

    Did he not know they needed 3 votes?

    He’s supposed to be the expert.

    Why is he there if he doesn’t keep them from doing stupid?

    What exactly did they pay him for, if not to inform them on applicable law?

    I think the attorney they had at the last meeting was looking for his other church mouse friends marching to billing camp.

    Is this board that dumb that they cant see this for what it is?

  3. It is good practice to replace both the attorney and the auditor at least once every five years.

    Knowing that one will be replaced gives one an incentive to do a good job; the converse is also true.

    Further, new eyes provide a fresh look, a different perspective, and a check on existing and prior practice.

    Note this principle is not based on whether the current attorney and/or auditor are doing a good job.

    It is simply a prudent, cautionary practice, especially when dealing with the public’s money.

  4. I went to an Alg. Township meeting last year.

    It was truly eye-opening.

    Kelly has to be the biggest douche of all.

    How much did he rake in toto?

    Officially as well as off the books?

    I really want to know!

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