Retired Public Employees Moving Out-of-State

The Daily Herald writes of retired public employees moving out-of-state.

It certainly is not because their retirement income is taxed.

Although groups like the Civic Federation keep pounding the drum for taxing retirement income. the Illinois General Assembly did not follow such advice in its tax raising orgy this past spring.

One can only image how much higher the figures would be if Democrats do that.

You can read the article by Jake Griffin by clicking on the link below:

How many collecting Illinois pensions have moved to other states, and how much did they take with them?

More than 71,000 former public employees collecting more than $2.4 billion in annual pension benefits no longer live in Illinois. Full Story

That’s 18%.

About 10% of such retirees in other states migrate.

22% of those who receive pensions from the university system leave Illinois.

The figure for teachers is 21%.

14% for local government employees, while 13% for state employees.

No surprise that those who move generally have higher pensions.

The loss of spending power in Illinois from the 71,000 who have moved is more than $2.4 billion.

The recipient states in order of dollars lost are

  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana
  • Missouri
  • Over a half a billion dollars ends up in Florida.


Retired Public Employees Moving Out-of-State — 7 Comments

  1. Nazi punching retired Public Sector Employees, will become all the rage in retirement communities.

  2. The “I got mine, screw you!” attitude is prevalent throughout our country,especially in the public sector.

    Between AFSCME and the SEIU we are almost guaranteed only left leaning politicians will be elected in this state to continue the march to socialism / communism while conservatives and retired liberals exit the state.

  3. You bet they are.

    Tax those useless drones!

    Gov. Jelly Belly don’t roll down another hill.

  4. In the fall of 2020 when proponents of the “Fair Tax”/Graduated Income Tax amendment will be campaigning for its passage, look for scare tactic that if the amendment is not passed, taxing of all retirement income (Social Security, IRA payouts, 401(k), and pension payouts) will need to be taxed.

  5. Lots of things we need for every day life are taxed, some very high. Gasoline, phones. Democrats are missing some other things that we all need and use every day that could be taxed more. Namely, toilet paper, matresses, tires, engine oil, food, fast food, etc. Somebody tell the Democrat fat boy that there are more things to be done. The citizens of Illinois from the private sector need to bleed more to support the $100K Plus pensions of former government workers.

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